All Halliwell’s Eve

Written by: Sheryl J. Anderson
Transcribed by: Shay Fitzpatrick

Season 3, Episode 04
Episode Number: 48

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Phoebe is there checking her makeup in a compact mirror. Prue walks in holding a bowl of candy. She places it on the foyer table. Piper and Leo walk down the stairs. They are all dressed up in costumes for Halloween. Phoebe is Elvira, the mistress of the dark, wearing a black dress and a black wig. Prue is wearing a black dress and a long black wig with butterflies pinned to it. And Piper is dressed a Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, wearing a blonde wig and a pink fluffy dress. Leo is dressed in his old World War II army uniform.]

Piper: Alright, people, let’s go. I was supposed to be at the club a half an hour ago.

Prue: (to Piper) Hey, are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Piper: I’m going to be a very good witch from now on.

Prue: And you picked a role model who wears lots and lots of pink?

Piper: Yes.

Leo: Glinda helped innocents, didn’t she?

Piper: Yes.

Phoebe: You had the answer all along? That’s not help, that’s mind games.

Piper: I’m not gonna let you spoil my new attitude, I’m gonna celebrate witch’s holiday with enthusiasm.

Phoebe: The only problem is you never really know what you’re celebrating when you celebrate Halloween.

Piper: Details. Where’s Darryl?

Prue: He is in the kitchen on the phone.

(Piper and Leo head for the kitchen but stop when Phoebe starts talking.)

Phoebe: (holding up a cardboard cutout) Hook-nosed hags riding broomsticks. That’s what we’re celebrating. Personally I am offended by the representation of witches in popular culture.

Piper: Right, which is why you’re dressed as the mistress of the dark.

Phoebe: This costume happens to be a protest statement.

Prue: I am so impressed that you can make a protest statement and show cleavage all at the same time.

Phoebe: Thanks.

Prue: Amazing.

Piper: Let’s go.

[Cut to the kitchen. Darryl is there talking on the phone. He is wearing his police academy uniform. Everyone walks in.]

Piper: Alright, Inspector, put down the phone and nobody gets hurt.

Darryl: (into the phone) Yeah, sweetie, I gotta go. Give your folks my love, okay? I miss you guys.

(He hangs up.)

Piper: Nice costume.

(Piper scoops some popcorn into a bowl.)

Darryl: Yeah, it’s from my rookie days. Still fits.

Leo: Yeah, mine too.

(Darryl look at Leo.)

Darryl: Isn’t that from World War II? (silence) Who are you?

Prue: Uh, I will explain on the way. (She eats some popcorn.) So in the meantime we can just stick together since we are both dateless.

Piper: He’s not dateless, he’s married, you’re dateless ’cause you’re picky.

Prue: No, I’m not settling, alright, the perfect guy is out there, a real man, and I will find him, trust me.

Piper: Mmm hmm. And they’re gonna love the popcorn and caramel in your teeth too. (Prue picks her teeth with her fingernail.) Alright, Darryl, let’s go, somebody get something.

(They all grab plates of food.)

Phoebe: Um, we can’t leave yet we have to wait for Cole.

Darryl: Cole Turner? The ADA? You’re dating him?

Phoebe: Uh, no, I just sort of invited him to go along with us. It wasn’t set in stone or anything but something must’ve come up.

[Scene: In the streets. Children are trick or treating. Two grimlocks walk past a kid. He runs after them.]

Kid: Hey, hey, cool costumes, dudes.

(The grimlock holds out his hand and a blue swirling light surrounds the kid’s eyes. Cole appears.)

Cole: What the hell are you doing?

Grimlock #1: Belthazor?

Cole: Ah-ah-ah-ah. I use the name Cole here. Let him go.

(He does so and the kid runs off.)

Grimlock #1: We don’t need him, not to get the Charmed Ones.

Cole: My next question, didn’t they already get you two years ago?

Grimlock #2: Yeah, but it’s Halloween. When the veil between worlds thin. When the demons that know how can return to seek their revenge.

Cole: I know. Which is why I have a different plan for the witches. One that doesn’t include you. One that’s been approved by the triad.

Grimlock #1: We don’t answer to anyone anymore. We’re dead.

Cole: There’s dead… and there’s dead. Fine, I’ll just move up my timetable.

(He disappears.)

Grimlock #1: I’ve always hated that demon.

Grimlock #2: Nice costume though.

[Scene: Manor. Prue, Piper and Phoebe walk into the foyer.]

Prue: Ooh-ooh, I wanna picture of all of us first but I have to get my broomstick.

Phoebe: Cliché!

(Prue goes into the other room. The doorbell rings.)

Piper: Come on, guys, hurry up.

(Phoebe answers the door. The grimlocks are standing there.)

Grimlock #1: Trick or treat?

Phoebe: Oh my god, that is so weird. They look just like the grim– whoa!

(Phoebe and Piper run but stop when the grimlocks start to strangle them.)

[Cut to the kitchen. The Whitelighters call Leo.]

Leo: Uh-oh.

Darryl: Uh-oh, what?

Leo: Piper? (He and Darryl run into the foyer.) Prue? Phoebe?

(Prue runs in.)

Prue: Oh!

(Prue uses her power and the grimlocks fly into the living room.)

Phoebe: Didn’t we vanquish them already?

Leo: I don’t know, but that’s not what I wanted to warn you about.

Prue: What do you mean? (A vortex opens behind them.)

Leo: That’s what I wanted to warn you about.

Prue: Oh.

(The grimlocks come back into the foyer.)

Phoebe: Oh, look out.

(Piper freezes them.)

Piper: Leo, what the hell is…

(Prue, Piper and Phoebe get sucked into the vortex. It closes and their wigs fall to the ground.)

Leo: Wait! They don’t know what’s happening.

Darryl: This isn’t good, right?

Opening Credits

[Scene: 1670. The vortex opens in a field and Prue, Piper and Phoebe appear. They are standing near a witch’s altar.]

Prue: Is everybody okay?

Phoebe: Too soon to tell.

Piper: Did the grimlocks do this?

Prue: Uh, unless we’re dead and this is the hereafter, I don’t think so.

Phoebe: Eternally Elvira, yecch.

Prue: Alright, uh, so this sorta looks like an altar.

Piper: A witch’s altar. What’s going on?

(About 10-15 witch hunters on horses and foot run towards them.)

Man #1: There they are!

Man #2: Kill the witches!

Phoebe: Oh, you had to ask.

Piper: Not good, not good, not good. (They run into the bushes.) Flee! We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Man #3: Come on!

(Prue, Piper and Phoebe hide behind a bush and watch the witch hunters search around for them.)

Piper: Don’t tell me we’ve time traveled again. I hate time traveling.

Phoebe: You do? I was burnt at the stake last time, remember?

Prue: Alright, let’s try and make sure that doesn’t happen again. From what they’re wearing it looks to be, what, 16-1700’s?

Phoebe: Where the life expectancy of the average witch is, what, fifteen minutes?

(Someone rustles a bush behind them. They gasp and turn around to see a witch hunter standing there.)

Man #4: Find anything, Micah?

(He stares at Prue. Piper gets ready to freeze him but Prue grabs her wrist.)

Micah: No, nothing here. Ride on.

Man #4: Ride on, men.

(He puts his index finger to his lips.)

Micah: Shh…

(He runs off.)

Piper: Hi. Why didn’t you let me freeze him?

Prue: I don’t know, there was just something…

(Once the witch hunters have gone, they walk out of the bushes.)

Piper: You know what? I don’t care why we’re here or how we got here, I just wanna get home. I’ve got a life to live and decorations to hang, so where’s the damn vortex?

Prue: I don’t know where the…

(Someone puts bags over their heads. They scream.)

[Scene: 2000. Manor. The grimlocks are still frozen. Darryl is looking at them. Leo is looking around where the vortex appeared.]

Darryl: First demons I’ve ever seen. Actually, except for that blonde with the funky snake tongue thingy. What are they?

Leo: I don’t know.

Darryl: Then how do you know they didn’t make the girls disappear?

Leo: Because this is different. This is a time portal that my bosses sent them through, which is closed now, damn it.

Darryl: Who are you?

Leo: I’m their… never mind, it’s too complicated. I gotta get you out of here before they unfreeze.

Darryl: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it. I’m not going anywhere.

Leo: Look, I don’t have time to argue. I’ve gotta figure out a way to get rid of these demons before the girls return, otherwise they’re gonna be sitting ducks.

Darryl: Are you sure they’re coming back?

Leo: They better be. They’ve gotta do it before Halloween ends too, which means…

Darryl: Which means you’re gonna need my help.

Leo: You don’t know what you’re up against here.

Darryl: The problem is neither do you, which means you’re gonna need a cop around to help you figure it out. They’re like sisters to me, Leo.

Leo: Alright. Phoebe said that she thought they had vanquished these demons before, so the first thing we have to do is… (The grimlocks unfreeze.) Run. (Darryl and Leo run up the stairs. Darryl stops and shoots them with his gun. Green goo oozes out of them and they fall on the ground.) Come on, let’s go.

Grimlock #1: At least we can’t die.

Grimlock #2: They can.

Grimlock #1: We have to figure out where the witches went.

Grimlock #2: We know where they went. Cole got them. But if he fails, they’ll be back and they’ll be in our way.

Commercial Break

[Scene: 1670. In a cave. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and some women are there. The women pull the bags off their heads. A woman (Eva) curtseys in front of them.]

Eva: Blessed be. (The girls look confused.) Our prayers have been answered. We need your help.

Prue: Excuse me?

Eva: Forgive me for the manner in which you were brought here, but we had to make sure you were who we had sent for. This doorway would’ve told us if you were evil.

(She points to any opening in the cave.)

Piper: Huh, where can we get one of those?

Prue: Alright, wait, uh, who do you think we are?

Eva: The most powerful good witches of all time, of course.

Phoebe: Okay, lucky guess.

Prue: And you are?

Eva: I am Eva. A midwife, a witch, and a free citizen of the colony of Virginia. These good women are my coven. (to the women) Come. Now we don’t have much time. (The women hand Prue, Piper and Phoebe a dress each.) No one can suspect that you’ve come to us from the future. Witches must not have to hide in your time. What year are you from?

Piper: Uh, 2000.

Phoebe: What year is it now?

Eva: 1670.

Phoebe: Oh.

Prue: Uh, alright, so why do you need our help?

Eva: To save a magical baby who’s prophesied to be born tonight.

Piper: Save it from who?

Eva: A dark practitioner. She kidnapped the baby’s mother in hopes of raising the child evil. If that happens, good magic will never flourish in the new world. You must rescue Charlotte so that you can bring her here and we can deliver her baby with our own protective circle.

Piper: Wait a minute, you have the power to bring us through time but you don’t have the power to set her free yourself?

Eva: Well, we cast spells to prepare your way of course, but we know it was the power of All Hallows Eve that brought you here. Not us.

Prue: All Hallows Eve?

Eva: A witch’s most sacred day. The day when the source of all magic can be tapped into. How can you not know about All Hallows Eve?

Phoebe: It isn’t what it used to be.

Piper: Wait a minute, uh, you can tap into that power to send us home, right?

Eva: W-we assumed you could.

Piper: They assumed that we could.

Prue: Um, okay, well, uh, Piper, I have an idea. So what time is it?

(She looks at her watch.)

Piper: ItÂ’s 2:15.

(Eva looks at her watch.)

Eva: Oh, youÂ’ve made a big clock so small. You must possess great magic.

Piper: Just a good credit card.

Prue: Okay, um, excuse us for a minute. Talk. (They walk away.) Alright, I think that I have this figured out. I think that “they” sent us here and thatÂ’s what Leo was trying to tell us.

Piper: Oh, leave it to them to zap first and give instructions never.

Prue: Alright, but if IÂ’m right, the only way that they are going to let us go home is if we bring that baby back here by midnight. Alright, uh, Eva, do you have a plan?

Eva: Yes. (She holds up a small bottle.) This vial holds a potion which will put the men who guard the house to sleep. (She hands it to Piper.) Then youÂ’ll use your powers to bring the mother back here.

Piper: Ha, easy for her to say.

(Piper gives the potion to Prue.)

[Scene: At a village. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Eva walk out of the bush. They are wearing dresses and a cape.]

Eva: We must be careful.

Phoebe: It looks like theyÂ’re having a party.

Eva: ItÂ’s the kidnapper, Ruth Cobb. SheÂ’s doing it, pretending to mock All HallowÂ’s Eve but I know better. SheÂ’s really doing it to tap into the powers of dark magic.

(They see witch hunters near by.)

Piper: Looks like our welcoming committee.

Phoebe: Witch hunters.

Eva: Hunters of good witches maybe. If they work for Ruth, theyÂ’re after us.

(Prue sees Micah nearby.)

Prue: Not all of them.

(Phoebe looks at Prue.)

Phoebe: Hmm.

(They walk closer to the village.)

Eva: Beware the talismans. (She points to the talismans hanging on the tree.) TheyÂ’ve barred our way each time we try to rescue Charlotte.

Phoebe: Oh, honey, those donÂ’t really pack much of a punch where we come from.

(They walk forward.)

Eva: No, you donÂ’t realizeÂ…

(A bright light shines out of the talisman and they fly backwards. A bell rings and the village people start yelling and running around.)

Phoebe: Ooh, what the hell was that?

(Eva helps them up.)

Piper: Talismans?

Prue: No way talismanÂ’s have that much power.

Eva: They never have before. RuthÂ’s using the magic of All HallowÂ’s Eve. (Guards gallop towards them on their horses.) Guards!

Prue: Alright, IÂ’ve got him. IÂ’ve got him. (She uses her power but nothing happens.) UhÂ…

Phoebe: What just happened? WhatÂ’s the matter?

Prue: I donÂ’t know. (She tries again.) Piper?

(Piper tries to freeze them but it doesnÂ’t work. The guard shoots at them and they scream. Piper continues to try and freeze them but it still doesnÂ’t work.)

Eva: Use your powers.

Prue: We donÂ’t have any.

Eva: What?

Phoebe: Run!

(A guard shoots at them again and hits Eva in the arm. She yells in pain. They run into the bushes.)

[Cut to inside RuthÂ’s house. Ruth is looking out the window watching. She walks over to Charlotte whoÂ’s in bed and is in pain.]

Ruth: It appears that your witch friend has brought others to try and rescue you again. Unfortunately, sheÂ’s been wounded. (Charlotte groans in pain.) Oh, easy now, Charlotte. We wouldnÂ’t want anything bad to happen to your baby now, would we?

Charlotte: I wonÂ’t let you have my baby.

Ruth: Oh, you wonÂ’t have a choice. Especially since somebody very special has recently arrived to ensure it.

(She walks into another room. There is a man standing in a dark corner.)

Man: How much longer, Ruth?

Ruth: Soon. By nightfall perhaps. You imbued the talismans with great power. Care to share your secrets? Who are you? WhereÂ’d you come from? Pray tell.

(The man walks into the light. ItÂ’s Cole but with shoulder-length hair.)

Cole: I come from the future… to change it.

Commercial Break

[Scene: A cave. Eva is holding a cloth against her would.]

Prue: Eva, weÂ’re sorry, we didnÂ’t know that our powersÂ…

Eva: Just leave us. Just go back to wherever it is you came from. We asked for the most powerful witches of all time and instead, we get powerless frauds.

Phoebe: Um, okay, I know youÂ’re a little disappointed but frauds is a little harsh donÂ’t you think?

Piper: We do have powers, we just, or at least, we had them. We just canÂ’t access them right now.

Prue: Maybe that’s because technically we don’t really exist yet, so neither do our powers.

Eva: Protecting this baby is my destiny. How can we come this far just to fail?

Phoebe: We’re asking ourselves the same thing.

(A woman walks over to Eva and hands her a folded piece of paper.)

Woman: Bite down.

(Eva puts the paper between her teeth. Another woman gets a poker out of the fire. Piper stops her.)

Piper: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

Woman: Cauterizing her wound.

Piper: No, no, no, no, no. We may not have powers but we do have basics. Just get some hot water and some soap and some clean cloths. (Eva nods.) Hurry.

(The women walk away.)

Prue: Eva, don’t give up on us yet, alright, I know that we can help.

Phoebe: Yeah. We have been through tougher jams than this before.

Piper: We have?

Phoebe: Haven’t we?

Prue: We were born witches. That makes us innately magical. Maybe you can just teach us how to tap into it.

Eva: There’s not enough time.

Phoebe: We’re quick studies.

[Scene: 2000. Manor. Leo is looking through the Book Of Shadows. Darryl is walking around holding his gun.]

Leo: I keep telling you that thing’s not gonna work on them.

Darryl: Maybe not, but it makes them think twice about it. Otherwise they would’ve blasted in on us by now. That, plus it’s the only thing we got.

Leo: Well, maybe not. I think I found out who they are. (reading from the book) Grimlocks – Underground demons who are sensitive to light and steal children’s sight so they can see the aura that surrounds good people and strangle them with it.

Darryl: That snake tongued blonde’s looking better and better.

Leo: At least there’s a vanquishing potion here.

[Cut to outside the attic door.]

Grimlock #2: We can’t keep waiting here. We should be downstairs, waiting for the witches. We can’t absorb anymore wounds.

Grimlock #1: If they come into range, we won’t have to.

(Darryl walks near the door and the Grimlocks start strangling him through the key hole.)

[Cut inside the attic. Darryl drops his gun and starts to cough.]

Leo: Darryl.

(The Grimlocks barge in. Leo orbs out and orbs back in beside Darryl. He grabs Darryl and they orb out.)

[Cut to the kitchen. Leo and Darryl orb in. Darryl continues coughing.]

Leo: Told you you didnÂ’t know what youÂ’re up against.

Darryl: Who are you?

Leo: Come on, weÂ’ve got a potion to cook up.

[Scene: 1670. RuthÂ’s house. Ruth is laying out tarot cards in front of her. Charlotte groans in pain.]

Ruth: Her contractions are coming closer together. (Cole soaks a cloth is a bowl of water.) It won’t be long now.

(Cole walks over to Charlotte with the wet cloth and reaches out to her.)

Charlotte: Don’t touch me.

Cole: There’s no need for you to be anymore uncomfortable then you have to be.

Charlotte: Really? Then let me go. I beg you.

Cole: Even if I could, it wouldn’t help. Another would be sent to take you right back. (Ruth gasps.) What? What do you see?

(He walks back over to her.)

Ruth: A force of great good, from your time. Here, for the baby as well.

Cole: Three of them. I’m not surprised my traveling here undoubtedly alerted the other side.

Ruth: But this new force…

Cole: If, it’s who I think it is, I can handle them. You just make sure she stays here through midnight.

[Scene: Cave. Eva hands Prue, Piper and Phoebe some small dolls made out of wheat.]

Eva: Here.

Piper: Dolls? We tap into our powers with dolls?

Eva: It’s not just a doll. It’s a totem. Reminds us of the wisdom and the power of women.

Phoebe: Okay, but what does is have to do with…

Eva: The witch’s journey is a walk of wisdom collected over the years, Phoebe. (She cuts an apple in half.) Wisdom gives us power. Power frightens the fearful and the ignorant.

Prue: Well, that would certainly explain why in our time witches are made to look silly on Halloween.

Eva: And this magic, this knowledge is forgotten?

Phoebe: We could get it back if you teach us.

Eva: Here. (She picks up a witch’s hat.) The conical hat is a spiritual point. (She places it on Phoebe’s head.) It helps us to channel our magic. Keeps us centered, focused. The apple holds a pentacle in its heart. (She holds up half an apple.) Add a laurel leaf, you will block the path of evil.

(She places a leaf over the centre of the apple.)

Prue: A simple laurel leaf?

Eva: Simple, but powerful. Remember, there is magic all around you, especially on this night.

Piper: Uh, what’s with the masks?

Eva: Demons walk freely on All Hallows Eve, so a mask allows you to hide your identity. (She hands a mask to Piper.) Walk amongst them.

Phoebe: (to a woman holding a broom) Can I see that? (The woman hands her the broom.) Okay, now don’t tell me we ride around on this thing.

Eva: Anything’s possible. Here. The broom’s traditional purpose is to sweep evil from your path. Sweep east to west. (Phoebe sweeps east to west.) Same path as the sun travels. Like anything else in magic, it’s how you do it, with knowledge and reverence.

Phoebe: Wow, do I feel silly. (She giggles. She gets a shock from the broom.) Ah!

Piper: What happened?

Phoebe: Nothing. Must have been just a spark.

Eva: No, you felt the power. Alright, Sally will go with you to Ruth’s house. She’ll give you the last few things you’ll need. I wish I could go with you.

Prue: We’ll do great. You’ve armed us well.

Eva: Remember, connect with the power of this day.

[Scene: Village. Cole is at the party. Ruth walks up to him.]

Ruth: Will you know what they look like?

Cole: What are you doing here? I told you to stay at the house.

Ruth: The house is guarded by men and magic. Charlotte’s not going anywhere.

Cole: I’ve seen the future, Ruth. Your ignorance is your destiny.

(He puts on a mask.)

[Cut to Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Sally. They are walking to the village. Sally is giving them some witch tools.]

Sally: Charlotte should be in the first bedroom at the top of the stairs. Be careful, Ruth’s guards are everywhere. If they see you with these tools, they’ll know you as witches.

Prue: Don’t worry, we won’t fail this time.

Sally: I know you won’t. Which of you will be standing guard for the others?

Piper: Phoebe.

Sally: If need be, this will turn away evil spirits. (She hands Phoebe a small pumpkin with a star carved out of it.) Perhaps even a demon you think Ruth’s summoned.

Phoebe: Um, you’re kidding, right? (Sally stares at her.) Okay, you’re not kidding.

(She puts the pumpkin in her cape pocket.)

Sally: Blessed be. Good luck.

(She walks away.)

Prue: Alright. (They put on their masks.) Trick or treat.

Piper: Oh boy.

(They walk into the village. Phoebe heads in a different direction from Prue and Piper.)

Man: Care to know your future, milady?

Phoebe: Oh, no thanks, I’m pretty familiar with it already.

Man: Are you certain? I can show you the first initial of your true love’s name.

Phoebe: Really? You can do that?

Man: With a simple peel of the apple.

Cole: Prove it.

(Cole walks up to them.)

Phoebe: And why would you be interested, sir?

Cole: And why wouldn’t you be?


Phoebe: Okay, how do I do it?

Man: First, (he peels an apple) you must fill your heart, only thoughts of love. Then close your eyes and blow on the peel. (She does so.) Drop the peel into the water and watch.

(He drops the peel into a bucket of water.)

Phoebe: And how is it that apple knows this big secret?

Cole: It’s simple, milady. Apples are the fruit of knowledge.

(The apple forms a C shape.)

Man: It is C. The name of your true love begins with a C.

Phoebe: Cole.

(Cole looks at her. Someone walks past Phoebe and bumps her. She drops the pumpkin. Ruth, who is standing near by, sees it. She points at Phoebe.)

Ruth: Witch!

Cole: No.

(Micah runs over to Phoebe and searches her pockets.)

Piper: Uh-oh.

Prue: Phoebe.

(They run over to her.)

Ruth: Those two as well.

(Witch hunters grab Prue and Piper.)

Ruth: (to Cole) There’s your three. (Village people yell “hang the witches”.) Hang them! Hang them all!

Micah: My pleasure.

(Micah stares at Prue. Cole watches them get taken away.)

[Scene: Field. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are sitting on three horses under a tree with a noose around their neck. The witch hunters are there watching.]

Piper: Tell me this isn’t happening.

(Micah rides up next to Prue. Cole is near by on his horse.)

Micah: Hang witch. Hyah! (The horses run out from underneath them and they are hung.) Onward.

(The witch hunters quickly ride away.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Continued from before. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are still hanging there. Micah rides back, looks around and cuts the rope with his knife. They fall to the ground and groan in pain.]

Micah: My apologies. (He cuts the ropes around their hands.) A trick I learned from the French. Run the noose line to the waist.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, it’s a really good thing the other guards didn’t see you do that.

(They stand up.)

Piper: Wait a minute, I don’t understand. How did you know you could trust him?

Prue: By the look in his eyes.

Piper: Oh.

Phoebe: Uh huh.

Prue: So that would be (she removes his mask) the second time that you’ve saved our necks.

Micah: And what beautiful necks they are. (He kisses her hand.) I’m Micah.

Prue: I’m charmed.

Phoebe: Alright, I hate to bust up the balcony scene, Romeo, but why do you keep saving us and why are you running with the witch hunters?

Micah: So I can undo their work whenever possible. I’ve seen what dark magic can do. If you’re fighting that, I’m on your side. And I should get back before anyone gets suspicious.

(Prue kisses him on the cheek.)

Prue: Thank you.

Micah: Another time.

(He rides off.)

Prue: Who was that masked man?

Phoebe: Okay, you finally found a real man. Too bad he lives in Colonial Virginia, Prue.

Piper: We need to get out of here. Pay attention.

Phoebe: Okay, any idea how we’re going to save the baby?

Piper: Well, they think we’re dead now. They certainly aren’t expecting us.

Prue: I mean, besides you guys, we’re witches and it’s All Hallows Eve, so…

Piper: Alright, glow elsewhere.

Prue: Alright.

[Scene: 2000. Manor. Kitchen. Leo’s making the vanquishing potion. He takes the wooden spoon out of the saucepan and smells it.]

Leo: We need more thyme.

(Darryl looks at his watch.)

Darryl: Can’t help you there, buddy, it’s almost nightfall.

Leo: No, I’m talking about an herb. It’s for the potion. It’s, uh, over there.

(Darryl picks up a plate.)

Darryl: Thyme, right?

Leo: Yeah.

(He hands it to Leo.)

Darryl: You think they know what we’re doing in here?

Leo: Probably. It explains why they haven’t burst in on us yet.

(The doorbell rings.)

Darryl: Trick or treaters.

Leo: Or a trap.

Darryl: Didn’t you say those things steal kids sight?

(He nods. Darryl starts to leave.)

Leo: No, I should go, I can orb.

Darryl: Which might be exactly what they’re waiting for. Stay here, finish that potion. No matter what happens, you make sure you bring the girls home safe. Whoever you are.

(He walks out of the kitchen.)

[Cut to the porch. There are three trick or treaters there. Darryl opens the door.]

Trick or Treaters: Trick or treat.

Darryl: Spread the word. (He gives them a bowl of candy.) We’re out of candy.

(He shuts the door.)

[Cut to inside. Darryl peeks into the living room and looks around. He turns around and a Grimlock is standing there. It punches him and he falls to the floor. Grimlock #2 steals his sight. He feels around the floor and finds the button for Prue’s camera. He pushes it and the flash goes off. He runs out of the room.]

[Scene: 1670. Outside the village. Piper and Phoebe are near the bush. Prue walks up to them.]

Prue: I don’t see Ruth or the guards. What time is it?

(Piper gets her watch out of her pocket.)

Piper: It’s-it’s 6:00. And we’re running our of time and magic.

Prue: Well, it doesn’t change what we have to do.

Phoebe: How are we gonna get past the talismans?

Prue: Do you remember what Eva said?

Phoebe: The powerless frauds part?

Prue: No, the magic is all around us part. Well, it’s time we learned how to access that. (Prue picks up a broom and hands it to Phoebe.) Just sweep away evil.

Phoebe: What? No funny hat?

(Piper picks the flowers off a lavender bush.)

Piper: Lavender. Didn’t she say that was a protection herb?

(Prue picks some wheat and starts making a doll.)

Prue: And the wisdom of the women before us will guide us again.

Piper: Okay, get sweeping.

Phoebe: Ugh…

(They walk near a house.)

Phoebe: Okay, which way is east?

Piper: Uh, that way.

(She points to east. Phoebe sweeps east to west and the broom lets off some sparks. The broomstick glows.)

Phoebe: Whoa, did you see that?

Prue: Yeah, keep going.

(She continues to sweep and the talismans glow and falls off the trees.)

Phoebe: It’s working.

Prue: Alright, good. (Near by, some witch hunters grab Micah.) Micah.

(She starts to walk.)

Phoebe: Prue, you can’t.

Prue: They found him out.

Phoebe: We have to get to Charlotte. What would he want you to do?

(Prue and Piper go inside the house. They walk over to Charlotte.)

Piper: Hi.

Charlotte: Who are you?

Prue: Eva sent us. Charlotte, we’re here to take you back.

Charlotte: You’re lying. I-I don’t believe…

(She yells in pain.)

Prue: Oh, okay, okay, uh, uh, how does Lamaze breathing go?

Piper: Uh…

(Piper breathes like they do in Lamaze class.)

Prue: Oh, that’s it.

(Prue does it too. Charlotte yells in pain.)

Piper: Okay, okay, okay, um, try this. We can do this.

(Piper presses a spot on Charlotte’s back with her fingers.)

Charlotte: How are you making the pain go away?

Piper: Uh, uh, good magic. Just keep breathing.

Prue: Good magic?

Piper: Acupressure.

Prue: Oh, good idea. Alright, uh, we need to get you out of here. Come on, honey, it’s okay. (They help Charlotte sit up and she yells in pain. Her water breaks. Prue and Piper jump back.) Oh, oh, her water just broke.

Piper: I see that.

[Cut to outside. Micah falls on the ground. Cole is standing there holding a dagger. He has just stabbed Micah with it. Ruth runs over to him.]

Ruth: Quickly, check the house.

Cole: No, I know these witches. (He drops the dagger on the ground.) They’ve already got Charlotte. Follow me, I know we’re they’re going.

[Cut to the witch’s altar. Prue and Piper have a hold of Charlotte’s arms, helping her walk.]

Phoebe: The altar.

Piper: Okay, just a little while longer, we’re almost there.

Charlotte: I can’t.

Prue: Yes, you…

Charlotte: I’m sorry.

Prue: You can do this.

Charlotte: No!

Prue: Charlotte.

Charlotte: The baby’s coming now!

(She kneels on the ground.)

Prue: Oh god.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Altar. It’s dark. Charlotte’s laying on the ground with a blanket over her.]

Piper: Um, it’s almost 11:00. Do you think they gave up on us?

Phoebe: Uh… (She sees the fire from the witch hunter’s torches in the distance.) No, I don’t think so.

Prue: Alright, what do we have?

Piper: We’ve got big problems, a little time and a little magic.

Prue: Alright, didn’t Eva say something about, uh, Charlotte giving birth in a protective circle?

Phoebe: Can we make one of those?

Piper: I don’t know, we’ve got lavender and uh…

Phoebe: Isn’t rosemary supposed to be good for protection?

Prue: Right, and apples and laurel leaves block the path of evil.

Phoebe: Right.

Prue: Put it all together, it may just work.

(Charlotte screams in pain.)

Piper: Who’s gonna deliver the baby?

Phoebe: Personally, I think you should considering we know that you’re gonna have one in the future.

Prue: I second that.

Piper: Wait a minute.

Prue: Go. Bye.

Piper: I always get the messy jobs.

(Piper walks over to Charlotte.)

Prue: Alright, if ever there was a time that we were going to connect it needs to be now. So, Phoebe, form a circle, I’ll work on the apples.

(Phoebe throws things around them in a large circle.)

Piper: (to Charlotte) Okay, you’re gonna have to try and be kinda quiet. Okay, I know, I’m sorry, okay, um, don’t worry everything’s under control. (She lifts up the blanket.) Oh my god, I see it, I see it.

(Phoebe runs over to them.)

Phoebe: Really?

Prue: Phoebe, the circle.

Phoebe: The circle.

(She gets back to the circle.)

Piper: Okay, um, just, just try not to push. Okay, uh, this baby is coming!

Prue: Yeah, well, so are they.

Piper: Okay, we can do this. Yes, we can do this.

Phoebe: We have to do this.

(Phoebe goes back over to Prue.)

Prue: Alright, here. (She hands Phoebe an apple.) Knowledge and reverence. (They face each other.)

Prue/Phoebe: Knowledge and reverence, knowledge and reverence, knowledge and reverence, knowledge and reverence.

[Cut to Cole and Ruth on their horses. Cole stops riding.]

Ruth: What are you doing?

Cole: Seeing what theyÂ’ve learned.

[Cut back to the girls. The witch hunters get closer.]

Phoebe: Here they come.

Piper: Prue.

Prue: Alright, put it all together, itÂ’s gonna work.

(They throw the apples in different directions. A protective circle forms around them. One witch hunter hits it like he’s hit a wall.)

[Cut to Cole and Ruth.]

Cole: TheyÂ’ve connected. ItÂ’s over.

Ruth: No, not yet.

[Cut back to the girls}

Phoebe: How cool is that? It actually worked. (The witch hunters fire their guns at them.) Or not!

Piper: It doesnÂ’t stop bullets.

Prue: We are running out of ammo.

Phoebe: Prue, itÂ’s not like an appleÂ’s gonna stop them anyway.

(The witch hunters continue shooting.)

Piper: ItÂ’s a girl!

(Piper wraps the baby in a blanket.)

Prue: Piper, get Charlotte and the baby outta here.

Piper: Huh?

Phoebe: Okay, I think I have an idea of what might really scare them. (She puts on a witches hat and grabs a broom.)

Piper: What are you gonna do?

Phoebe: IÂ’m going to embrace the cliché. (She sweeps east to west and then sits on the broom. The broom rises up into the air.)

Piper: ThereÂ’s something you donÂ’t see everyday.

(Phoebe flies over the witch hunters and cackles. They quickly run off. Phoebe giggles.)

[Cut to Cole and Ruth.]

Cole: YouÂ’ve gotta give them credit. TheyÂ’re awfully good. (He gets off his horse.) ItÂ’s alright. TimeÂ’s on my side. (A portal opens in the ground and he jumps in it. It closes.)

[Cut back to the girls. Prue and Piper watch Phoebe fly over the moon.]

[Scene: Cave. Eva is holding the baby. She walks over to Charlotte and hands her back to her.]

Eva: (to Prue, Piper and Phoebe) Blessed be.

Prue: IsnÂ’t the future beautiful?

Eva: It is, thanks to you. You found the power.

Phoebe: You showed us where to look.

Prue: Yeah, I guess we know where all that flying hag stuff started. You only have yourself to blame, right Pheebs?

Phoebe: I know it and I love it. Now if I can just figure out how to take it back with me. Hey, what are “they” waiting for? Why haven’t they sent us home yet?

Prue: Maybe we haven’t learned everything that we’re supposed to yet.

(Piper looks at her watch.)

Piper: Well, it’s almost midnight, so if we’re gonna learn anything more we’d better hurry.

Charlotte: I promise my daughter will know of you. Of the three powerful witches who came to bring her into this world. And we’ll always be grateful, won’t we Melinda?

Piper: Melinda?

Charlotte: Yes, Melinda. Melinda Warren.

Phoebe: Oh.

Charlotte: What is it?

Phoebe: I uh… I think we’re related.

(The vortex opens and the girls get sucked into it.)

[Scene: 2000. Manor. The vortex opens. The Grimlocks are waiting there.]

Grimlock #1: I told you they’d come.

(Leo orbs in behind them.)

Leo: Hey.

(He splashes the potion on Grimlock #1 and he disappears. Grimlock #2 starts strangling him. He drops the potion. Prue, Piper and Phoebe come out of the vortex.)

Prue: Hey, haven’t I vanquished you somewhere before?

(She uses her power and flicks the puddle onto the Grimlock. He disappears. Piper runs over to Leo.)

Leo: Are you guys alright?

(Piper helps him up.)

Piper: Are we alright? Are you alright?

Leo: It’s been a long day.

Phoebe: Yeah, tell us about it.

(Darryl stumbles down the stairs.)

Prue: Darryl?

Darryl: Prue?

Leo: I got it. (He walks over to Darryl.) Open your eyes. (He does so. Leo restores his sight.) Happy Halloween.

Commercial Break

[Scene: P3. Snake River Conspiracy are playing there. Prue, Piper and Leo are standing at the bar. Phoebe, holding a pumpkin, walks past a guy holding a broom.]

Phoebe: Use that broom with reverence. (She walks up to them.) Hey, Halloween is now officially my favourite holiday.

(She puts the pumpkin on the bar.)

Piper: Who knew?

Phoebe: We didn’t, but we should have. So much knowledge, so much power that we lost. But we’ll get it back.

Prue: Okay, well, one crash course at a time.

Phoebe: Yeah, it’s too bad Darryl didn’t feel up to celebrating with us.

Leo: He saw a lot today. I think he needs some time to sort it all out.

Prue: Yeah, well, so do we. I mean, it’s bad enough that the triad wants us dead, but to send someone back to wipe out our whole line. Do your bosses have any clue who it is?

Leo: None that they’re sharing.

Piper: I think it was that guy who was hitting on Phoebe at the party.

Phoebe: Hang on, not every guy I meet wants to kill me. Maybe he just liked me.

Leo: Well, you saved Melinda. That’s all that matters.

Piper: And I helped to deliver our great, great, great, great, whatever, great grandmother.

Phoebe: Too bad we couldn’t save her from moving from Virginia to Salem. That would’ve been nice.

Prue: Yeah, well, you can’t change history for better or worse.

(A guy that looks like Micah walks up to Prue.)

Guy: Excuse me. Hi.

Prue: Micah?

Guy: Mitch, actually. Forgive my directness but I’ve been watching you from across the room. Have we met?

Prue: You know, that’s funny, I was gonna ask you the same thing. Um…

(She looks at Phoebe and she and Mitch walk away. Phoebe laughs. Cole walks down the stairs dressed as an angel.)

Phoebe: Oh… my turn. (She walks over to him.) Hey.

Cole: Hey.

Phoebe: I was beginning to think I got stood up.

Cole: Yeah, sorry, work, you know. I guess I just lost track of time.

Phoebe: That’s okay. I got kind of hung up myself. (silence) So you’re an angel?

Cole: Oh, uh, this? (Phoebe laughs.) No, not really.

(Phoebe moves closer to him.)

Phoebe: That’s okay. Neither am I.