Blind Sided

Written by: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Transcribed by: Shay Fitzpatrick

Season 1, Episode 19
Episode Number: 19

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[Scene: The park. There is a little boy’s birthday party there. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are there.]

Phoebe: So what are you so afraid of?

Piper: I’m not afraid. I’m not. I’m just not sure.

Prue: Not sure of what?

Phoebe: Josh. He wants to have the talk with Piper.

Prue: What talk?

Phoebe: Three dates, no sex. There could only be one talk he’s talking about. The talk. Safe sex, prior partners. Standard dating protocol.

Piper: And sex equals relationship.

Prue: And you’re not sure you want to be a couple?

Piper: Well, it’s not that I don’t like him.

Phoebe: Then what’s wrong with being a couple?

Piper: Well, I thought Leo and I were a couple and then we coupled and he took off.

Prue: Yeah, well, men seem to have a different definition of coupling than women do.

Phoebe: I do not think that’s why Leo left.

(Dee walks up to the girls.)

Dee: Hey, Prue.

Prue: Hey, Dee, how are you?

Piper: (to David) Hey, how’s the party going?

David: Great. We’re playing Squish the Squash and nobody’s been able to catch me. (Prue’s phone rings.) Is the cake ready?

Piper: Uh, yeah, give us about five minutes.

David: Awesome. (He runs off.) Hey guys, five minutes until the cake.

Dee: Thanks for doing all this, Piper. I never would have been able to afford it.

Piper: Hey, what are friends for? Besides, it’s worth it just to see the look on David’s face.

Phoebe: He’s a great kid.

Dee: Yeah, I know.

Prue: So much for my Saturday off. That was Claire. Something at the auction house needs to be appraised, so I gotta go. I’m so sorry.

Dee/Piper/Phoebe: Bye.

[Cut to the kids playing with a ball. One kid accidentally throws the ball in the bush.]

David: I’ll get it. (He runs in the bush and throws the ball back. He hears a cat meowing in the trees. He goes to look and a grimlock jumps out of the bush and grabs him.) Help! Let go of me!

(Prue is walking along the path and sees what’s happening. She runs towards David.)

Prue: David, no!

(She puts her hands up and the grimlock and David fly around the air. A man just happens to see her. Prue looks at her hands and they fall to the ground. The grimlock grabs David and runs further into the bush.)

David: Help! Help! Let go of me! Help me!

(Prue runs after them. The grimlock stands in a spot and a hole in the ground appears. He jumps in and the hole closes.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: The park. The police are there. Dee is crying.]

Phoebe: What did you tell them?

Prue: That I saw a creature with whirling eyes take David.

Phoebe: And what did he say?

Prue: What did you think he said? He thought I was nuts.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, it turns out David’s not the first one to be taken. An inspector told me that another boy disappeared yesterday in the exact same spot.

Prue: A demon who steals kids. Does it get any worse?

Phoebe: Uh, yeah, apparently it also happened twenty years ago. Same park, two kids.

Prue: Did they ever find the kids?

Phoebe: I don’t know.

Prue: You know, I could’ve saved him.

Phoebe: Prue, don’t go there.

Prue: No, I was just so surprised and I looked down at my hand and…

Phoebe: It was the first time you channelled your power through your hand. Give yourself a break. Your power’s growing.

Prue: Yeah, I just hope no one saw me.

Phoebe: Okay, well, look on the bright side, you won’t have to squint your eyes anymore. You were starting to get those little lines. (Piper comes up to them.) So, how’s Dee doing?

Piper: Not good. It’s very frustrating not being able to tell her who we are and how we can help.

Prue: Yeah, well, the sooner we get to the Book of Shadows the sooner we can get David back home.

Phoebe: An albino demon with whirling eyes sounds like a whole chapter to me.

(Prue’s phone rings.)

Prue: I forgot about the appraisal.

Piper: Uh, it’s okay, just go. Phoebe and I will look in the book and we’ll call you if we find anything.

Prue: Are you sure?

Phoebe: Don’t ya just hate cell phones? Always out of range.

(She hangs up the phone.)

Prue: Call me.

[Scene: Underground in the storm drains. The grimlocks have kids locked in cages.]

David: Help! Help me! Let go of me! (One of the grimlocks have a hold of David. The other grimlock holds his hand in front of David’s face. A blue light shines in his eyes. It looks as if they’re taking his eyesight.) I can’t see. Why can’t I see? Mum! Mum?

[Scene: Halliwell Manor. Kitchen. Piper’s looking through the Book of Shadows and Phoebe’s on the computer.]

Piper: Nothing.

(She closes the book and starts getting food out of the cupboards.)

Phoebe: Did you look under whirling eyes?

Piper: About an hour ago. I found demons with no eyes, demons with four eyes, eyes that grow legs, but no whirling eyes. Did you find anything?

Phoebe: I found some news clippings about the kidnapping twenty years ago. Ah, both boys were taken in the same place as David. And one of them was never seen again.

Piper: Oh, great.

Phoebe: But the other one was found. It’s right here. His name was, uh, Brent Miller. Look, honey, I know you’re upset but that’s not going to help you.

Piper: It’s not for me, it’s for Dee, I’m taking her a care package. Keep reading.

Phoebe: Brent Miller was discovered two days after he was taken, roaming the streets. He was fine accept he’d gone blind.

Piper: Blind?

Phoebe: Yeah, he claimed that some storm drain monsters stole his eyesight and of course the authority’s believed he just caught a parasite.

Piper: We can’t tell Dee that her son might be blinded.

Phoebe: Well, maybe if I can find this Brent Miller guy on the web he might know something that could help us.

Piper: I hope you’re right.

Phoebe: Piper, we’re gonna find David.

[Scene: Bucklands. Prue’s office. A reporter enters.]

Reporter: Prue Halliwell?

Prue: Yes.

Reporter: Hi. Eric Lohman, Bay Weekly. Alternative press. Have you heard of us?

Prue: Sorry.

Eric: Oh, well, you will. Listen, I was hoping might be able to help me with a story I’m working on.

Prue: On the auction business?

Eric: No, actually on magic.

Prue: Magic? Why would you come to me?

Eric: I don’t know. Maybe because I saw you levitate two people in the park with just a wave of your hand. I take that as a “no comment”. So what are you, anyway? Some kind of David Copperfield, Lance Burton, freak of nature? (He laughs.)

Prue: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Eric: Look, Prue, friends call you Prue, right?

Prue: I would like for you to leave.

Eric: Well, tough, get over it. I had my police sources check you out. It’s interesting how you name keeps popping up in all these unsolved murder cases, don’t you think?

Prue: What does that have to do with anything?

Eric: Maybe nothing. But if I wrote an article on it, it might look like something. Does your boss subscribe to my paper?

Prue: Don’t threaten me.

Eric: What are you gonna do? Make me fly into the wall? (He laughs) Come on. (He knocks a glass bowl on the floor.) How clumsy of me. I bet that took a lot of self control, huh? Not to use your powers.

Prue: You’re a real credit to your profession.

Eric: You know, that kid saw what I saw too. (She picks up the phone.) Cops get him, he’s all the corroborating evidence I need.

Prue: Security?

(Eric hangs up the phone.)

Eric: Prue, be smart. Work with me. I’m gonna break this story one way or the other. And when I do, I can either make you sound like Wonder Woman or the devil incarnate. Okay? Think about it. (He leaves.)

[Scene: Brent Miller’s place. Phoebe is there.]

Housekeeper: Mr Miller will be in shortly.

Phoebe: Wow, what a great view. You can smell the ocean.

(Brent enters the room with a seeing eye dog.)

Brent: And hear the traffic.

Phoebe: Uh, Brent Miller?

Brent: That’s what they tell me.

Phoebe: Hi. I’m Phoebe Halliwell.

Brent: Phoebe, allow me to introduce you to Helmeth.

Phoebe: He’s beautiful. So is this place.

Brent: Yeah, well, didn’t think a blind guy could live so well, huh?

Phoebe: Oh, no, that’s not what I meant at all.

Brent: I know you didn’t. I design software for the visually impaired. Life has been good to me. So, how can I, how can I help you, Phoebe?

Phoebe: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about when you were kidnapped as a child.

Brent: I’m sorry, I’m not uh, I’m not very comfortable talking about that.

Phoebe: I understand, but I read a lot about it.

Brent: I said I’m not interested in talking about it.

Phoebe: Okay, but this just isn’t for me…

Brent: I said no!

(His dog barks and the housekeeper comes in.)

Housekeeper: Is everything alright, Mr. Miller?

Brent: Yes, Lucy please just, uh, show this lady to the front door.

Phoebe: No, you know what? I’m not leaving. It’s happening again. In the last twenty-four hours two little boys were kidnapped in the same park that you were. Maybe by the same monsters that took you.

Brent: It’s all right, Lucy. (She takes the dog in another room.) You believe my story about the monsters?

Phoebe: Yes, I do.

Brent: Why? When everyone else has laughed at me.

Phoebe: Well, maybe it’s because I’ve seen my share of monsters and I haven’t told anybody about them because I didn’t want them to laugh at me either. Mr. Miller, I know you wouldn’t want what happened to you to happen to these two little boys. Please.

Brent: There were two of them. I mean, terrifying creatures, really. They dragged me into a storm drain to a junction of some kind. They… held me down, I remember blue sparks hitting my face. My eyes felt like they were on fire and, uh, that was the last thing I ever saw.

Phoebe: Why do you think they took your eyesight?

Brent: I don’t know. But I remember them saying something about auras.

[Scene: People are coming out of a building. You see two grimlocks in the drain watching the people. They pick a guy and start choking him by using their powers.]

[Scene: Halliwell Manor. Piper is sitting on the stairs searching through the Book of Shadows. Phoebe sits down next to her.]

Piper: Auras, auras. I know I saw something in here. Here it is, auras. Grimlocks.

Phoebe: (reads from the book) “Underground demons who roam from city to city, killing powerful forces of good by seeing the unique auras that surround them.”

Piper: Which they’re able to do by stealing the sight of innocent children.

Phoebe: So, they’re like hit men for the dark side.

Piper: “The stolen eyesight will last only twenty-four hours but only if the children are alive.” Which means we have less than fourteen hours. “To destroy a grimlock gather a Schisandra root…”

Prue: (from downstairs) Piper! Phoebe!

(They go downstairs.)

Phoebe: Uh oh, I know that look.

Piper: What’s wrong?

Prue: A reporter saw me use my powers in the park and he’s threatening to write an article about it.

Phoebe: What? Does he have any proof?

Prue: Just what he saw.

Phoebe: So it’s your word against his.

Prue: Yeah, the difference is, his word is delivered to a half a million homes each week.

Piper: Well, everything happens for a reason, maybe it’s time we let the world know about us.

Prue: Piper, being outed would only make our lives worse.

Piper: We don’t know that. At least I could tell Dee what we’re doing and give her some hope.

Phoebe: No, Prue’s right. If we’re exposed we’re gonna have every crazy hounding us day and night.

Prue: Not to mention the media circus on our front lawn. Remember E.T?

Piper: Well, we can’t worry about that now, we have to find those boys. I’m gonna go see Josh and see if he has a map or something of the storm drain system.

Prue: Storm drains?

Phoebe: It’s where these demons live.

Prue: Well, there’s got to be at least hundred miles of storm drains in the city.

Phoebe: Well, I’ll go talk to Brent again and see if he can remember where the Grimlocks took him.

Prue: Brent?

Piper: Prue, the Book of Shadows said the only way to kill a Grimlock is to blind it with a potion made from Schisandra root. Can you find some?

Prue: Yeah, I’ll try. As long as that reporter isn’t following me.

Phoebe: Okay, be back soon. (They open the door.) Hey, what if Josh wants to have the talk?

Piper: I’ll tell him I have a headache.

[Scene: Police station. Andy walks up to Morris with two coffees.]

Andy: Anything on the night sheet?

Morris: Medical examiner. (Andy gives him his coffee.) Thanks. Sent this over. It’s Jerry Cartwright. A saint. Donated millions to the city’s anti-drug program.

Andy: M.E.’s saying he was murdered?

Morris: Unless we tell him otherwise. He’s listing the C.O.D as a strangulation. The problem is the man died in the middle of a crowd of people and nobody saw anyone lay a hand on him.

(Eric enters the room.)

Eric: Inspector Trudeau.

Andy: Ohh …

Eric: Eric Lohman. Bay Weekly.

Morris: He’s all yours. (He leaves.)

Andy: I know who you are. What do you want?

Eric: Um, a cup of coffee would be great. (Andy gives him a look.) Okay. What do you say I pick your brain about Prue Halliwell. Name ring a bell? It should. Her name keeps popping up in a lot of your murder cases. A lot of the unsolved ones.

Andy: Is that a fact?

Eric: I’ve got my sources. Cops love to talk. Especially if you pay them enough.

Andy: Get the hell outta here.

Eric: So, I assume you know all about Prue’s unusual powers, right? Boy, that stopped you cold.

Andy: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Eric: Yeah, right, that’s what she said too. Did you two rehearse your stories or what? I saw her in action in the park, Trudeau. She waved her hands and magically suspended that David Hatcher kid and his kidnapper in midair. It was, it was very cool. I just wish I had my camera. Care to comment?

Andy: No.

Eric: Okay, I’ll just change my story to a police cover-up instead.

Andy: I’m not covering up anything.

Eric: Really? Great. Then I guess you got nothing to worry about. Just remember, I gave you a chance to work with me. (He leaves.)

Morris: What was that about?

Andy: Nothing. You’re gonna have to handle the M.E. case on your own.

Morris: Why? Where you going?

Andy: I’m assigning myself to the kidnappings.

[Scene: Josh’s place. Piper and Josh are there.]

Josh: Why exactly do you need this?

Piper: Ah, ah, a client at Quake is, uh, thinking of throwing an underground rave and we might cater it.

Josh: A party in a storm drain?

Piper: Yeah, he, uh, runs a Roto-Rooter-type company. It’s kind of a theme thing.

Josh: Yeah, well, sounds dank. Look, anyway, as long as you’re here. Can we talk?

Piper: Uh, maybe later. I have to go.

Josh: No, Piper. It cannot wait.

Piper: Somebody’s a little anxious, huh?

Josh: This is important, it could affect the rest of my life.

Piper: Well, not if we take precautions.

Josh: What?

Piper: I’m not saying I’m ready for that, in fact I’m not ready for that. But when I am ready for that, I’m just saying I will be taking precautions.

Josh: Piper, what are you talking about?

Piper: Uh, having sex. You’re not talking about that, are you? (He shakes his head.) What are you talking about?

Josh: My leaving.

Piper: Leaving?

Josh: Yeah, I got offered a job down in Beverly Hills. I mean, it’s not exactly my dream but it’s a good opportunity. Look, my point is if I thought that we had a future.

Piper: Josh, this is all happening a little too fast.

Josh: Yeah, I know, I know, and I’m sorry. But like it or not, you are the swing vote. Now, if you don’t want me to go, I won’t.

(Piper freezes him.)

Piper: Okay, we need to talk about this. If I ask you to stay, then we’re a couple and I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a couple, but if I tell you to leave and we could have been a good couple then, then I’ll never know. I need more time. I need lots and lots of time.

(She gets her phone out and starts dialling. Josh unfreezes and his phone rings.)

Josh: Uh, hold that thought. (He picks up the phone.) Yeah, hello.

(Piper grabs the maps and runs out the door.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Brent’s place. Phoebe is there.]

Brent: I remember their faces. It’s like a nightmare that never ends. They took me into this big area and there were a lot of pipes. I’m sorry, that’s really all I remember.

Phoebe: That’s okay, Brent.

Brent: You’re disappointed.

Phoebe: No, no, not at all.

Brent: Someone that can see your face might believe you but your voice tells another story.

Phoebe: Gave me away, huh?

Brent: You have a beautiful smile, Phoebe.

Phoebe: How can you tell?

Brent: I hear it in your voice, I can see it in my mind. (Phoebe touches Brent’s arm and she has a premonition of a little boy in the storm drain.) What’s the matter? Are you okay?

Phoebe: I’m fine. Um, Brent, when they took you were you wearing a sweat shirt with jeans and black high-tops?

Brent: Yeah, I think I was. How did you…?

Phoebe: And when you escaped were you running through water?

Brent: Yes, I remember that, in a tunnel.

Phoebe: Okay, Brent, I need you to think really hard. Do you remember anything, anything at all about that location? Did you hear anything or feel anything?

Brent: All I remember is this, uh, sound of this enormous generator… and maybe some cable cars.

Phoebe: Cable cars?

Brent: Yeah.

Phoebe: Hey, do you have a map? Oh, oh! I’m so, that was so stupid.

Brent: No, I actually do have a map of that area. It’s over here. What are we looking for exactly?

Phoebe: I don’t know. Cable car turnaround maybe. That generator that you heard could have been a power plant.

(He gets a book and starts flipping through the pages.)

Brent: Right. See, on this map, okay, there are two turnarounds on this page and, uh, right, here it is. There’s a power plant right there on Varick.

Phoebe: How can you tell?

Brent: Well, give me your hand. Okay, feel these three horizontal bumps followed by the two vertical. On this map that’s the symbol for a power plant.

Phoebe: I better go.

Brent: Phoebe, how’d you know what I was wearing and where I was running? Are you some kind of psychic or something?

Phoebe: Like… only different.

Brent: Right. That’s how you’ve seen all these other monsters that you mentioned, isn’t it? Phoebe, you’re a good person. That probably means you have a strong aura. Please be careful with these monsters.

Phoebe: Don’t worry, I will.

[Scene: Underground in the storm drains. David and a boy are locked in a cage.]

David: Don’t worry, Billy. My mum’s got a friend who’s got supernatural powers. She’ll get us outta here.

Grimlock: Shut up!

[Scene: Bucklands. Prue’s office. She’s talking on the phone.]

Prue: Did you hear on the radio about that philanthropist who got mysteriously strangled?

[Cut to Piper in her car.]

Piper: It’s gotta be the grimlocks. That’s how they kill. We’re running out of time, we’ve had, like, less than three hours. Did you get the Schisandra root?

Prue: No, but I’m leaving now to pick it. Um, look, did Phoebe get anything out of Brent Miller that might help us?

Piper: Um, I’m not sure.

Andy: (Who’s now standing at the doorway) Who’s Brent Miller?

Piper: Prue?

Prue: I gotta go. (She hands up the phone.) Andy, hi, what are you doing here?

Andy: Working on the kidnappings. Thought we should talk.

Prue: Well, I already told the police everything I know about that.

Andy: Not according to Eric Lohman, you didn’t. He stopped by the station. We had an interesting chat.

Prue: Yeah, well, he’s a reporter trying to make a name for himself. Can’t believe anything he says.

Andy: Normally I don’t. This time I do. We’ve been down this road too many times, Prue. I know you’re hiding something. I have my suspicions about what it is. But I’ve had to accept the fact that you can’t ell me or you don’t wanna tell me. Either way, it’s not just me anymore. Lohman’s on you, at least he thinks he is and he’s not gonna let go. Prue, if you don’t level with me, I can’t help you control this.

Prue: Andy, I’m just never sure if it’s better for you to know or not to know.

Andy: I remember the time when we could tell each other anything. There’s nothing Lohman won’t do to get this story. Watch your back. (He leaves towards the door.)

Prue: Andy. Thanks.

[Scene: Phoebe is at an opening to the storm drains.]

Phoebe: Bingo.

(She runs off.)

[Scene: Piper pulls up outside their house. She runs up the stairs and Prue gets out of her car.]

Piper: Did you get it?

Prue: Yep, I got it.

Piper: What’s wrong?

Prue: Andy stopped by my office after Lohman stopped by his. I think he told Andy about my powers.

Piper: Uh oh. What did you do?

Prue: Same as I always do, I danced around the truth. It just doesn’t feel right anymore.

(Piper sees a pram roll down next door’s driveway right in front of a truck. She freezes it just in time.)

Piper: Oh my God!

(They run down to the road.)

Prue: Where is the mother?

(They look inside the pram. It’s empty.)

Piper: Oh, thank God.

Prue: Wait a second, since when did the Johnson’s get a baby? That damn reporter. (They see Eric with a camera hiding behind a wall and bushes.) Look.

Piper: Okay, uh, confused.

Prue: All right, that’s Lohman. This is a setup. We need to get back to where we were before everything unfreezes. Go! (They run back in front of their house.) Okay, don’t forget to put your hands up. (Everything unfreezes.) Don’t look, just go inside.

(They do so. Eric rewinds his camera and plays it several times.)

Eric: Purse on right shoulder. Then on left shoulder. Purse on right shoulder. Purse on left shoulder. She has another power. Gotcha! Gotcha.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Halliwell Manor. Phoebe runs up the stairs outside and goes into their house. You see the reporter sitting outside in his car. Cut to inside.]

Piper: Is he still out there?

Prue: Unfortunately.

Phoebe: Hey, you guys, I think I found the entrance to the storm drain. What’s going on?

Prue: Didn’t you see that guy parked out front in his car?

Phoebe: Yes.

Prue: Yeah, well, that’s the reporter I told you about. He’s staking us out.

Phoebe: What?

Piper: He tricked us into using our powers and nearly caught us.

Prue: But fortunately we figured out what he was doing before he could get any proof.

Phoebe: Oh, thank God.

Piper: The only problem is how are we gonna be out looking for David when he’s camped outside. We have less than two hours.

(The doorbell rings. Prue answers the door.)

Eric: Hey, how’s it going? Mind if I use your bathroom? (She tries to shut the door.) Hey, don’t bother using your magical powers on me. I already hid the video tape.

Prue: What videotape?

Eric: Yeah, you know, best I could guess is somehow one of you stopped time. Or rewound it. I don’t  know. What I do know is I got the whole thing on tape.

Prue: You’re bluffing.

Eric: Am I? How do explain your sisters purse magically jumping to her right shoulder to her left shoulder instantaneously. You screwed up. And I got the proof. Okay, now here’s the deal. I already got my story ready to print. But all I really want now  from you is a tell-all exclusive. I’ll write the book, we can share in movie rights, foreign sales, distribution… (Prue pushes him outside and closes the door.) Okay, I’ll just wait outside until you’re ready to talk.

Phoebe: What are we gonna do?

Prue: Alright, look, I will stay here and finish the potions, you guys go try and find the boys. To buy us some time, keep on freezing those grimlocks, okay, until I get there.

Piper: What about Lohman?

Prue: Don’t worry about him, I’ll stop him from following you. (She goes outside.) Lohman. I’ve been thinking about what you said. Maybe we can work something out.

Eric: Yeah? Why don’t I believe you?

(You see Phoebe and Piper sneaking towards the car.)

Prue: Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s your reporter instincts. (You hear and see Phoebe and Piper drive off.) Oops, busted.

Eric: Nice try. (He runs towards his car and Prue uses her powers and a garden tool gets shoved in his car tyre which flattens it.) Whoa! You did that, didn’t you. I know you did that.

Prue: Really? Prove it.

[Scene: In the storm drains. Piper steps in a puddle.]

Piper: Eww, I’m not wearing the right shoes for this. Okay, talk about all roads leading to hell. Which way?

(Phoebe gets out her map.)

Phoebe: Ah, light, light. (Piper turns on a torch.) Brent said he remembered a big area with pipes. Oh, wait, there’s a pipe junction. That way. (They keep walking.) So, I guess this isn’t a good time to ask how it went with Josh and the talk?

Piper: You’re right, it’s not.

[Scene: Brent’s place. Andy and Brent are there.]

Brent: Inspector Trudeau?

Andy: Yes, Mr. Miller.

Brent: My housekeeper said you wanted to talk to me. Is it about the kidnappings?

Andy: Maybe. Has a Prue Halliwell come to talk to you by any chance?

Brent: No. But I have spoken to a Phoebe Halliwell.

Andy: Really?

Brent: I think I know where she went if that’ll help you.

[Scene: In the storm drains.]

Piper: Who knew anything could smell so bad.

Phoebe: Now there’s a good sign. (She sees a sign.)

Piper: Meaning?

Phoebe: I saw it in a vision that I had of Brent.

(They see a rat.)

Phoebe/Piper: Eww, eww!

(Piper falls into a big hole in the ground and is knocked unconscious.)

Phoebe: Piper! Piper! Piper! Are you okay? Oh my God. Oh God. (She covers the hole with a piece of board.) Piper, I’ll get help.

[Scene: Prue is in the kitchen making the potion.]

Prue: I feel like I should be cackling. (The phone rings.) Hello.

Phoebe: Prue. Uh, Piper’s hurt and I can’t get to her.

Prue: Uh, okay, where are you?

Phoebe: At the end of Varick street. Hurry, okay, and don’t forget the potion.

Prue: I’m on my way.

(She grabs the potion and goes outside. The reporter has done something to the engine of the car.)

Eric: Didn’t want you to leave me behind like your sisters did.

Prue: Fix it now.

Eric: Or what? You’re gonna hurt me? Go ahead, just let me get you in focus.

Prue: Look, I don’t have time for this, all right. Piper is hurt and two boys’ lives are at stake.

Eric: Do you know where they are?

Prue: Yes. All right, you win.

Eric: What’s my prize?

Prue: I’m a witch with magical powers.

Eric: A witch? Witch? (He laughs) Great, great. Terrific. Let’s go.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Outside the storm drains. Phoebe is waiting for Prue. Prue’s car pulls up and they get out of the car.]

Phoebe: What is he doing here?

Eric: Making my career.

Prue: I didn’t have a choice. Where’s Piper?

Phoebe: She’s in through this way. Come on.

Prue: You just stay here, all right, it’s too dangerous.

Eric: No, no, no. I’m coming with ya.

Prue: No! Look, there is too many lives at stake here including my sisters. I will not have you risking them. Stay where you are, you’ll get your story.

Eric: Okay, I’ll just wait out here.

(The girls go in and Eric follows.)

[Cut to inside the storm drains. A grimlock is walking around near Piper.]

Piper: (from the hole) Phoebe, is that you? (The grimlock hears her and moves the piece of board.) Phoebe?

(He starts choking her with his powers. Phoebe and Prue come running in.)

Phoebe: Prue! (Prue uses her powers to hit him with a bit of pipe. He runs away.) Nice.

[Cut to outside. Andy pulls up in his car and goes inside.]

[Cut to Eric.]

Eric: This is Eric Lohman reporting live. I’m in a storm drain underground following three sisters, all of them witches. As they look for children who may have been abducted by a strange…

(A grimlock appears and strangles Eric.)

[Cut to Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Prue is using her powers to lift Piper out of the hole.]

Piper: Ow, ow, ow!

Prue: We’ve gotta get you outta here.

Piper: No, no.

Prue: Look, Piper, just up to the street. Okay, Phoebe and I will come right back for the boys.

Phoebe: Come on, lean on me, honey.

(They start walking back to the street.)

[Cut to Andy. He is looking around the drains. He sees Eric lying on the ground. A grimlock walks up behind them. He sees it and shoots it but it doesn’t do anything. The grimlock grabs Andy and Prue gets there just in time.]

Prue: Andy! (She uses her powers and the grimlock flies through the air.) You okay?

Andy: Yeah, thanks. So what Lohman saw you do was true?

(Phoebe and Piper appear.)

Phoebe: Andy, what are you doing here?

Andy: Confirming my suspicions.

Prue: He knows. A grimlock tried to kill him.

Andy: What the hell’s a grimlock?

Prue: It’s a demon.

Andy: A demon.

Prue: Yeah, um, look, Andy, I need you to get Piper up on the street, okay?

Piper: No, Prue, I want to stay, I need to help.

Prue: No, you are far too weak to use your powers.

Andy: Her too?

Prue: Look, Andy, will you please just get her out of here.

Andy: Prue, I’m not leaving the two of you alone.

Prue: Do I have to use my power on you?

Andy: I’ll meet you up on the street.

(Andy helps Piper to the street.)

Prue: (to Piper) You’ll be okay. (Prue sees the video tape for the camera next to Eric on the ground. She picks it up and puts it in her pocket.) Okay, we should be coming up on a feeder drain right about now.

(A grimlock stands in front of them and they scream. Phoebe opens one of the jars of potion and throws it on the grimlock. He melts away.)

Prue: Great, just what we need. More toxic waste in our sewers. That worked well.

Phoebe: Yeah. (They keep walking.) David!

(They split off into different directions.)

David: Please help me.

Phoebe: David. Oh God. Prue! I found them. (The other grimlock sees Prue and starts choking her. She drops the bottle of potion.) Prue!

(Phoebe hits the grimlock over the head with a piece of pipe. He then starts choking Phoebe. Prue uses her powers to splash the potion onto the grimlock. He melts away.)

Prue: Are you okay?

Phoebe: Are you okay?

Prue: Yeah, where’s David.

Phoebe: Over there.

David: I can see. I can see you. I knew you had magic powers.

Prue: Come on, get your friend and let’s get out of here, okay.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Police station. Andy is there. Morris walks in.]

Morris: Exactly how did you know the kids were down there again?

Andy: Anonymous tip.

Morris: And what about the kidnappers?

Andy: Kidnappers? There weren’t any kidnappers. Kids followed a kitten into the storm drain. Got lost.

Morris: Really? How do you explain finding Lohman down there with a broken neck?

Andy: Must have slipped when he went down there after them. Anything for a story. That’s too bad.

Morris: Yeah, real shame. You don’t really expect me to believe all this, do you?

Andy: For now.

[Cut to Prue, Piper and Phoebe near by.]

Phoebe: Have they said anything?

Prue: No, they just got back from the hospital. But who knows what they’ll say once the police start questioning them.

Phoebe: So much for our secret. (to Piper) Hey, you okay?

Piper: Yeah, I was just thinking when I was in the storm drain I was kinda out of it and I kept thinking about Leo. That’s weird.

Phoebe: Maybe you miss him.

Piper: Maybe.

Prue: What are you gonna do about Josh?

Piper: I’m gonna call him and tell him I think he should take the job in Beverly Hills.

Phoebe: But sweetie, you can’t hold out for Leo, I mean, who knows of he’s ever gonna come back.

Piper: I know. He may not. But if I’m thinking about Leo, then I’m definitely not thinking about Josh.

Phoebe: That’s too bad, he had really nice glutes. There’s Brent. Hey Brent! Ah, over here. Hi.

Brent: Hi.

Phoebe: Where’s your dog?

Brent: (He takes off his sunglasses.) He’s retired.

Phoebe: You can see? But how did that …?

Brent: I don’t know, I mean, you tell me. I mean someone must have slayed those monsters. Do you know anything about it? (Phoebe pretends to zip her mouth closed.) That’s alright. If anyone understands the danger of telling amazing stories, I sure do. I was right, you do have a beautiful smile. Are those the boys?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Brent: Maybe I should have a little talk with them.

Phoebe: That would be so great. Thank you.

Brent: No. Thank you.

(Andy walks up to Prue.)

Prue: So, now you know.

Andy: Yeah. It’s still sinking in.

Prue: Where do we go from here?

Andy: That’s a good question.

(Lots of reporters come up to Andy with cameras wanting to ask him questions.)