Cat House

Written by: Brad Kern
Transcribed by: Shay Fitzpatrick

Season 5, Episode 18
Episode Number: 106

[Scene: A woman’s house. Kitchen. The woman (Katrina) serves a bowl of food to about a dozen cats.]

Katrina: There you go, there you go, my kitties. There’s plenty for everyone. (More cats across the room meow.) Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you either. (A warlock holding a knife blinks in outside. The cats growl and hiss.) I know.

(The warlock blinks in behind Katrina.)

Warlock: Meow.

(Katrina spins around and scratches his face. He blinks out and blinks back in behind her. She turns around and the warlock swings the knife at her neck, cutting her and cutting the necklace she was wearing. The necklace falls to the floor. It has the triquetra symbol on it. Katrina jumps up high and flips over the warlock. She kicks him in the stomach and he falls to the floor.)

Katrina: Now!

(Katrina runs away. All the cats pounce on the warlock and scratch him. He gets them off him and stands up. The cats run out of the room. He looks around and notices the necklace on the floor. He picks it up and looks closely at the triquetra symbol.)

[Scene: Manor. Bedroom. Phoebe, Paige and Wyatt are there. Phoebe is sitting on the bed looking through a photo album. Paige is standing beside Wyatt’s bassinet.]

Paige: So Piper was engaged before Leo?

Phoebe: Yep, she was.

Paige: Well, lucky for you, little man, that did not work out.

Phoebe: Actually, lucky for all of us. She was engaged to a warlock.

Paige: Dan was a warlock?

Phoebe: Oh, no, before Dan. Way before Dan. Two bankers, a rock climber, and a ghost before Dan. Actually, the ghost was the best of the bunch.

Paige: See, now that’s what I call critical sisterly information. How am I supposed to be petty and judgmental without all the info?

Phoebe: Yeah, but sweetie, what do you expect? You didn’t know her back then. It doesn’t mean you’re any less apart of us though, you know that, right?

Paige: Yeah, I know. It would’ve been cool though. Hang out with you, see what you guys were like, maybe meet Prue.

Phoebe: Well, if it makes you feel any better, you didn’t miss much with me. I’m pretty much the exact same person I was back then.

Paige: Yeah, right.

Phoebe: No, I’m serious. I mean, I have a job now and that’s good. But, uh, you know, I’m still living at home, I’m still single, the only real difference is that I’m five years older. I need to use more expensive night cream.

(Paige laughs.)

Piper’s Voice: That is not what happened and you know it.

Leo: That’s exactly what happened and it’s not the first time it’s happened, either.

Piper: What is that supposed to mean?

Leo: You know what? Forget it, Piper.

(Phoebe and Paige head for the door.)

Piper’s Voice: Don’t walk away from me. Leo. Leo!

[Cut to the hallway. Leo is walking down it with Piper following.]

Piper: I am talking to you!

Leo: I’m tired of you mocking me, especially in front of our friends.

(Phoebe and Paige walk out of the bedroom.)

Piper: Oh, I resent that. I don’t mock you.

Leo: You always mock me. I work my butt off around here, I quit my job, I quit my career, so you wouldn’t have to, and I get no respect for it, none.

Piper: I never asked you to give up your career.

Leo: The hell you didn’t!

Piper: You’re right, I didn’t! (to Phoebe and Paige) Did I?

Leo: Oh, right, turn to them for support like you always do.

Piper: Oh, what, so now you have a problem with them too?

Leo: No, I have a problem with you!

(He turns and walks into Piper’s bedroom.)

Piper: Leo, don’t you dare walk away from me again. (He slams the door behind him.) I mean it!

(She points her finger and blows up the door and the wall around it.)

Phoebe: Whoa.

(They look at the damage in shock.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Morning. Outside Piper’s bedroom. Piper is standing there looking at the damage to her room. She sighs. Phoebe and Paige walk out of the bedroom down the hall and approach Piper.]

Phoebe: Hi! Come on.

(Phoebe takes Piper down the hallway.)

Piper: What? Where are we going?

Paige: You’ll see, let’s go.

[Cut to the living room. Leo is curled up on the couch asleep. He wakes up when he hears Piper, Phoebe and Paige coming down the stairs.]

Phoebe: Will you stop dragging your feet?

Piper: I don’t wanna talk to him.

Paige: Lady, just get in there.

(They walk into the living room.)

Leo: What’s going on?

Paige: We are gonna stay here until we figure this thing out, that is what is going on.

Leo: Figure out what? This is between us, it has nothing to do with you two.

(Piper tries to leave but Phoebe stops her.)

Phoebe: You know what? I don’t know what the problem is but it’s affecting Piper’s power, and if her power is out of control then it’s our problem too.

Paige: Plus, we love you guys and we wanna help, that’s all.

Piper: We’ll figure it out.

Phoebe: Really? Before the next demon attacks?

(Phoebe pulls out a card and hands it to Piper.)

Piper: What is this?

Phoebe: Dr. Berenson. He’s a marriage counsellor that I use to help me with my column. I called in a favour and he’s expecting you one o’clock today.

Leo: What?

Phoebe: He cancelled all his other appointments, so you’ll have the whole day to talk this out.

Leo: Come on, this is ridiculous. You expect us to go to some mortal and spill our guts?

Paige: What you need is a mortal doctor, Leo. Your problems are marital, not supernatural. So, you know, speak in euphemisms if you have to.

Leo: I don’t know. (Piper walks over to a cabinet and looks at a wedding photo of her and Leo, and looks at the bride and groom figurine from the cake.) What do you think?

Piper: I think it might be a good idea. Although I don’t know realistically how much we’re gonna accomplish in one day.

Phoebe: So use magic. Cast a spell. Don’t worry about the consequences, you’ve already got them. In spades.

Piper: Well, who’s gonna watch Wyatt? Aren’t you both busy?

Paige: I’ve already taken care of that, it’s Darryl’s day off.

Leo: You didn’t tell him why, did you?

Paige: No, I did not tell him why.

Phoebe: There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve been through so much, it’s a wonder you’ve made it this far without professional help. It’s a wonder we all have. You owe this to yourselves… and your baby.

[Scene: Katrina’s House. The place is a mess. The warlock is there pulling everything out of a draw. He finds a crystal and a map and takes it over to a coffee table. He flattens the map and pulls out the knife he cut Katrina with. He rubs the end of the crystal against the edge of the bloody knife and starts to scry.]

Warlock: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. (The crystal stops on the map.) Gotcha.

[Scene: The Bay Mirror. Phoebe’s office. Phoebe’s there typing on her computer. Paige walks in.]

Paige: Bad time?

Phoebe: No, no, not at all. My advice sucks today anyway. What are you doing? I thought you had a lunch date.

Paige: I was, I was just kind of distracted. I kept thinking about Piper and Leo.

Phoebe: I know, me too.

Paige: It’s just so unsettling. They’ve always seemed so solid, until recently. It’s kinda scary.

Phoebe: Yeah, they’ll work it out.

Paige: Yeah, if you say so, it’s just strange, not having seen them fight light that before.

Phoebe: Are you kidding? How many times has Piper blown up Leo?

Paige: She’s blown him up literally?

Phoebe: Yeah, but you know Piper, she didn’t mean anything by it. Look, Paige, don’t worry. They love each other so much, and they’ve been through a lot worse than this.

Paige: If you say so, you know them better than I do.

(Phoebe’s cell phone rings. She looks at it and it shows “Home Calling”.)

Phoebe: Hey. (She answers it.) Piper, what are you still doing at home?

[Cut to the manor. Bathroom. Katrina is there rummaging through the drawers.]

Katrina: This isn’t Piper. I’m an innocent. Someone is after me, a warlock.

[Cut to Phoebe’s office.]

Paige: What is it?

Phoebe: Who is this?

Katrina: I don’t have time to explain. You need to come home with your sisters. And Leo. I need healing.

Phoebe: I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Katrina: Where’s the disinfectant? Didn’t it used to be kept in Prue’s bathroom?

Phoebe: No, it’s in the kitchen.

Paige: What is going on?

Katrina: Hurry, please, before he kills me.

[Scene: Dr. Berenson’s Office. Dr. Berenson opens the door to reveal Piper and Leo standing there.]

Leo: Dr. Berenson?

Dr. Berenson: Yes, hi. Is it Leo?

Leo: Yeah. And Piper.

Dr. Berenson: Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you both. Why don’t you come in and make yourself comfortable.

(Piper and Leo walk in. Piper laughs.)

Piper: Sorry.

(Dr. Berenson closes the door and Piper and Leo sit on a couch apart from each other. Dr. Berenson sits on a single couch across from them.)

Dr. Berenson: Well, uh, Phoebe has told me a lot about you.

Leo: Oh, really? Like what?

Dr. Berenson: Oh, I-I don’t mean about what brings you here, just that she thinks the world of you. (Piper and Leo look around uncomfortably.) So, what does bring you here?

Piper: Uh, well, I guess we’ve been, uh, sort of fighting a lot lately.

Dr. Berenson: Is that unusual in your marriage?

Leo: (same time) No.
Piper: (same time) Yes.

(They look at each other.)

Leo: We just had a baby.

Piper: Right, the baby.

Dr. Berenson: Is that what you guys have been fighting about?

Leo: No.

Piper: No.

Dr. Berenson: Maybe it would be better if we started at the beginning, huh? Why don’t you tell me about your childhood.

Piper: Ugh. For god’s sake.

(She freezes Dr. Berenson.)

Leo: Piper, what are you doing? You can’t freeze the shrink, we’re on the clock.

(Piper stands up.)

Piper: Yeah, well, forget about the clock, ’cause you know what? We’re gonna need a calendar ’cause this is gonna take months.

Leo: Okay, well, if you remember, you’re the one that wanted to do this. I did not.

Piper: Yeah, well, Leo, we need to. For all the reasons that Phoebe said and you know it. Look, we’ve lost our way and we need to find it back, fast.

Leo: So you really think a spell will help?

Piper: It has to.

[Scene: Manor. The Warlock throws Katrina hard against the wall. He grabs her by the hair and pushes her onto the floor.]

Warlock: Not so fast. I wanna enjoy this.

(He grabs her by the neck and pulls her up. He pushes her against the wall and holds her there. He moves the knife towards her neck. Paige orbs in with Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Hey! (Phoebe grabs a candlestick and hits the warlock across the face.) Orb her outta here.

(Paige goes over to Katrina and orbs out with her. The warlock grabs Phoebe by the arm.)

[Cut to the living room. Paige orbs in with Katrina. Paige sits her down on the edge of the couch.)

Paige: Are you alright?

Katrina: Yeah, I think so. You really got that orbing thing down, don’t you?

Paige: Who are you?

Katrina: Someone from your past.

[Cut to the dining room. Phoebe and the Warlock land on the dining room table. The Warlock points the knife at Phoebe’s throat. She struggles to push him away. She finally rolls him off the table.]

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s office. Piper walks across the room holding a small piece of paper. She sits down beside Leo.]

Leo: I’m just worried about the memory part of the spell, that’s all.

Piper: Look, we’re gonna have to make our memories real and everything around them real or we’re never gonna get through this. Now scoot over, we weren’t this close. (Leo rolls his eyes and moves over. Piper reads from the paper.) “Let the truth be told, let our lives unfold, so we can relive our memories, and stop being enemies.” (She burns the paper with a lighter and it vanishes.) Ready?

Leo: Yeah.

(Piper unfreezes Dr. Berenson.)

Dr. Berenson: Do you smell something?

Piper: No. Look, we were thinking we just skip the childhood part and just cut to the chase and go straight to us.

Leo: If that’s alright with you.

Dr. Berenson: Oh, sure, sure. Um, why don’t you tell me how you first met.

[Cut to the manor. Dining room. Phoebe grabs the Warlock’s arm and twists it behind his back. She holds his knife against his neck. Paige orbs in.]

Paige: Need any help?

Phoebe: (to Warlock) What do you want? Who are you?

(Suddenly, Phoebe, Paige and the Warlock disappear from the room.)

[Cut to the front porch. Phoebe, Paige and the Warlock appear. Phoebe looks around and while she’s distracted, the Warlock takes back his knife. He blinks out.]

Paige: He must have blinked us outside here.

Phoebe: He must have.

Leo’s Voice: (from inside) Well, I think I see… yep, there’s definitely something here, Miss Halliwell.

Piper’s Voice: (from inside) Definitely.

Phoebe: Piper?

Paige: Miss Halliwell?

(Phoebe and Paige walk inside. Phoebe looks in the living room, her mouth drops and she pulls Paige away from the room.)

Phoebe: You are not going to believe this.

(They peek around the corner and look into the living room where they see…]

[Scene from episode 1.07 “The Fourth Sister”. Past Phoebe, Piper and Leo are there. Leo is bent over with his head up in the fireplace, looking for something. Past Phoebe checks him out.]

Past Phoebe: My Santa, you’ve changed.

Past Piper: He’s looking for Kit.

Past Phoebe: The cat. Right, four legs, fur. I remember.

(Phoebe and Paige pull back into the foyer.)

Paige: Is that you?

Phoebe: (whispering) Yeah, from about five years ago.

(Paige’s jaw drops.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Past Living room. Phoebe and Paige peek around the corner again. Past Leo gets out of the fireplace.]

Past Leo: Sorry. Have you tried the shelter?

Past Piper: Yeah, nothing.

Past Leo: Well, she had a collar on, right? With your number on it and everything?

Past Phoebe: A very distinctive collar, actually.

Past Piper: Anyway… Uh, thanks for looking, I’m sure you must be hungry after all that work.

Past Leo: All what work?

(Past Phoebe laughs.)

Past Phoebe: Oh, that’s just Piper. She’s gotta be everyone’s mum. Think of her as your mum. I know I do.

(Phoebe rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Paige gives her a confused look.)

Past Piper: Isn’t she a scream?

Past Leo: Well, thanks, um, let me go put these fliers up first and I’ll be right back, okay?

(Past Leo takes some fliers from Past Piper and turns to leave. He trips over the fireplace screen.)

Past Piper: Oh, careful.

Past Phoebe: Ooh, you alright?

Past Leo: Yeah.

Past Piper: Careful. (Past Leo puts the fireplace screen back.) Antique.

Past Phoebe: Grandma’s.

Past Piper: Yeah.

(Past Leo leaves the room and heads for the conservatory door. Past Piper and Past Phoebe check Past Leo out as he walks away.)

Past Phoebe: Oh, quite possibly the finest glutes in the city.

Past Piper: In the state…

Past Phoebe: In all the land.

(While they’re distracted, Phoebe and Paige sneak past the living room.)

Past Piper: Saw him first.

Past Phoebe: Uh-uh.

Past Piper: Uh-huh.

Paige: Eww, you hit on Leo?

Phoebe: Never mind that, we have to figure out a way to get outta here. We can’t risk changing our history otherwise we’ll have no future to go back to.

Paige: Yeah, but what if that’s what the warlock wants us to do?

Phoebe: We’ve gotta get to the book.

(Paige nods. They hear Past Piper and Past Phoebe’s voices. They hide behind a large pot plant.)

Past Piper: I’m telling you, he’s not your type. He’s nice.

Past Phoebe: Oh, oh, really? And I don’t like nice?

Past Piper: No, Phoebe, you don’t. You like dangerous, you like bad boys, you always have.

(Past Piper and Past Phoebe walk past the pot plant and go into the kitchen.)

Paige: Some things never change.

Phoebe: Would you be quiet?

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s office.]

Piper: Then Phoebe and I went upstairs to fight over him a little bit more.

Leo: And I went out to put up the fliers.

Dr. Berenson: You know, it’s uncanny how well both of you seem to remember exactly what happened. Especially after five years.

Piper: Oh, well, you know, it just seems like yesterday to us.

Leo: Except that yesterday Piper almost blew up the house. (Leo chuckles. Piper gives him a look.) Figuratively speaking. I mean, Piper’s got a bit of a temper.

Piper: I do not!

Leo: Oh, no?

[Cut to Phoebe and Paige crouched behind the pot plant. They disappear.]

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe and Paige appear behind a table.]

Phoebe: What happened?

Paige: I don’t know. Let’s get the book and get outta here.

Phoebe: Wait.

[Scene from episode 3.13 “Bride and Gloom”. Dantalian appears. She walks over to the Book of Shadows and picks it up.]

Dantalian: That was easy.

(Past Piper comes out of the shadows.)

Past Piper: Too easy. (Past Phoebe kicks Dantalian from behind. She falls to the floor. Past Piper and Past Phoebe walk over to her. Past Phoebe is holding a knife.) Where’s our sister?

Dantalian: Kill me and you’ll never see her again.

Past Piper: Hmm, so maybe we should just torture you instead.

(Past Piper stands on Dantalian’s arm and turns her hand into ice. Dantalian screams.)

Past Phoebe: Why don’t you just shatter her hand and see what happens.

(Past Piper smashes her hand with the candlestick. Dantalian screams in pain. Paige gives Phoebe a look.)

Phoebe: I was under a spell. Evil.

Paige: Evil? You were blonde.

(Past Leo orbs in.)

Past Leo: Piper, we need to talk. (Past Phoebe and Past Piper turn to Past Leo. Dantalian grabs the Book and disappears.) What’s going on?

Past Phoebe: Well, you just helped her escape, that’s what’s going on.

(Past Piper turns him into ice.)

Past Piper: Smash him. (Past Phoebe kicks Past Leo and he smashes into a million little pieces.) Bastard.

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s office.]

Dr. Berenson: I-I’m sorry, um, when you say she shattered you, I assume that’s…

Piper: Metaphorically speaking.

(Leo gives Piper a look.)

Dr. Berenson: Perhaps we should try to explore all this a little more fully.

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe and Paige have come out of hiding.]

Paige: Okay, you didn’t tell me you blew up Leo too.

Phoebe: Don’t worry, he’ll be fine, just as long as we don’t mess anything up. What? You said you wanted to know what we were like before we met you, right? (She chuckles.) Voila.

Paige: Okay, does evil stump lady come back with the book anytime soon?

Phoebe: No, which means we have to figure this out by ourselves. I don’t remember anything about a warlock with the power to jump through time, do you?

Paige: No, but I still think he’s from the past.

Phoebe: Why?

Paige: Because Katrina, our innocent, says she knew us from the past. The warlock’s after her so hey, it only figures, right?

Phoebe: Yeah, that makes sense. But I don’t know how he’s jumping us through time. Or why.

Paige: Maybe he’s not, maybe there’s some other reason.

Phoebe: Maybe. But if he is behind this, we have to figure out a way to force him to bring us back.

Paige: I think I know a way how. Remember the muses? Remember the potion that Piper made to blind the warlock and keep him from blinking?

Phoebe: Yeah, do you remember how to make it?

Paige: Yeah, if the right herbs are in the kitchen.

(They hear Past Piper and Past Phoebe’s voices.)

Past Piper: So what are we supposed to do now?

Past Phoebe: I don’t know, kill innocents?

Past Piper: No, I mean about Prue.

(Phoebe grabs Paige’s arm.)

Phoebe: Orb us, orb us outta here.

Past Piper: How are we supposed to find her without the book?

(They start to orb out, bump into something and orb back in.)

Phoebe: Whoa, what happened?

Paige: It’s like we got bounced off something. I think we’re stuck.

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s office. Piper is pacing up and down the room.]

Piper: Of course, I don’t wanna lose Leo, that’s why I’m here. It’s just, I don’t know, sometimes it seems like our entire relationship has been one big fight.

Dr. Berenson: Really?

Piper: And I don’t mean arguing, fighting, I mean…

Leo: All the obstacles we had to overcome. Especially early on.

Piper: And honestly? Sometimes I’ve wondered whether we’re really meant to be together at all.

Leo: Even on our wedding day.

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe and Paige are hiding behind a table. They disappear.]

[Cut to the living room. Phoebe and Paige appear in the middle of the room.]

[Scene from episode 3.15 “Just Harried”. Prue is sitting on the back of TJ’s motorbike. We only see the back of Prue.]

Past Piper: What the hell is going on?

Past Phoebe: Prue, get your astral ass back here!

Phoebe: Oh, no, Piper’s wedding.

(Phoebe and Paige hide around the corner. Past TJ rides off, knocking the cake table. Past Piper gasps. The three tiered cake falls on the floor.)

Past Phoebe: Honey…

Past Piper: Alright, that’s it! The wedding is off!

(She throws her veil on the floor and heads for the door.)

Past Phoebe: Piper, Piper, you can not just leave.

Past Piper: Yes, I can. A demon I could have handled, but my big sister ruining my wedding, I can not handle that.

Past Phoebe: Okay, just listen to me for one second. All we have to do is find a way.

Past Piper: No, no, I don’t wanna find a way to get married on my wedding day. It’s-it’s too hard. There must be a reason.

(Past Leo walks over to them.)

Past Leo: Piper…

Past Piper: Leo, I’m sorry, but this is just the final straw. It’s just not meant to be.

(Past Piper leaves the manor.)

Past Leo: What just happened?

(Past Leo walks into the living room and sits down. Phoebe and Paige sneak around the corner into the conservatory.)

Past Cole: Are you okay?

Past Phoebe: (sarcastic) Oh, yeah, great.

Past Victor: Maybe Piper’s right. Maybe the wedding just wasn’t meant to be.

Past Patty: Victor.

Past Victor: All I’m saying is maybe the gods are just trying to spare them the pain that we went through.

Past Leo: No. All I need is what’s inside of me to know that Piper and I are meant to be together. (He stands up.) What happened here today…

Past Phoebe: Piper and Leo’s love has touched us all. We have to fix this.

Past Darryl: I gotta go fend off the parse.

Paige: I can’t believe Prue ruined Piper’s wedding.

(Kit meows and walks over to Phoebe and Paige.)

Phoebe: Oh my god. Kit. (Phoebe picks up Kit. She looks at the triquetra collar.) It is Kit.

Paige: I didn’t know you had a cat.

Phoebe: Yeah, she ran away a couple of years ago. (The Warlock blinks in. They stare at each other, surprised. The Warlock steps back and smashes to bride and groom figurine from the wedding cake. The Warlock blinks out.) Okay, that was weird. We gotta work on that blinding potion.

Paige: Uh. Didn’t he just change history?

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s office. Piper gasps and grabs her chest.]

Leo: What’s the matter, honey? What is it?

Piper: I don’t know, I just got a sharp pain in my heart.

[Cut to the manor. Living room. Present day. The bride and groom figurine in the cabinet glows and vanishes.]

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Past Kitchen. Phoebe and Paige are there. Phoebe is standing near the door, keeping an eye out. Paige waves her hands over a smoking pot.]

Paige: Oops.

Phoebe: Paige, shh!

Paige: What? Potions go poof, that’s what they do.

Phoebe: Just hurry up.

Paige: I’m done. I just hope I didn’t use any herbs we’re gonna need in the future. I’ve already been to one alternate reality, I don’t care to go home to another. (Phoebe groans.) What’s the matter?

Phoebe: I don’t know, this whole thing is sort of odd, it doesn’t make any sense.

Paige: Like half the things we go through do?

Phoebe: I know, but didn’t the warlock seemed surprised to see us in there?

Paige: Yeah, now that you mention it. Why?

Phoebe: Because I’m beginning to think that maybe he didn’t have anything to do with this, maybe he’s stuck in this same weird time loop just like we are.

Paige: Yeah, well, he’s still dangerous. It’ll probably be easier for him to kill us in the past without Piper around.

Phoebe: Yeah, and I’m also beginning to think that Piper’s the reason we’re stuck here. I mean, think about it. What’s the common denominator in all of this? Piper and Leo, right? Every past event has centred around the two of them.

Paige: You think this is a spell?

Phoebe: Yeah, one gone awry obviously. I think Piper took my advice to heart with the marriage counsellor. They’re taking a walk down memory lane… literally.

Paige: But it seems too real just to be a memory. I mean, what are we doing here?

Phoebe: They obviously have a lot of issues to work through.

Paige: Yeah, well, I hope they work through them soon.

(Paige bottles the potion.)

[Scene: Dr. Berenson’s Office. Piper has a drink of water.]

Piper: Thank you.

Leo: You feel any better?

Piper: Yeah, a little bit, that was really weird.

Dr. Berenson: Piper, you know, sometimes bringing back old memories, old feelings, can have a psychosomatic effect. Especially when you’re dealing with inner demons. (Piper and Leo look at each other.) Let’s talk about before your wedding, about when you knew for the first time that you really loved Leo.

(Piper and Leo look at each other. Leo smiles as he remembers.)

[Cut to the past Kitchen. Phoebe and Paige disappear.]

[Cut to the attic. Scene from episode 1.21 “Love Hurts”. Phoebe and Paige appear. They crouch down at the back of the room. Past Leo is lying on the couch, unconscious. Past Piper is kneeling beside him crying. A tear drop falls on her hand and it glows.]

Past Piper: I found it. Leo, I love you. (She holds her glowing hand over Past Leo and she heals him.) Can you hear me? I love you, Leo, please hear me.

(Leo wakes up.)

Past Leo: Piper.

(They hug.)

Past Piper: Oh, thank God. I tried so hard and I couldn’t make it work before. Why didn’t you tell me?

Past Leo: That love was the trigger? You had to find that out on your own. Why couldn’t you tell me?

Past Piper: I don’t know. I was afraid, I was afraid if I admitted how I really felt it would hurt more if I lost you. I’m so sorry, I should of said it before.

Past Leo: It’s better late then never. Come on.

(Past Leo orbs out with Past Piper. Phoebe and Paige stand up, moved at what they just saw.)

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s office.]

Dr. Berenson: You know, Leo, the fact that you seem to be able to relive your wife’s experience to such a degree is very telling.

Leo: It is?

Dr. Berenson: I think you might have some co-dependency issues.

(Piper nods and smiles slightly. She turns her head when Leo looks at her.)

[Cut to past Attic. Paige is sitting on the floor. Phoebe hands her a tissue.]

Phoebe: Here you go, my sweetie. Here you go. You okay?

Paige: Yeah, this is better than home movies. They’ve just been through so much.

Phoebe: Yeah, we all have. It’s good to remember, even for me. It makes me realise how much I really have changed. (Kit runs in.) Kit? (The Warlock runs in after Kit.) Whoa. Okay, throw the potion!

Warlock: Don’t bother.

(He blinks out.)

Phoebe: Wait a minute. Is it just me or is he not after us?

Paige: No, I think he’s after your cat.

(Kit meows and walks around their ankles. They pat her.)

Phoebe: Kit? Really? Why?

Paige: I don’t know. (to Kit) Unless there’s something you’re not telling us. It’s funny, she’s so familiar to me though. It reminds me of this old stray that used to hang outside my loft.

Phoebe: Wait a minute, you just said something.

Paige: I did? Was it smart?

(Phoebe goes over to the Book of Shadows.)

Phoebe: Oh, I am so glad the book is still in this memory.

Paige: Why, what’d I say? What are you looking for?

Phoebe: I am looking for… (she turns to a page) Familiars. That’s what I’m looking for.

Paige: “Enchanted creatures who follow and guide new witches to protect them while they learn the craft.”

Phoebe: (to Kit) Hey, is there something you haven’t been telling me? (Kit rubs around their ankles.) Huh, Kit? Hey, don’t you kiss up to me. Answer the question.

Paige: You sure you didn’t know about this?

Phoebe: What, that Kit was our familiar? No, we just thought she was this cat that we found on the porch.

Paige: Better hope the warlock doesn’t get her in the past otherwise our future…

Phoebe: Is screwed.

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s Office. Leo stands up.]

Leo: I’m screwed. This is a no-win situation. I work, she says I’m never around. I quit my job, she says I’m around too much. I gave up everything for her.

Piper: Ha! Co-dependent, thank you.

Leo: Okay, so what? Maybe I am. But you wanna talk co-dependent? Ask her about her damn sisters. They’re frickin’ inseparable. The Power of Three.

(Piper throws her hands up.)

Dr. Berenson: Um, I think we should go back to talking about some of your more positive memories, things that you’ve overcome as a couple. Free associate. Let the memories flow. Whatever comes to mind.

(Leo sits back down.)

[Cut to the past Attic. Phoebe and Paige disappear.]

[Cut to downstairs. Phoebe and Paige appear. They look into the conservatory. Scene from episode 1.08 “The Truth Is Out There… And It Hurts”. Past Piper and Past Leo are there. Leo has spilled something on his shirt.]

Past Leo: Truth is caffeine makes me a little clumsy, you know.

(Past Leo heads for the door.)

Past Piper: Leo, wait.

Past Leo: Yeah?

Past Piper: Can I ask you a question?

Past Leo: Sure.

Past Piper: Do you need another shirt?

Past Leo: No, I got one in the truck. Thanks.

Past Piper: Leo, wait that wasn’t my question.

Past Leo: It wasn’t.

Past Piper: No. I was just wondering, do you ever… think of me?

Past Leo: Yeah.

Past Piper: In what way? As a friend sort of way or…

Past Leo: You have beautiful eyes.

Past Piper: That’s a good way.

Past Leo: I’m sorry. (They laugh.) That was totally inappropriate wasn’t it?

Past Piper: No, not at all. Ah, what the hell… Leo, how do you feel about women who make the first move?

Past Leo: I don’t know, I’m still waiting for it to happen.

Past Piper: Goodness.

(Past Piper kisses him.)

Past Leo: Ahh… how do you feel about guys who make the second move?

Past Piper: Love ’em.

(They kiss again.)

Paige: Nice kiss!

(She grins. Phoebe and Paige disappear.)

[Cut to outside P3. Scene from episode 3.03 “Once Upon A Time”. Past Piper walks out into the car park. Phoebe and Paige appear and crouch behind a car. Past Piper walks towards her car and the trolls trip her. She falls on the ground and all her stuff falls out of her purse.]

Past Piper: (looks up at the sky) I bet you guys think this is real funny, don’t ya? Haven’t you taken enough from me? You have to send trolls to kick me while I’m down. I am a good person, I am a good witch and damn it I would’ve made a great wife. And how dare you take that from me. I deserve… no, you know what? I demand that you send him back to me. You hear me? Right now. I am going to stand in this very spot until you send Leo back to me.

(Nothing happens. Phoebe and Paige disappear.)

[Cut to the manor. Conservatory. Phoebe and Paige appear.]

Phoebe: Enough already.

(Kit runs past Phoebe and Paige. They hear a crash and a dog barking.)

Paige: The warlock.

(A white dog runs past them, following Kit.)

Phoebe: You said you always wanted to meet Prue, right? That’s another little spell gone awry.

[Scene from episode 3.21 “Look Who’s Barking”. Kit runs up the stairs and Piper, Phoebe and Leo come down the stairs. They stop Prue.]

Past Piper: Prue, no! No-no-no-no, very bad, Prue. Very, very bad Prue. (Prue growls.) Hi, Kujo, who you growling at?

Past Leo: Maybe I’d better go check with the elders and see if they know how to vanquish a Banshee.

Past Phoebe: Wait a minute, don’t tell me you’re afraid of Prue.

Past Leo: Yeah.

Past Piper: Well, wait a minute, hold it. What if we find the Banshee in the mean time?

Past Leo: Well, you blew up the last demon you fought, didn’t you?

Past Piper: Yeah, but I was trying to freeze him.

Past Leo: Just remember what we talked about. Just try and relax.

(Past Leo orbs out.)

Past Piper: I really wish everybody would quit telling me to relax.

(Phoebe and Paige disappear.)

[Cut to a Castle. Phoebe and Paige appear under a table. Scene from episode 4.06 “A Knight To Remember”. Past Piper and Past Phoebe are chained to a wall. Leo runs in.]

Past Leo: Piper! Phoebe.

(Past Leo tries to unlock the chains.)

Past Piper: Easy, easy.

(A guard comes up behind Leo.)

Past Phoebe: Behind you!

(The guard pushes Leo away. Leo grabs a sword off the wall and starts sword fighting with the guard. The guard trips Leo.)

Paige: Finally, one I remember.

(Leo and the guard continue to fight. Leo hits the guard and head butts him, knocking him out.)

Past Piper: Nice!

Past Phoebe: Wow.

(Leo goes over to the girls.)

Past Piper: Leo!

Past Phoebe: I thought you were a pacifist.

Past Leo: I didn’t kill him, did I?

Past Piper: I gotta tell you, I find this side of you very sexy.

Past Leo: Really?

Past Piper: Yeah.

(They hear a noise.)

Past Leo: Paige.

Past Piper: Potion, potion.

(Past Piper, Past Phoebe and Past Leo run out of the room.)

Phoebe: Past Paige, remember? They’re going to rescue you.

(Paige nods. They disappear.)

[Cut to the manor. Upstairs hallway. Phoebe and Paige appear. Kit runs past them and goes into the bathroom.]

Paige: Okay, if that warlock doesn’t kill the cat soon, I will.

Phoebe: I’ll get her.

(Phoebe walks into the bathroom. Scene from episode 3.17 “Pre-Witched”. Past Piper and Past Leo are in the shower together.)

Past Piper: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were in here. I’m not interrupting anything am I?

Past Piper: No… not yet.

Phoebe: Okay, that’s good, that’s really good.

Past Piper: Phoebe, would you just get outta here. And cover your eyes.

Phoebe: Oh. (She covers her eyes.) Sure, okay, getting out.

Past Piper: Hey, did you change your hair?

Phoebe: Me? No.

(Phoebe walks towards the door, eyes still covered.)

Piper: Watch out for…

(Phoebe runs into the door frame.)

Phoebe: Oh! Ow. I’m okay, I’m okay.

(Phoebe reaches behind her and closes the door on her way out. She walks over to Paige.)

Paige: Eh, that was a bit close.

(They disappear.)

[Cut to P3. Top of the stairs. Scene from episode 3.09 “Coyote Piper”. Past Piper is dancing on top of the bar wearing black leather pants and red leather halter top. Phoebe and Paige walks down the stairs.]

Paige: Oh… my… god. I’ve never seen this side of Piper before.

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s Office. Dr. Berenson looks at Piper, speechless.]

Piper: Don’t ask. Next memory.

[Cut to the manor. Toilet. Phoebe and Paige appear. They look around, confused. They hear Past Leo’s voice on the other side of the closed door.]

[Cut to the bathroom. Scene from episode 3.01 “The Honeymoon’s Over”. Past Leo is talking into the mirror.]

Past Leo: Every time I see you, I love you even more. You’re so beautiful. You’re so special. I can’t imagine my life without you. (Past Piper walks in.) Piper!

Past Piper: Leo, who are you talking to?

Past Leo: Me? Uh, nobody, just myself, you know.

Past Piper: Yourself? You were telling yourself how much you love you?

Past Leo: No, of course not. Uh, I mean, it’s, it’s not like that at all. Um, let’s go downstairs and I’ll explain.

Past Piper: Leo, what’s the matter? Why are you acting so weird?

Past Leo: Can we go downstairs please?

Past Piper: No, why?

Past Leo: Okay, fine, um, here’s good. Um, I’ve been thinking a lot actually about our situation.

Past Piper: Leo…

Past Leo: No, no, just let me finish. Um, I think I’ve come up with a solution, a way for us to be together no matter what they say. (Past Leo gets down on one knee and Past Piper’s eyes widen. He takes Past Piper’s hand.) Will you marry me?

[Cut to the toilet. Phoebe hears Kit hissing through the vent.]

Phoebe: Paige.

Paige: Wait, I wanna hear the answer.

Phoebe: We already know the answer for god’s sakes. Kit’s in trouble. Orb.

Paige: What if I can’t?

Phoebe: Just try.

(Paige orbs out with Phoebe.)

[Cut to the attic. The warlock is on the floor kneeling over something. Paige orbs in with Phoebe. He turns around holding the bloodied knife.]

Warlock: Looks like curiosity just killed your cat.

(He blinks out. They see Kit lying on the floor with a knife wound on her side. Kit morphs into Katrina.)

[Cut to the living room. Present. Katrina is there. She doubles over in pain.]

Katrina: Ow. Ohh. (She looks at her arm and it starts to vanish.) Oh, no.

(Her other arm followed by her head and chest, and the rest of her body vanishes from the room.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Dr. Berenson’s Office. Piper and Leo are now sitting close, holding hands.]

Dr. Berenson: It’s easy for a couple over the years to lose sight of what brought them together in the first place. In your case, a very remarkable case I might add, it’s probably even more important than it would be for most…

(Leo leans forward and touches his head.)

Leo: Ow.

Piper: What’s the matter?

Leo: (quietly) Freeze him, hurry.

(Piper freezes Dr. Berenson. Leo stands up, touching his temples.)

Piper: What? Talk to me.

Leo: Something’s gone terribly wrong. People are crying out in pain. Witches, they’re all under attack.

Piper: What? Why?

Leo: I don’t know why. We gotta get home, fast.

Phoebe’s Voice: (in Piper’s head) Piper?

Piper: No, wait.

Phoebe’s Voice: (in Piper’s head) Piper, can you hear me?

Piper: Phoebe?

[Cut to the manor. Past Attic. Phoebe is calling out.]

Phoebe: Piper, can you hear me? It’s Phoebe.

Paige: Are you crazy? What are you doing?

Phoebe: What does it look like I’m doing? I’m trying to contact Piper.

Paige: Yeah, but she’ll hear you, she’ll come running in and ruin our future.

Phoebe: Our future’s already ruined unless she can somehow give us a second chance and let us replay her last memory.

Paige: Wait, are you talking about present day Piper?

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah. Why not? I mean, she dragged us into this spell, consciously or subconsciously, we might as well take advantage of it, right? Besides, if she really is reliving this, she ought to be able to hear me. Hm? Piper! It’s your sister Phoebe. Now, I know you’re having big problems because of this.

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s Office.]

Leo: You’re kidding me? Your sisters are involved with this? Can we do nothing without them?

Piper: Shh! I’m trying to concentrate. Something about our last memory?

Leo: Last memory… The one where I proposed?

[Cut to the past toilet. Phoebe and Paige appear.]

Past Leo’s Voice: Every time I see you, I love you even more.

Paige: It worked.

Phoebe: Okay, now orb.

(Paige orbs out with Phoebe.)

[Cut to the attic. Paige orbs in with Phoebe. Kit runs in. Paige pulls out the potion. The warlock runs in.]

Phoebe: Hey!

(The warlock stops.)

Paige: Remember us?

(Paige throws the potion at his feet. A thick cloud of smoke rises and smothers the warlock. He drops his knife and covers his eyes. Phoebe picks up the knife and stabs the warlock.)

Phoebe: What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

(The warlock bursts into flames and is vanquished. Paige goes over and picks up Kit.)

Paige: Alright, cat. Start talking.

[Cut to Dr. Berenson’s Office.]

Leo: The cries are gone. Everything’s back to normal.

Piper: Oh, no it’s not. It’s not until I reverse this spell. Even I don’t want to be this close to my sisters.

(She starts to write a spell on a notepad.)

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Phoebe, Paige, Leo and Katrina are there sitting on the couch. Piper walks in carrying a tray of cups and a tea pot.]

Piper: Are you sure I can’t get you anything? Coffee, tea, a saucer of milk?

(Phoebe laughs.)

Phoebe: Good one.

Katrina: No, I’m fine. (serious) Although I wouldn’t mind some kibble, if you got some.

(Piper stares at Katrina. Katrina smiles.)

Piper: That’s not funny.

Paige: It’s a little funny.

Piper: No, see, you didn’t live with her for three years. And by the way, what was with the scratching of my bed post? What was that?

Katrina: I had to keep my nails sharp.

Piper: Yeah, see, that’s just very creepy.

(Piper sits on the couch.)

Leo: Well, at least we know how important she was as your familiar and how painful things could’ve been without her.

Phoebe: I’m just glad to finally know you are. I mean, it makes it easier to understand why you ran away. You know, as a cat.

Katrina: You didn’t need me anymore. Once the Charmed Ones were reconstituted, it was time for me to move on.

Paige: Don’t you mean moving up? You know, complete the evolutionary cycle and all.

Leo: Yeah, only special Familiars like Katrina are rewarded for their service by becoming human.

Katrina: To guide other Familiars. That’s why the warlock was after me. Take out Familiars and you leave their witches defenceless, vulnerable.

Phoebe: Well, it’s a good thing you got nine lives, that’s all I have to say. Although, you’re probably down to your last seven or eight, so…

Katrina: I’ll watch my back. Well, I’ve gotta get going. I’ve got a hungry litter waiting for me. (She gets up and looks in Wyatt’s bassinet.) You call me when he comes into his powers? (Piper nods.) Blessed be.

(She leaves. Phoebe and Paige get up and sit next to Piper.)

Paige: So, how are we doing?

Leo: We?

Piper: Oh, simmer down, honey. We, meaning Leo and I, are doing just fine, thank you very much. We did learn that we have some issues to work on. Like, somebody needs to get a life first.

Leo: And one of us needs to be a wife first.

Phoebe: Oh, easy on the rhyming, no more spells.

Piper: Gladly. (Piper gets up and walks over to Leo.) But the point is, we need to spend more time as a couple. (She puts her arm around Leo.) So that we don’t forget.

Leo: Right.

(They hug. Phoebe and Paige get up and leave the room. They walk past the cabinet with the missing Bride and Groom figurine.)