Crossing Jordan Online Updates

NP Subscriber 2.0

NP Subscriber is a powerful, yet easy to use, mailing list script that has the following features:

  • Automatic subscribing and unsubcribing meaning you don’t have to add/take off each subscriber individually.
  • Everything is conifgurable from a web admin interface! No hand-editing variables!
  • Hides email addresses on outgoing mails. This way the email is to the subscriber only. They can’t see all of the email addresses that the message is sent out to.
  • Customizable header and footer of most output pages as well as customized messages for almost all of the actions.
  • Complete control over archiving of messages. You decide what messages you want to archive and what to name to file. You can view the archives and/or delete them with the click of a mouse!
  • Allows you to ban email addresses.
  • Requires confirmation from the subscriber. It will send them a 5 digit code that they must enter on a special screen in order to put them on the list. This prevents people from entering fake addresses or addresses that aren’t theirs.
  • Prevents a subscriber from subscribing twice.
  • Lets you know when your version is out of date.

Once again, NP Subscriber is completely FREE and doesn’t require any registration or subscriptions to mailing lists! Visit for this and many more scripts!