The Fourth Sister

Written by: Edithe Swensen
Transcribed by: Janelle Hackbarth

Season 1, Episode 07
Episode Number: 7

[Scene: Aviva�s room. Aviva puts a small statue on the rug in front of her. She is also in front of the mirror. Aviva is dressed in black and has black candles lit around her. All but one. She lights it. She then gets into meditating position.]

Aviva: Come to me Kali. I conjure thee Kali. Come to me Kali. I conjure thee Kali.

(In the mirror, Kali appears.)

Kali: I�m here Aviva.

Aviva: It�s been over a week.

Kali: I know. Be patient Aviva.

Aviva: But I�ve done everything that you�ve asked. I�ve followed the Halliwell sisters. I know their every move.

Kali: Which will all become valuable in good time. You must trust me. You must make them want you as badly as you want them.

(Aviva looks at the closet.)

Aviva: I talked to my mom today.

Kali: How is she?

Aviva: I don�t know. She�s better…I think. I miss her.

Kali: She�s gonna be so proud of you.

Aviva: Yeah? I hope so.

Kali: Are you ready to receive your power?

Aviva: (giggling a little) You know I am.

Kali: Remember, it�s a sacred power. If I give it to you, you must use it only as I say.

Aviva: I will. I promise.

Kali: Very well. Reach for the mirror. Put out your hands. Feel the power. (Aviva reaches her hands towards the mirror. Aviva�s hands begin to glow. She receives the power. Her hands stop glowing and she puts them down.) You know what to do. Go to Phoebe, Piper, and Prue.

(Aviva grabs her coat and leaves. We see flames in the mirror. Kali appears as her evil demon self.)

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Piper is sitting in the chair holding REWARD flyers for Kit. Leo walks in. He moves the fireplace screen from the fireplace and looks in the fireplace and sticks a tool up at it.]

Leo: Uh… well I think I see… yep. There�s definitely something here.

Piper: (to herself) Definitely.

(Phoebe enters the living room with a mug of coffee and makes her way around the sofa while saying this.)

Phoebe: Oh my. Santa, you�ve changed.

Piper: He�s looking for Kit.

Phoebe: The cat. Right. Four legs and fur. I remember. (Mouthing to Piper) Oh my god!

(Leo gets up from the fireplace.)

Leo: Sorry. You know, have you tried the shelter?

Piper: Yeah. Nothing.

Leo: Well, she had her collar on right? With your number on it and everything?

Phoebe: A very distinctive collar actually.

Piper: Anyway…(She stands up.) Uh, thanks for looking. I�m sure you must be hungry after all that work.

Leo: All what work?

(Phoebe laughs a little and puts her arm around Piper.)

Phoebe: Oh, that�s just Piper. She�s gotta be everyone�s mom. Think of her as your mom. I know I do.

(They all laugh a little.)

Piper: Isn�t she a scream?

Leo: Well thanks, um…let me go put up these flyers first and I�ll be right back, OK?

(He bumps into the fireplace screen.)

Phoebe: Oh careful.

Leo: Oh.

Piper: You all right?

Leo: Yeah. Yeah. I�ll just… (He puts the fireplace screen back.)

Piper: Antique.

Phoebe: Grandma�s.

Piper: Yeah.

(Phoebe and Piper watch Leo leave.)

Phoebe: Oh. Quite possibly the finest glutes in the city.

Piper: In the state.

Phoebe: In all the land.

Piper: I saw him first.

Phoebe: Uh-uh.

Piper: Uh-huh.

Phoebe: Oh.

[Scene: Street. Leo hangs a flyer on a sign and walks by a car. Aviva is in the car. She watches Leo leave and then turns around to look at the flyer. It burns. She smiles.]

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper takes a cinnamon roll out of the microwave and puts it on a plate. She then pours a glass of milk. Leo is at the foyer on a later.]

Piper: Humph.

(She takes the plate and glass out of the kitchen.)

[Cut to foyer. Piper comes out of the kitchen with the cinnamon and milk. She goes to Leo.]

Piper: Here you go Leo. Non-fat milk right?

(She gives Leo the glass of milk and cinnamon.)

Leo: Right. Thanks.

Piper: Just don�t call me mom.

(Phoebe and Prue are coming down the stairs.)

Phoebe: Trust me. One hot night is all you guys need to get back on track.

(They walk to the foyer.)

Prue: Yeah. I hope you�re right.

Phoebe: Andy�s a cop. You�re a witch.

Piper: Ahem.

Phoebe: Except complications.

Prue: Hey, Leo. How�s it going?

Leo: Good. Uh, this wall only needs two coats and then I gotta do the moulding and then I�m done.

Phoebe: Ah, are you sure it doesn�t need 3 coats?

Leo: Uh…

Piper: Nice outfit… for 9 o�clock in the morning with no place to go.

Phoebe: Hmm. I�m glad you like it. (Leo drinks some milk.) Oh. Leo. Come here. (She wipes the milk moustache off her face.) Got milk?

Prue: Uh…Phoebe, come here. (Phoebe doesn�t) Phoebe!

(She grabs Phoebe�s arm and heads towards the kitchen.)

[Cut to kitchen. Prue and Phoebe come in.]

Prue: I think that Piper likes Leo.

(She goes and gets a mug and begins making coffee.)

Phoebe: What�s not to like? He�s a great guy.

Prue: No. I mean… really likes him.

Phoebe: Your point being?

Prue: Never mind. Classic Phoebe.

Phoebe: Wait. Define that.

Prue: I think you know.

Phoebe: Okay. Look Prue, I think we need to put some major closer on this or we�re gonna be in rocking chairs slurping oatmeal out of rubber spoons and I�m still gonna hear about Roger. (Piper enters to get coffee.) Piper, am I a boyfriend thief?

Piper: Totally.

Phoebe: Besides Roger, whom again Prue, I never touched.

Piper: My boyfriend. Billy Wilson.

(Phoebe laughs a little.)

Phoebe: Billy Will… Eight grade Billy Wilson?

Piper: You kissed him at homecoming.

Phoebe: No I did not kiss him at homecoming. I was helping him find a contact lens.

Piper: Oh please. You were all over him with your breasts all…whatever.

Phoebe: I didn�t even have breasts back then.

Piper: Phoebe, you�ve always had breasts.

Prue: So, I think I�ll just let you two work this out on your own. But, um, just remember, I get the house tonight. Just Andy and me. No warlocks, no innocents to protect and especially, no sisters.

(Prue leaves.)

Piper: So you know… it�s not like either one of us has a problem finding guys.

Phoebe: (Snorts) Please.

Piper: So if one of us… got Leo… it�d be OK with the other one.

Phoebe: Absolutely.

Piper: So we can just consider this a friendly competition.

Phoebe: Sibling rivalry.

Piper: War.

Phoebe: Exactly.

[Scene: Aviva�s room. Aviva is lying on her bed writing in her diary while listening to music.]

Aviva: Dear Diary…

(Aunt Jackie knocks on the door.)

Aunt Jackie: Aviva, open the door.

Aviva: Life sucks here.

Aunt Jackie: I�m gonna be late for work.

(Aunt Jackie opens the door. Aviva puts her diary under her bed and sits up.)

Aviva: So that part about this being my room, that was a lie?

Aunt Jackie: It�s my apartment Aviva.

Aviva: So you keep reminding me Aunt Jackie.

Aunt Jackie: Why don�t you get some light and air in here?

(She goes to open the curtain. Aviva stands up.)

Aviva: Because I like it dark and stale.

(Aunt Jackie stops and turns around.)

Aunt Jackie: Why are you so antagonistic to me?

Aviva: How come you haven�t called my mom yet?

Aunt Jackie: What?

Aviva: To see how she�s doing, or just to say “hello”? It would help her you know. I mean, it�s not like she�s got a lot of family.

Aunt Jackie: She has to take responsibility for her own actions.

Aviva: She�s not in jail. She�s in rehab. She didn�t do anything wrong to take responsibility for. She�s sick and that�s it. It�s nothing to be ashamed of.

Aunt Jackie: Whatever.

(She leaves. Aviva slams the door close.)

[Scene: Video store. Andy and Prue are searching for a video.]

Andy: Ah, ever see “Lethal Weapon 3”?

Prue: Not very romantic.

Andy: Right.

(He puts the video back.)

Prue: Hey. (Prue shows her the video) How about “Double Indemnity”?

Andy: (Whispering) It�s black and white.

Prue: (Whispering) Right.

(She puts it back. A video store clerk comes to them.)

Video store clerk: Video paralyses.

Prue: Excuse me?

Video store clerk: You�re probably two minutes away from leaving without a rental. Mind if I help? After all, I am a pro.

Andy: Sure. (Video store clerk leaves.) Doesn�t matter what we pick anyway. We�ll probably never get around to watching it.

Prue: Oh yeah? Pretty cocky. (Andy walks to her.)

Andy: Actually what I meant was something always seems to come up. Get in our way.

Prue: That�s not true. OK, well, maybe it�s sometimes true, but there�s always a perfectly good reason.

Andy: Prue, there�s never a perfectly good reason. As a matter of fact, there�s never usually even a reason at all. Good, bad, or otherwise.

Prue: All right. (She moves closer to him.) You…me…alone…tonight. Nothing and I mean nothing will get in our way. Guaranteed.

Andy: I�ll hold you to that.

Prue: (Whispering) OK.

(They kiss. The video store clerk comes up to them with a video.)

Video store clerk: I got it. (Prue and Andy stop kissing.) “Body Heat”.

Prue/Andy: We�ll take it.

[Scene: Aviva�s room. Aviva is in front of her mirror.]

Aviva: I conjure thee Kali.

(In the mirror, Kali appears.)

Kali: I�m here Aviva.

Aviva: I�m going crazy here Kali. I can�t wait any longer.

Kali: The Halliwells� don�t understand our way. They don�t know the full uses and joys of their powers.

Aviva: I�ll show them.

Kali: You must gain their trust first. You must let them welcome you into their coven.

Aviva: I won�t disappoint you. I swear.

Kali: Then it�s time. (The closet door opens. Aviva goes to it and gets Kit.) Take the cat back to the Halliwells.

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Piper looks into the foyer from the dinning room and sees Leo sanding down something. She pretty herself up and then goes over to Leo.]

Piper: About done for the day?

Leo: Just about.

Piper: Uh…well, Prue�s got a date so we kinda gotta clear out. I was thinking about catching a movie. Wanna go?

Leo: I can�t do it.

(He goes to another corner of the room.)

Piper: OK.

Leo: You know…these are original to the house. I mean, they really should be sanded down, finished off with steal wool, and… and restrained. Not covered in paint.

Piper: Oh, right. Sort of like risotto with minute rice. (Leo chuckles a little.) It�s a cooking analogy.

Leo: Yeah. (They both chuckle a little.) Anyway uh…I have some stain samples at home if you�re interested. I can bring them by tomorrow and show them to you and your sisters.

Piper: Or better yet, why don�t you just bring them by the restaurant? Say about lunchtime? Prue�s so busy and Phoebe doesn�t really care. She�s more into stucco.

Leo: OK.

Piper: OK.

Leo: So what time�s that movie?

(The doorbell rings.)

Phoebe: I got it.

[Cut to Phoebe. She opens the door. Aviva is standing there with Kit.]

Phoebe: Kit! Oh my god. Where did you find her? We were worried sick.

(She takes Kit.)

Aviva: I was just walking by and I um, saw one of your flyers and poof. There she was. Like magic.

(Phoebe laughs nervously.)

Phoebe: Wow. (She closes the door.) I can�t even believe she let you hold her.

(They go in the living room. Piper enters.)

Piper: Oh. Welcome home Kitty! (Phoebe laughs a little as she hands Piper Kit. Leo enters) Oh. You must be starving.

(She sits down in the armchair.)

Aviva: (Sitting down on the couch.) I fed her.

Phoebe: (Sitting on the arm of the couch.) I thought you said you just found her.

Aviva: I did. Oh, um, a couple of hours ago. I mean.

Piper: And she didn�t try to scratch you?

Aviva: Mm-mmm.

Leo: You know, I�ll take the flyers down tomorrow. Let me uh, clean up before the movie.

Phoebe: Movie? What movie?

Piper: A war movie.

Phoebe: I love war movies. Mind if I tag along?

Leo: Uh sure. Why not? I�ll be right back.

(He leaves.)

Aviva: You guys aren�t going out are you? I mean, you just got your cat back.

Piper: Oh she�ll be fine. Let me get my purse. (She puts Kit down and goes towards the table.) Uh, what�s your name?

Aviva: Oh. No. No. I don�t want your money.

(Prue and Andy enter from the parlor.)

Piper/Phoebe: Hey Andy!

Andy: Hey!

Prue: Hey. I thought we all had plans tonight?

Phoebe: This girl just found our cat for us.

Aviva: Aviva.

Prue: Well that�s great. Um, is fifty bucks enough?

Aviva: Uh, I don�t… I don�t want a reward. (She stands up.) We need to talk.

Prue: About what?

Aviva: About wicca.

Prue: Uh…(Leo enters.) Andy Trudeau, this is Leo Wyatt. You guys chat. We�ll be right back.

Phoebe: OK. (Piper and Phoebe get up and lead Aviva away.)

Andy: Hey. (Andy and Leo shake hands.)

Piper: Thanks again.

(They push Aviva away.)

Phoebe: Yeah. I�m sorry you can�t stay.

Aviva: I�m…not leaving. Don�t you understand? I�m one of you.

(She points at the popcorn Andy has and it began to rise.)

Piper: No.

(Piper stops time. Aviva doesn�t freeze.)

Aviva: Very cool.

(She walks around Leo and Andy.)

Piper: Um, wait. You didn�t…. she didn�t….you didn�t freeze?

(Aviva walks back to them.)

Aviva: That�s because I�m a witch too.

Prue: A what?

Aviva: Look, I just want to be friends.

Piper: Uh, guys, we have about 20 seconds until they unfreeze.

Phoebe: How did you find out about us?

Aviva: I�m gonna need more than 20 seconds for that.

Piper: We really need to move things along here Prue.

Prue: OK. You need to leave here now.

Aviva: What? A…why?

Prue: Because we don�t know who the hell you really are, so just leave. OK? Go. Go. Go.

(She pushes Aviva.)

Aviva: No. I�m not leaving. I just saved your cat.

Prue: Leave now or else.

Aviva: Or else what.

(She looks at the tape Prue has and it burns. Prue drops it. Aviva leaves. Time unfreezes. The popcorn bursts open and popcorn is thrown all over the place.)

Andy: What the hell?

(They clean the popcorn off themselves.)

Leo: Hey, where did that girl go?

Phoebe: Uh. She just…

(Prue uses her power to make the front door slam.)

Prue: Uh! Uh. Left.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Aviva�s room. She�s talking to Kali.]

Aviva: You said if I brought them back their cat…

Kali: Was it the oldest? Was it Prue that sent you away?

Aviva: Yes.

Kali: Avoid her. She�s the strongest. You must separate them. Together they�re Charmed. Impenetrable.

Aviva: But what if they don�t want me?

Kali: Phoebe will. In her own way. She�s searching for someone to relate to. Someone to share her witchcraft with. What�s the problem?

Aviva: I… I don�t know.

Kali: You�re the one that came to me remember? You�re the one who wanted… sisters.

Aviva: I know. I want a family. I don�t have anybody. What do you get out of it? I mean, you know, you never really said.

Kali: Halliwell magic is old and powerful, and I want it. And since they�re new to the craft, if I�m ever going to get it, it has to be now…through you. Just do as I say Aviva. Make Phoebe convent your power, then we�ll both get what we want.

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Next morning. Prue is on the phone with Andy as she brings a towel out from the laundry room.]

Prue: It�s not what you think Andy. It�s hard to explain. It�s just…

[Cut to Andy at the police station. He�s going through some files.]

Andy: Just another one of those things you can�t explain. It�s a broken record Prue.

[Cut to Prue. She�s sorting laundry.]

Prue: Look, I wanted you to stay. You have to believe me.

[Cut to Andy]

Andy: Then what happened? Why�d you want me to leave all of a sudden?

[Cut to Prue]

Prue: I told you. Something came up. Sister stuff. I can�t really go into detail without betraying someone�s secret.

[Cut to Andy]

Andy: Prue…

[Cut to Prue]

Prue: Look Andy, I�m unpredictable. OK? That�s just part of who I am and you have to accept that because I can�t change it.

[Cut to Andy]

Andy: I don�t want you to change Prue. I just… (He sits down.) I just want to have a normal date. That�s all. Is that too much to ask for.

[Cut to Prue]

Prue: All right. Let�s just try it again. Tonight? Uh, same time? Same place?

[Cut to Andy]

Andy: Same movie?

[Cut to Prue. She picks up the burnt movie.]

Prue: Uh, yeah. OK, so what? 8 o�clock?

[Cut to Andy]

Andy: I�ll be there. Bye.

[Cut to Prue]

Prue: All right. Bye. (She hangs up and goes to the laundry room.) If I ever see that little artiest again…

(Piper and Phoebe come in. Piper stands by the dryer as Prue takes close out and puts them in the laundry basket.)

Piper: Just got done dodging Leo�s questions about her. That was close.

Prue: Too close. The question is, who is she?

Piper: And what does she want?

Phoebe: Let us not forget Aviva found Kit.

Prue: Yeah. She�s probably the one who stole the cat in the first place.

Phoebe: Hello? Paranoia check.

Prue: Phoebe, for all we know, she�s a warlock.

(She takes the laundry basket into the kitchen and puts it on the table and begin sorting through it again. Piper and Phoebe follow her.)

Piper: She can�t be. She didn�t freeze.

Phoebe: Beside, she said she was a witch.

Prue: OK, a bad witch maybe.

Phoebe: Yeah, a bad witch with a really cool power. Better than mine. That�s for sure.

Prue: Why are you so quick to defend her?

Phoebe: Why are you so quick to condemn her?

Piper: If she is a witch, a good witch, then it might be kinda cool considering she�s the first one we�ve run across.

Phoebe: Exactly.

Prue: Guys, we don�t know anything about her�how she got her powers. How she found out about us?

Phoebe: She tried to tell us, but you kicked her out.

Prue: Yeah. She would have exposed us if I hadn�t.

Phoebe: Prue, she�s just a kid. Besides, if she is a witch, she probably feels just as alone as we do. Maybe she just needs some friends.

Prue: Or maybe she�s out to destroy us. It wouldn�t be the first time.

Phoebe: OK.

Prue: All right, until she knows who she really is, let�s just steer clear. OK? (Phoebe nods.) I�m late for work.

(She leaves.)

Piper: Me too.

(She leaves. The phone rings. Phoebe answers it.)

Phoebe: Hello? Aviva?

[Scene: High School. Phoebe is waiting for Aviva. She checks her watch. Aviva comes to the bike fence where Phoebe�s waiting outside.]

Aviva: I�m so glad that you came.

Phoebe: I�m glad that you called actually.

(They walk along the fence towards the door.)

Aviva: Bet you got a few questions huh?

Phoebe: A few. Uh, what time does school let out?

Aviva: Uh, now.

(She goes under the fence lock.)

Phoebe: Uh, whoa. Whoa. Hey, what are you doing?

Aviva: Oh, the same thing I�m sure you did a thousand times. Am I right?

Phoebe: Well..

Aviva: I am right. Um, you didn�t tell your bitch sister about this, did you?

Phoebe: Hey, watch your mouth. Prue had every right to be upset about what you did.

Aviva: It�s funny how you knew that I was talking about Prue and not Piper. Hey, come on. (She heads towards a car.) Let�s go for a ride. I�ll tell you everything that you want to know.

[Scene: Quake. Leo walks in and looks around for Piper. He turns around and finds her with a menu.]

Piper: Table for one sir?

Leo: Wow. You own this place?

Piper: No. I just run it. Um. (They begin to walk to a table.) Actually, I used to be the chef here.

(Piper leads him to the table and he sits down. She hands him a menu.)

Leo: I�m impressed.

Piper: Good. I mean, um, good that you came here as opposed to the house and Phoebe. (Leo takes the stain samples out of his pocket.) How about those stain samples?

(Leo hands them to Piper.)

Leo: Now I only brought the ones authentic to the era in which the manor was built.

Piper: Great. (She sits down in the chair across from Leo.) Hungry?

Leo: Uh…

Piper: Oh, it�s on the house.

Leo: You�re big on food, aren�t you?

Piper: Uh…

Leo: No. That�s good. You know, actually, in the Mayan culture, the cook was second in the hierarchy only to the medicine man.

Piper: Mayans? You know about Mayans? Well, you certainly are a handyman, aren�t you?

Leo: Uh, so, does Phoebe work here too?

Piper: Phoebe? Work. No. No. No. No. No. No. She�s probably at her gay and lesbean group right about now. So what�ll it be?

[Scene: Manor. That night. Phoebe and Aviva walk into the manor through the kitchen.]

Phoebe: This is the dining room. This is the parlor. That�s the conservatory, which is just another fancy name for family room.

Aviva: This is so totally cool. Oh, I love it here.

(They walk towards the parlor. Aviva opens the door.)

Phoebe: And welcome to planet Leo.

(They walk into the parlor.)

Aviva: You are liking this Leo.

Phoebe: Uh, maybe.

Aviva: Does he like you? I mean, how can he not? You are so gorgeous.

(As Phoebe talks, Aviva goes and sits down on the couch holding Kit.)

Phoebe: Well, you see, Piper and I have sort of have this little competition going over him.

(Phoebe sits in a chair.)

Aviva: So just use your powers. Cast a spell on him or something. You do have powers, don�t you?

Phoebe: What makes you think I do?

Aviva: Please. You�re a witch.

Phoebe: Yeah, which brings us back to how do you know that. You promised.

Aviva: I have this teacher. She�s great. She�s like my mom. She told me.

Phoebe: Who is she?

Aviva: Another witch. Like a high priestess or something. She said you were the coolest and I would like you the best. She was right.

Phoebe: Well I�d like to meet her sometime.

Aviva: Yeah? (Phoebe nods.) Is your room up there?

Phoebe: Mm-hmm.

Aviva: Come on. I want to share something with you. (She puts Kit down and stands up.) You�re gonna love it. I promise.

[Scene: Phoebe�s room. Aviva is putting on black lipstick.]

Aviva: I like mirrors. They never lie to you. (Phoebe appears behind Aviva.) They always tell you the truth whether you like it or not. It�s basic black. The color of my soul. Do you want to try it?

Phoebe: You�re soul�s not black.

Aviva: You know the feeling that I mean. You�re different, you know, you�ll never want what they want. You belong on the edge. We aren�t pink people Phoebe. (She turns around.) You want to see something incredible? Better yet, you want to try it?

Phoebe: Try what?

Aviva: I�ll show you my power if you show me yours.

[Cut to kitchen. Prue comes in.]

Prue: Anybody home? (She puts her purse on the table.) Better not be.

[Cut back to Phoebe�s room. Phoebe and Aviva are sitting on the ground Indian style. In between them is a laid out handkerchief with some candles.]

Aviva: Don�t be afraid.

(She holds out the palm of her hands. Phoebe grabs them.)

Phoebe: OK. Now what?

(Aviva glances at the mirror. Kali appears slightly and then disappears. Aviva giggles a little.)

Aviva: She�s giving it to you too.

Phoebe: Who is? Giving me what?

Aviva: The power. Here. (She puts a potted plant in front of Phoebe.) Touch this. (Phoebe does. The plant begins to grow.) It�s the power of heat. You�re hand is like the sun.

Phoebe: Whoa.

Aviva: That�s pretty cool huh?

(Prue opens the door while saying this.)

Prue: Phoebe, are you…(She sees Aviva.)

Phoebe: Prue…(Phoebe and Aviva stand up.)

Prue: What are you doing?

Aviva: Get out. This is her room.

Phoebe: Aviva…

Aviva: No. She treats you worse than my aunt treats me. It�s not right.

Phoebe: It�s OK. Relax.

(The door rings. Prue leaves. Phoebe does. Aviva kneels down and blows out the candles.)

[Cut to foyer. Prue opens the door. Andy�s standing there holding a bottle.]

Andy: Chianti, Body Heat…What do you think?

Prue: Ah…

Phoebe: (Running down the stairs) Prue, I can explain! (She sees Andy.) Oh no!

Andy: Oh no…Let me guess? Rain check?

Prue: Andy…

Andy: Prue, this is…this is getting ridiculous.

(Aviva comes up to Phoebe.)

Prue: I know. Believe me. You have every right to be upset, and I can�t talk about it right now but I will. I promise. Tomorrow? Quake? 1:00? Please?

Andy: OK. Tomorrow 1:00. (He waves to Phoebe before leaving who waves back. Prue closes the door and begins to walk away. She pasts Phoebe.)

Phoebe: I am so sorry. (She follows Prue.) I totally forgot. (They stops walking.)

Prue: What the hell is she doing here? What�s a matter with you?

Aviva: This is her house too, OK? She can do whatever she wants.

Phoebe: (To Aviva) Aviva…(To Prue) She�s not what you think she is.

Aviva: She doesn�t understand Phoebe. She�ll never understand. (She leaves.)

[Scene: Aviva�s room. She�s talking to Kali.]

Kali: If there were no Prue, Phoebe would be with us now.

Aviva: I hate her and wish that she were dead.

Aunt Jackie: (Outside the door.) Aviva? What�s going on? Who�s in there with you? (She open the door and comes in.) You skipped school today and I want to know why.

Aviva: Get out of my room!

Aunt Jackie: How dare you speak to me in that tone! (She notices the candles as Aviva stands up.) What�s going on here?

Aviva: I said get out of my room! Leave me alone or else…(In the mirror, Kali is her demon self. She throws a fireball at Aunt Jackie. It hits the bottom of her dress. She screams and tries to put it out by slapping it with a jacket.) Aunt Jackie? (She goes out of the room while slapping and hits the wall.) Oh god. (Aunt Jackie falls down the stairs. Aviva comes out and runs downstairs.) Aunt Jackie? (She stops short and sees her aunt on the floor motionless.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Aunt Jackie�s apartment. Aviva is on the stairs. The cops and paramedics are there. They take Aunt Jackie away in a stretcher. Aviva walks up the stairs.]

[Cut to Aviva�s room. She�s talking to Kali. Aviva is worried.]

Kali: What did you tell the police?

Aviva: That the candle caught her dress on fire and she fell down the stairs. Oh my god. What have I done? I didn�t mean to hurt her.

Kali: You powers are growing.

Aviva: I know, but as soon as Aunt Jackie walks up, she�ll tell them what really happened. I�ve got to get out of here.

Kali: No!

Aviva: Why not?

Kali: You must go back to the Halliwells. You must complete what you�ve started.

Aviva: But how?

Kali: Piper won�t stop you, and Phoebe�s already an ally. Only Prue stands in our way. You must use your powers. You must take Prue�s place in the power of three. Don�t disappoint me Aviva. You said you wanted a family. And now you�ll have one.

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Aviva is there. Phoebe pours Aviva a cup of tea and gives it to her. Piper is on the phone in the background. Prue is also there.]

Aviva: Thanks.

Phoebe: You poor thing. You�re shivering.

Aviva: I�m OK. (To Prue.) I know that you don�t like me and I know that the last thing you want to do is help me. But I don�t know where else to turn. I don�t have anybody else.

(Piper comes to them.)

Piper: She�s telling the truth. Her aunt was admitted to the hospital.

Aviva: How is she? Is she OK?

Piper: She has a broken arm and a concussion.

Prue: How did she fall again?

Aviva: I don�t know. I…I heard her scream and, and then I found her on the floor and I called 911. I promise, if you just let me spend the night and get some sleep, I�ll tell you everything you want to know about me tomorrow.

Piper: She can�t stay alone.

Phoebe: She can sleep in my room.

Prue: No magic.

Aviva: I swear.

[Scene: Phoebe�s room. Phoebe is asleep, but Aviva is awake. Kali appears in the mirror.]

Kali: Now… is the time.

(Aviva goes out into the hallway. Kali appears as her demon self.)

[Cut to by Prue�s room. Aviva opens the door slightly and sees Prue asleep. She then prepares to use a fireball.]

Piper: What are you doing?

Aviva: Um…(She closes the door.) I was just looking for the bathroom.

Piper: Oh. It�s down the hall to the right.

Aviva: Great. Thanks. Good night. (She goes to the bathroom. Piper looks in Prue�s room. She�s still asleep. Piper closes the door.)

[Scene: Dinning room. Phoebe is on the ladder putting a light bulb in the lamp. Prue is with her.]

Prue: I�m going to the hospital to see her aunt in an hour. I�ll be back OK?

(Leo walks into the kitchen and opens the door. He almost hits Aviva.)

Leo: Whoa. Sorry. Didn�t know you were there. (Phoebe turns on the light and steps down.)

Aviva: That�s OK. (Leo leaves.)

Prue: Aviva, I�m going to go see you aunt. Let her know where you are. We�ll talk when I get back OK?

Aviva: Yeah. Sure. Tell her I love her.

Prue: OK. (She leaves. Phoebe comes in the kitchen.)

Phoebe: Come on. Let�s get something to eat.

[Scene: Hospital. Prue is sitting by Aunt Jackie�s hospital bed. Aunt Jackie is sitting up.]

Aunt Jackie: I don�t understand. Why is Aviva staying with you? I don�t even know who you are.

Prue: Um, actually we just met your niece. We lost our cat and she found it for us.

Aunt Jackie: Oh. That�s what she was hiding.

Prue: Hiding?

Aunt Jackie: In the closet. She wouldn�t let me go anywhere near it. You�re lucky she didn�t sacrifice the poor thing.

Prue: I�m sorry? (Aunt Jackie leans closer.)

Aunt Jackie: She�s a strange kid. Very troubled. Into all sorts of wired stuff. Black magic, voodoo. God know what else. No wonder she doesn�t have any friends.

Prue: What makes you think she�s into black magic?

Aunt Jackie: You should see her room. It seems like every time I walk past there she�s in there…chanting or something. Sometimes, I swear, I even hear other voices. I know she�s not happy there. I�m only taking care of her until her mom gets out of rehab.

Prue: Do you mind if I stop by your place and pick up some things for Aviva?

Aunt Jackie: No.

Prue: Great. Thanks. Feel better. (She leaves.)

[Scene: Quake. Piper comes out of the kitchen and goes to the table where Andy�s waiting.]

Piper: Andy, I can�t seem to get a hold of Prue. I know she was going to the hospital…

(Andy stands up and takes the napkin off his lap.)

Andy: That�s all right Piper. Thanks for trying.

(He takes some money out to pay for the drink on the table.)

Piper: I�m sure there�s a perfectly good…

Andy: Explanation? (He puts the money on the table.) Wanna bet? (He leaves.)

[Scene: Aviva�s room. Prue walks in. She looks around. She opens the closet and sees some black candles and the other stuff Aviva uses when she calls Kali. Kali appears in the mirror behind Prue in demon form and then disappears. Prue looks over her shoulder at the mirror. She then sees Aviva�s diary by the bed. She picks it up and reads one of the pages.]

Prue: “Kali says we�re close to taking over the Halliwell coven. I hate lying to them.”

(She puts the diary down. She then picks up her cell phone and calls home.)

Phoebe: Hello.

Prue: Uh, Phoebe. It�s me.

[Cut to Manor. Parlor. Phoebe stands up out of her chair. Aviva is sitting in another chair reading a magazine.]

Phoebe: Prue, where are you? Piper called. She says you were supposed to meet Andy at Quake.

[Cut to Aviva�s room.]

Prue: Um. Listen, we have a bigger problem to deal with. Call her back and tell her to come home. I�ll…I�ll explain it to you guys later. (She begins to leave.) And Phoebe, whatever you do, don�t let Aviva out of your site. OK?

[Cut to Manor. Phoebe looks over her shoulder at Aviva.]

Phoebe: Yeah sure.

[Cut to Aviva�s room.]

Prue: All right. Bye.

(She leaves. Kali appears in the mirror in demon form.)

[Cut to Manor. Phoebe hangs up and turns around.]

Phoebe: Prue�s on her way home. We can have our little chat when she gets here.

Aviva: Yeah. OK. (She puts down the magazine and stands up.) Mind if I go upstairs and lay down? I�m…I�m not feeling real well.

Phoebe: Sure. Go ahead. (Aviva leaves.)

[Cut to Phoebe�s room. Aviva comes in, grabs her backpack, and leaves. She goes to Prue�s room and sneaks in.]

[Cut to downstairs. Foyer. Leo is sanding down a corner. Phoebe picks up something by the door.]

Leo: This last coat of stain�s gotta dry. (He looks at Phoebe.) I�m uh, heading over to Filmore�s in a few minutes to do an estimate.

Phoebe: Wait. You�re finished already?

Leo: Yeah. I�ll be back tomorrow to make sure everyone�s happy with my work. (Leo stares at Phoebe.)

Phoebe: What?

Leo: Just…just out of curiosity, um…are you and Aviva…(Phoebe raises her eyebrows in confusion.) I mean, Piper said that…

Phoebe: Piper said what?

Leo: Uh. Nothing…I think I need some water.

[Cut to Aviva. She gets in meditating position.]

[Cut to Kitchen. Leo comes out of the laundry room as Phoebe comes in.]

Phoebe: Wait, Leo, what did Piper say to you?

Leo: Uh, it doesn’t matter, really… forget it. (Leo begins washing his hands.)

Phoebe: Well, whatever she said, you should probably take it with a grain of salt, ‘cuz sometimes her medication makes her say the strangest things! But, not to worry-her shrinks are on it.

Leo: Shrinks? (Phoebe nods and chuckles behind his back)

(She sees Aviva�s jacket on the chair and picks it up. She has a premonition. In it, Prue opens the door to her room and Aviva throws a fireball at her. The premonition ends.)

Phoebe: Oh my god. Aviva.

(Leo hears a car door close and looks out the window. He looks back at Phoebe.)

Leo: Prue�s home.

Phoebe: Oh no. (She leaves.)

[Cut to Aviva. She puts something in the middle of the candles. She hears someone run upstairs. Phoebe opens the door as Aviva throws a fireball.]

Phoebe: Aviva? (The fireball heads towards Phoebe, who catches it with Aviva�s jacket. It catches on fire. Aviva stands up.) Aviva! (She shakes the jacket and throws it on the ground. She stomps on it.) What the hell are you doing? (She holds her arm.)

Aviva: Phoebe… I�m sorry. (She leaves.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Phoebe is sitting on a stool. Piper brings her a pack of ice. Prue and Leo are also there.]

Piper: Maybe we should take you to the hospital.

Phoebe: No. It�s not that bad.

Leo: Well, how did it happen anyway?

Phoebe: Uh, candles. Aviva had some candles lit and I guess the sweater got to close, and then she ran out of the house.

Leo: It sure caught fire fast.

Prue: Um, Leo, we got this. We wouldn�t want you to be late for that estimate.

Leo: Are you sure? I don�t mind.

Phoebe: No. Prue�s right. I�m fine. You go ahead.

Leo: OK. I�ll stop by later to see how you�re doing.

Piper/Phoebe: Great. (Leo leaves.)

Prue: OK. So, how did this happen?

Phoebe: I had a premonition…that Aviva was going to hurt you, so I tried to stop her. I should have listened to you Prue. You were right about Aviva. She�s evil.

Prue: No. Actually, she�s not, but she is being used by an evil spirit and I think I know which one, so come on. (They all leave.)

[Scene: Aviva�s room. Aviva is putting stuff in her backpack. She goes to the closet. Kali appears in the mirror.]

Kali: Where are you going Aviva?

Aviva: Go away. I don�t want anything to do with you. I don�t want to be a witch anymore.

Kali: But you haven�t finished what we�ve started.

Aviva: But I�m hurting people. Don�t you understand? First Aunt Jackie, now Phoebe. I have to leave.

Kali: Aren�t you going to say good-bye first? Touch the mirror, Aviva. It�s OK. I�m not upset. Touch the mirror and I�ll go away too. (She does. Kali goes into Aviva�s body.) Hello…(Her voice changes to evil.)…Aviva?

[Scene: Attic. The Charmed Ones are looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Prue: Kali. Kali. Kali.

Piper: There, there. ” An evil sorceress cursed into her own dimension. She appears in reflections and has the power to possess…”

Prue: “…innocents and use them as pawns to steal a witch�s power.”

Piper: Wait. I don�t understand. So she�s using Aviva to try to turn us into bad witches?

Phoebe: Does it say anything about how to get rid of her?

Prue: Uh, yeah. ” To get ride of her: shatter her reflection.” However the hell we do that. Here. (She gives Piper the book. The door slams open and there stands Kali in Aviva�s body.)

Phoebe: Aviva?

(Kali walks towards them while saying this line and then stops)

Kali: (In Aviva�s voice) Hello Phoebe. How�s (Kali�s voice) the arm?

Phoebe: You�re not Aviva?

Kali: You�re not kidding.

(She throws a fireball at them. Prue pushes her sisters to the left and she goes to the right)

Aviva: Phoebe! Help me!

Kali: Never mind. (Piper puts the book down. Kali throws a fireball at them. They duck and the fireball hits the mannequin. Kali looks at Prue) My power�s greater then yours Prue. It�s only a matter of time. (Phoebe and Piper are now kneeling)

Phoebe: Time? Piper, that�s it! (Kali looks at them) Freeze her! (Piper looks at her)

Piper: Aviva doesn�t freeze. (Kali looks at Prue.)

Phoebe: Yeah, but Kali will. (Piper freeze Kali)

Kali: No!

(Aviva�s body falls to the floor. Piper looks behind her and pulls down a sheet, revealing a mirror)

Piper: Prue! The mirror! Get her to the mirror! (Prue uses her power to throw Kali in the mirror.)

Kali: No!

(Phoebe hits the mirror with a broom. Kali screams as the glass is shattered. She disappears.)

[Scene: Phoebe�s room. Phoebe is there holding Kit. Aviva is standing by the mirror. Her hair is washed and she�s wearing a dress that�s dark red.]

Aviva: Thanks for the dress.

Phoebe: No problem. It�s Prue�s. (She puts Kit down on the dresser and walks to Aviva, who grabs her jacket.) All set?

Aviva: Yeah. I�m all set.

Phoebe: You OK?

Aviva: I don�t think, uh, looking into a mirror is ever going to be the same. (She turns around.)

Phoebe: Yeah, well, the demon�s gone Aviva, forever.

Aviva: Yeah, well, unfortunately all the other ones remain. It�s so hard.

Phoebe: Oh, I know. It was hard for me too when I was your age.

Aviva: Yeah?

Phoebe: Are you kidding? (Aviva goes by the dresser and grabs on her coat.) These are the hardest years of your life. (Phoebe sits on her bed.) The one thing I learned is you just gotta be yourself. (Aviva giggles a little as she puts on her coat.)

Aviva: Easy for you to say. What if yourself sucks?

Phoebe: Well, you don�t have to worry about that. No. Aviva, I�m serious. You are a great kid. I could totally see us hanging out together in school. A couple of troublemakers. (Both she and Aviva laugh a little.)

Aviva: I�m going to miss being a witch. Having powers…and having sisters.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, you�ve got your mom. And your aunt will be home from the hospital tomorrow. (She stands up.) OK, now remember, do not tell anyone about us Halliwell sisters right? It�s just our little secret.

Aviva: I promise.

Phoebe: OK. (They leave.)

[Scene: Outside Andy�s house. Prue is in her car waiting for Andy. He pulls up in his car. Prue gets out and so Andy.]

Prue: Hey.

Andy: Hey. (He walks towards his door and so does Prue.)

Prue: Uh, can we talk?

Andy: Is there really anything to talk about?

Prue: Andy… (He stops and turns around.) I’m sorry…

Andy: So am I!

Prue: What do you mean by that?

Andy: I mean, come on Prue. Who we kidding? I mean, let�s face it. One of us is obviously more interested in this relationship than the other.

Prue: That�s not true.

Andy: Isn�t it? Then how come I�m always the one left standing there looking like a jerk.

Prue: I can explain.

Andy: No, you can�t. Or you won�t. (He goes up the stairs and stops at the top. He throws the jacket on the ground.) Damn it Prue. I still love you. I�m not saying you have to explain it all to me Prue. (Prue walks up to him.) That you�re prerogative. All I�m saying is… it hurts that you don�t trust me enough.

Prue: I do trust you Andy. It has nothing to do with you, it�s just… it�s just something that I don�t know if I can ever share with anybody.

Andy: Well I hope that�s not true for your sake. All I know is there�s nothing I can say or do to reassure you, that I�m there for you. (He grabs his coat and walks up the stairs.)

Prue: Andy… (He stops half-way and turns around.) Are you saying that you don’t want to see me anymore?

Andy: I don’t know what I want anymore.