The One With all the Friends — Bloopers – Season 1

TOW = The One With/The One Where
TOA = The One After

Thanks to everyone who has contributed bloopers. 🙂

Please note: I realise some of these bloopers may be incorrect. Some started off as bloopers but as the seasons went on they sort of “fixed” themselves.


Pilot – Uncut…

* Rachel refers to her ex-fiancée as Barry Finkel. In the rest of the show, he is known as Barry Farber.

* Phoebe takes her bed when she moves out. In the pilot episode, however, Monica still has a bed there for Rachel.

* When Rachel comes in she has never meet Chandler but in TOW all the thanksgivings, Chandler and Rachel had already meet when Rachel was in high school and Chandler was in College with Ross.


TOW the Sonogram At the End…

* Chandler rises from the chair to help search for the engagement ring that Rachel lost. Joey asks where Rachel had it last and Phoebe replies “Doy, probably right before she lost it”. Chandler now replies to that, and he’s all of a sudden in the kitchen, closing the fridge, although about two seconds earlier he was in the living room.


TOW George Stephanopolous…

* Ross is amazed by Phoebe sleeping at a public place, because that is something he could never do. In TOW the Girl From Poughkeepsie he falls asleep at Central Perk, so that doesn’t add up.

* When Chandler, Ross and Joey are at the hockey game, Ross is holding that big hand one second, the shot switches to game and when it switches back Ross doesn’t have it anymore.

* When the hockey puck comes flying into the crowd, it hits Ross in the nose. This always stops play (and the clock), but when they are shown on the JumboTron, the clock is still running.


TOW the East German Laundry Detergent…

* Rachel claims she can’t even send back soup. In TOW the Flashback she tells a waitress off for serving the wrong drinks and then she sends them back.

* Chandler mentioned in season four that Joey went out with Angela Dalveccio for three years. In episode 105, East-German Laundry Detergent, Joey tells Angela about his girlfriend Monica and arranges a double date. Now, first of all, wouldn’t Angela and Monica have met during the year Joey had lived with Chandler (we know they were going out then, they broke Chandler’s kitchen table) and second of all, Monica seems to know everything about people her friends are close with (notice how she’s the only one who knows- and can tell Joey’s seven sisters apart) so shouldn’t she have known (and possibly even MET) Angela’s brother, if she really had one?


TOW the Butt…

* When Joey goes into the shower as Al Pacino’s butt double you can see in his shadow that he’s wearing shorts.


TOW the Blackout…

* Phoebe says the last candle is about to burn out. Yet you can plainly see candle light shining on the side of the couch where Joey is sitting. There’s no way that little flame could’ve provided all that light.

* Heckles’ apartment is to the left in the hallway. Then it moved over to the right.

* Phoebe lived longer with Monica than Rachel had in “TOW the Blackout” and still it was Rachel who knew about the nuns who hated all living things, telling Phoebe about it.


TOW Nana Dies Twice…

* Joey and Ross both claim they never thought Chandler was gay. Now, either that was a blooper or Joey was just being nice to Chandler, because in TOW the Flashback he told Chandler he was “Okay with the gay thing”, thinking Chandler was gay.


TOW Mrs Bing…

* Joey says his mother gave birth to seven children. But in TOW the Jam we learn he has seven SISTERS. Is one of them his half sister or is that just a blooper?

* Rachel claims she can’t go on a plane without a Nora Bing book. But whenever we’ve seen her on a plane she hasn’t had one.

* In “TOW Mrs. Bing” Joey’s jealous of Kip. In “TOW all the Kips” he doesn’t know who Kip is.


TOW the Dozen Lasagnes…

* Monica’s aunt didn’t bother to tell her niece she wanted vegetarian lasagnes, so Monica has to get rid of them herself. In one scene of this episode, she is eating one of them – with Phoebe.

* In this episode Chandler says Kip moved out when he got married. In TOW all the Kips Chandler has told Rachel he moved out after he broke up with Monica and they couldn’t be in the same room together.

* In her apartment, Rachel grabs the paper towel from the kitchen and walks across the room. Her and Phoebe then sit down at the table. The camera cuts back and forth to Rachel and to Phoebe, and the paper towel stays unrolled. Then, on one camera cut, the paper towel is neatly rolled back up. Then the next camera cut it’s unrolled again.


TOW the Boobies…

* In TOW the Boobies, Rachel is upset with Chandler after he saw her breasts. But in TOW Rachel’s New Dress she seems quite happy with having all the people at the restaurant see them. She certainly wasn’t upset.

* Ronnie Rapalado knew which room was Chandler’s even though nobody and told her and it was her first visit to the apartment.

* When Joey’s dad visited, it clearly was his first visit since the show started, because he didn’t know Ross had gotten a divorce. Still, he showed no interest in who Rachel was, only Roger.

* Mr. Tribbiani also knew Phoebe’s old boyfriend, the puppeteer. This should mean Rachel didn’t, but in TOW Eddie Won’t Go, she knew.


TOW the Candy Hearts…

* Joey leaves Chandler his credit card. In TOW Dr. Ramoray Dies, we learn Joey has just gotten his credit card.

* Ross asks out a woman by returning an egg he once borrowed. He comes back to Chandler and Joey to tell them he’s got a date and Chandler hugs him. We hear a crack. “Still got the egg?” asks Chandler, and Ross nods. However, if you watch Ross for a moment before he hugs Chandler he is standing there flexing the fingers of both hands – he definitely has no egg!
[Explanation: Ross puts the egg in his coat pocket, that’s why we don’t see it.]


TOW the Stoned Guy…

* Okay, I don’t know much about these kind of stuff, but was it really that smart of Rachel to offer wine to Steve, the stoned guy?

* Chandler claims he waited tables at the Olympics held in Innsbruck 1976. He was about 8 years old at the time.

* Earlier in that episode, Rachel also claims she can see Chandler’s nipples through his shirt. How come she, in that case, didn’t know he had three of them?

* Rachel pours wine in a glass, then without anyone drinking it later on, the glass is empty.


TOW Two Parts, Pt 1 & 2…

* Monica still has her Christmas lights up. In the episodes between TOW the Monkey and Two Parts, they are not. Plus, is it just me, or did the nurse in Two Parts Part 2 look at MONICA when she said “My God, you still have your Christmas lights up?”, even though nobody told her Monica and Rachel were roommates.

* Ross and Chandler were at Monica’s apartment when they called from the hospital. Yet they were very surprised to see the girls there later.


TOW All the Poker

* At the end, Rachel ‘beats’ Ross with poker. When says, ‘You got me’ his hands are on the table and when the camera view changes his hands are underneath the table.

* On the extended version Phoebe says “Joker is Poker with a J. Coincidence?” And Chandler says “That’s Joincidence with a C.” But on the edited TV version, she says “Joker is Poker with a J.” and he says “That’s Joincidence with a C.” and that doesn’t make sense.


TOW the Monkey Gets Away…

* Joey and Chandler tell some hot girls their only trick on turning down the heat on a radiator is by turning the knob. TOW Phoebe’s Dad: Joey knows exactly where to turn the radiator off when the knob is gone.

* When Chandler and Joey go ask for information on who had seen Marcel, they encounter two beautiful girls’ apartment which is located on the left of the camera (we can determine that by the position of the stairs). Notice the number of the apartment, 5. That is the same number as the old Monica and Rachel apartment number (note that their apartment was located on the left of the stairs). But the biggest blooper on this episode came a little while before this scene, when they show Mr. Heckles’ apartment. Take a look at his apartment door number. Yes, that’s right, apartment 5.


TOW the Evil Orthodontist…

* Sidney, the telescope-lady, lived in the building opposite Monica’s, so they could see her from her window. How in the world did she manage to look into Chandler and Joey’s apartment? Joey whines that she looks at him when he wants to cook naked. This makes no sense, unless they somehow had their apartment doors open, but wouldn’t Joey close the door if he was going to be naked?


TOW Rachel Finds Out…

* Rachel says Ross mentioned something about asking her out her first night in the city. But in the pilot episode it was her second night. Her first night was when she watched Joani and Chachi getting married, Ross set up furniture with Chandler and Joey and Monica went out with Paul the Wine Guy.

* Rachel found out that Ross liked her when Chandler said he had bought Carol a crystal duck in college. Either the writers wanted Rachel to be a bit self absorbed or they had big troubles coming up with a way for Rachel to find out. Because if you listen to what Chandler says, he’s not pointing out that Ross buys expensive stuff for women he loves, he points out that Ross buys expensive stuff. He just uses the Carol thing as an example and reveals that it was just after he fell in love with her he bought her that. I watched that episode with a friend and she agreed with me that normally you wouldn’t think someone’s in love with you if you were told what Chandler told Rachel.