The One With all the Friends – Bloopers – Season 2


TOW = The One With/The One Where
TOA = The One After

TOW Ross’s New Girlfriend…

* Paolo lives in the same building as Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel. Rachel claims that she ran into Paolo in his apartment. If so then how come they woke up in MONICA’S apartment? Why would they bother to go up the stairs?

* A little note, in the season two premiere Phoebe says Monica hasn’t had sex in a long while, but in one of the last episodes of season one she deflowers young Ethan. Kind of a weird note, actually.

TOW the Breast Milk…

* Rachel finds out Monica spends time with Julie after she found a lunch receipt in her pocket. She asks Monica whom she had lunch with since it cost so much and Monica says Judy (her mom). Rachel has no clue who that is.

* In the same episode Joey and Annabel take of in the “sunset” to get some coffee just minutes after the store opened.

TOW Heckles Dies…

* Heckles’ apartment was right under Monica’s. That means the stairwell is on the same place. But in TOW Heckles Dies, the stairs are gone. Did the friends climb down by the fire escape, or how did they get there?

* Chandler thinks he’s going to die alone. Rachel and Monica are in their apartment when Chandler comes in talking about dying alone. They are all standing in the living room and you see Rachel with her hand by her face. The next shot it’s down by her side. The next shot it’s back up by her face.

TOW Phoebe’s Husband…

* How could they know so much about the plot in the porno if the sex scene started so quickly? Joey never told them anything about the plot, except for his character.

TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant…

* Monica’s boss is named Leon. I read on some page that the boss in TOW the List also is named Leon.

TOW the Baby on the Bus…

* Ross asks Monica in TOW the Baby on the Bus if she remembers when he jammed a pencil in her hand. In TOW the Embryos it was her ear.

* The guy who drops a condom in Phoebes guitar case is her brother Frank Jr. This definitely IS a blooper because remember in one episode where Frank Jr. said that he had never been to the city?

TOW Ross Finds Out & TOW the List…

* In the TOW Ross Finds Out, he mentions his and Monica’s childhood cat. In TOW the List, the very next episode, we learn Monica’s allergic to cats.

* In TOW Ross Finds Out, in the scene where Ross and Julie say they are going to get a cat, first Rachel is wearing a necklace, cut to Ross who says something, cut back to Rachel – The necklace is gone! Then cut back to Ross who says something, cut back to Rachel, and suddenly the necklace is hanging from the tray. I know this sounds crazy. You have to watch it to believe it. A terrible editing error there.

* In TOW Ross Finds Out, David Schwimmer wasn’t very talented with the timing. When Rachel left a message for Ross, calling from the restaurant, it went on for much longer than it took for Ross to hear it all. He almost instantly asks whom Michael is, and just a few seconds later he knows she’s “over” him. When she left the message it took at least ten seconds longer for her to mention Michael and then get to the “over you” part. [Note – I suggest that he probably left plenty of space during the filming, but this was removed during editing. Remember, TV shows have to be cut really tight to be the exact length necessary. They don’t tend to let blank silences make it to the final cut. It’s still a blooper, but not Schwimmer’s fault.]

* Chandler wrote Julie’s column on the same side as Rachel’s. And either way you can’t print on both sides of the paper at the same time. Either Jennifer Aniston doesn’t know that, or she just didn’t think about it, ’cause Rachel turns the paper and then sees Julie’s column.

* Another error in TOW the List is how quickly the music ended. How in the world did Rachel manage to tell the radio-woman enough of what Ross had done in just two or three seconds? ‘Cause if you watch the episode you notice just that, and the song is playing all the time, so it’s not some sort of time-cut.

* In TOW Ross Finds Out Ross comes by Monica’s to pick up the cat toys. He doesn’t have them when he leaves.

TOW the Lesbian Wedding…

* You can see Chandler and Carol talking in the background at the reception. Then the camera cuts to Ross (I think) and then back to Susan, whom he’s talking to. Now Chandler’s gone in the background.

* Susan asks Ross to dance and she says “I’ll let you lead”. Then he gets up and they start to dance, but Ross holds Susan’s left hand, which actually makes HER lead. Then at the next cut they are holding the right hand.

TO After the Superbowl Pt 2…

* Rachel and Monica fight about Jean Claude Van Damme and the next scene is where Monica and Jean Claude are on a date and he’s telling her about a threesome. The next scene we’re back at the girls apartment and they’re still wearing the same clothes. Though a whole evening has been spent.

* Jean-Claude Van Damme guest starred as himself, and in that episode he was single and went out with both Monica and Rachel. In reality, he is (or at least he was when they taped that episode) married.

* Chandler is wearing pink panties, but when he leaves, with the door, you can see he’s wearing shorts.

TOW the Prom Video…

* Two errors occurred in this episode, but they didn’t become errors until season five in TOW the Thanksgiving Flashbacks. First of all, Chandler is somewhat chocked by Monica’s size when he sees the prom video. But when they first met she was that big. The other error is that Chandler says “Work on your music?” to Ross, as if he didn’t know about it when they see the video. But when Ross introduces him to his parents he says that Chandler is the lead singer of their band. Did the toe-cutting give Chandler an amnesia or something?

* You can notice Monica’s shadow in the TV getting up after the video cuts off and then the shot cuts to her and she is just then getting up.

* Jack and Judy Geller are watching tennis, and there’s a commercial break. They talk to Monica for a second or two, then Judy says Jack’s favourite commercial is on, with house painting. But when we see the TV it’s still tennis.

TOW Ross and Rachel … You Know…

* Rachel mentioned wearing glasses, but we’ve never seen her wear any. And if she’s so scared of touching her eyes she couldn’t possibly be wearing lenses.

* Chandler says in 1982 his Flock of Seagulls haircut was tickling a girls chin. This is wrong in two ways – Chandler apparently 19 when he touched a girls’ boob and in 1982 Chandler was only 13.

TOW Joey Moves Out…

* Just after Monica squirted all the cream over the kitchen, the second shot of the cream on the cake is different then the first shot.

TOW Dr. Ramoray Dies…

* Joey talks about all the stuff his character is going to do on the show and it seems as if he’s signed up for many more episodes. He still gets fired in that Friends episode.

* Phoebe throws a ball at Eddie’s door and says they should hang out and have some beers. She makes an excuse about going to a discussion group, and she is holding a beer and then she hands it to Chandler, and then after she goes out he closes the door and he still has the beer in his hand. It cuts to Eddie and then in the next shot of Chandler he puts his hands in his pockets but he hasn’t put the beer down so where did the bottle of beer go?

TOW Old Yeller Dies…

* Phoebe is upset with the world when she visits Monica. She mentions soccer teams eating each other in the Andees among the terrible thing, meaning she just saw “Alive”. First of all, how did her mother manage to show her that without letting her see when they eat each other? That’s somewhere in the beginning/middle of the film. And second of all, the team that crashed with the plane where rugby players, not soccer players.

TOW the Bullies…

* When the dog jumps and attacks the window of the car, you can spot hands holding the dog.

TOW the Two Parties…

* When Joey is kissing Rachel’s mother, we see Rachel taking her father out probably to the stairs or something. But in the next shot she’s next to Ross hugging him. It’s too fast for it not to be a blooper.

* In the beginning of the episode, Mrs. Green’s pink coat was thrown into a cabinet by Chandler, when he realized that Mr. Green was in the coat room. At the end of the episode, when Joey kisses her, she has her coat on again, and she didn’t know, or watch where Chandler had put the coat before. So, therefore, she had no idea where her coat was.

TOW the Chicken Pox…

* Chandler and Joey talk about a woman at Chandler’s office who’s a redhead, Jeannie. But when we see Joey talk to her, she doesn’t look redheaded to me.

* When Ryan and Phoebe had the chickenpox they’re not really SICK sick. They have the marks, or pox, or whatever you want to call them, but they don’t seem to have a fever or anything.

* Phoebe’s navy-boyfriend Ryan is supposed to resurface every two years, but this means he should have returned in late season four, which he didn’t.

Thanks to: Annie, Caio, Hayley, Maria, Marthe S, John W, Kelly… for sending in bloopers. 🙂