The One With all the Friends — Bloopers – Season 3

TOW = The One With/The One Where
TOA = The One After

Thanks to everyone who has contributed bloopers. 🙂

Please note: I realise some of these bloopers may be incorrect. Some started off as bloopers but as the seasons went on they sort of “fixed” themselves.


TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy…

* Ross takes a chocolate bar out of the fridge and he takes a bite. The next shot of Ross you see the chocolate bar has no bite in it.


TOW No One’s Ready…

* When Monica hears Michelle’s voice, Chandler is in his suit. Then when we go to the commercial and when we come back it’s seconds later, but Chandler mysteriously has got a bowtie to his suit which he didn’t have previously.

* Joey comes to M&R’s and says “where’s my underwear?” And Chandler exclaims “he took my essence!” Well, according to the scenes before that, Chandler takes the underwear before Joey stole his essence, so Chandler had no reason to steal Joey’s underwear.


TOW the Jam…

* In TOW the Jam, Phoebe tells Malcolm about the time in high school when she thought she was a witch. In TOW Ross’s Sandwich she says she never went to high school.


TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel…

* Chandler eats ice cream at the girls place. When they think his relationship with Janice is beyond saving and they’re going to comfort him with ice cream the ice cream has magically moved over to the guys’ apartment.

* When Chandler is eating the crappy ice cream in the girls’ apartment, the ice cream carton changes 5 times between shots.

* When Phoebe says to Monica “and that’s why we don’t invite you to play”, her hands are in one position, and at the next cut they change position.

* During the Milk infomercial, Joey makes quite a spill. They cut to another scene (not showing the spill) for about 5 seconds. In that time there is no way he could’ve cleaned up the mess, but when they show the table again it’s completely clean.


TOW Frank Jr…

* Joey moves the hamper in Monica’s bathroom to the middle of the floor. In the next shot, the hamper is completely gone.

* When the gang are talking in the Central Perk Chandler asks “Do you think David Copperfield is cute?” When the camera is zoomed out from the couch when Monica begins to reply and she Says “No…..” her mouth isn’t moving until the camera goes back to the close up view.

* When Frank Jr is doing Karate on Monica’s balcony and Phoebe and Monica are talking, Monica takes a bite from some toast she is holding then when the camera changes view she suddenly has no toast in her hand and has a fork stuck in some salad and later on in that scene her hands change position like this again.


TOW the Flashback…

* The flashback is set one year before the pilot and the numbers on the doors reads 19 and 20. But in the pilot, the numbers read 4 and 5. Then later on in season 1, the numbers on the door have 19 and 20 on them. Therefore, the numbers in the flashback should have read 4 and 5.

* In TOW the thanksgiving flashbacks, Rachel and Chandler met twice, but in TOW the Flashback, they didn’t know each other.

* Monica tells Ross “foot on the floor or come over no more”. In other episodes, TOW the Evil Orthodontist for example, she herself has her feet on the table.

* The series begun 1994. TOW the Flashbacks is set 1993, precisely one year before the pilot. Joey moves in with Chandler in this episode. In TOW the Thanksgiving Flashbacks we learn Joey got Monica’s turkey stuck on his head – in 1992. A year before he even met the gang.


TOW the Race Car Bed…



TOW the Giant Poking Device…

* When Ross hits his head on the beam in Monica’s apartment, his head is nowhere near the beam.


TOW the the Football…



TOW Rachel Quits…

* Ross is mentioning how many boxes of cookies he’s sold and Chandler appears to be summing them on a calculator. Then it turns out Chandler was just spelling out boobies. Then all of a sudden Ross tells someone (can’t remember whom) how many boxes he’s sold, after pressing the = button on the calculator. But he never used the calculator to sum up the number of boxes ’cause Chandler was using it.

* In TOW The Girl From Poughkeepsie, Monica says that in kindergarten they needed somebody from junior high to do the seesaw with her because she was so fat, but in TOW Rachel Quits she says that she started putting on weight when she was a brown bird and that is way past kindergarten more like 3rd or 4th grade.


TOW Monica and Richard are Just Friends…

* Rachel goes over to Joey’s asking for ice. As she’s leaving, you can see that there is no ice in the blender.

* When Rachel was in Central Perk reading the book that Joey was scared of, she was more than half way through the book. They switched to a different character and then back to her and you would notice that Rachel was at the very beginning of the book.


TOW Phoebe’s Ex-Partner…

* In some scenes, Rachel is wearing a engagement ring.


TOW Ross and Rachel Take A Break…

* Ross comes to Monica’s apartment and gets upset because it’s late and Rachel has to work even later. You can see outside that it’s dark. Then we cut to Chandler and Joey at Central Perk, and it’s only 16.30. which isn’t late at all.


TOW the Morning After…

* If Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler could hear Ross and Rachel breaking up, shouldn’t R&R have heard the others? After all, Monica had some sort of vent open above her door.

* In the beginning you may remember Monica accidentally starting the blender without the lid on, when Rachel mentions her and Ross breaking up. The weird thing is that Rachel squints to avoid getting banana in her eyes before Monica even starts the blender.

* Isaac refers to Rachel as the chick from the coffee place, but Rachel hadn’t worked there for several episodes.

* In TOW the Morning After, Ross claims he doesn’t cheat, that cheating is Joey’s style. Well Ross cheated on Carol when he made out with Phoebe (even if they were getting a divorce). Then he kissed Rachel when he dated Julie and when he dated Bonnie. And he cheated on Rachel too.


TOW the Hypnosis Tape…

* Monica wants help to start dating again since she realized she’d only gone out with Richard and Julio in the past year. She totally forgot Mischa, the translator from TOW Ross and Rachel Take a Break.


TOW the Tiny T-Shirt…

* Ross goes over to J&C before he goes over to Rachel. When he’s there, he leaves his coat. When he leaves Monica’s he leaves the door open and you can see him going for the stairs although he still has his jacket at C&J’s.


TOW a Chick and a Duck…

* In the guys apartment, Ross is holding up two suits. The blue one in his left hand and the brown one in his right hand. Just before the scene finishes you see that the blue one is now in his right hand.

* Monica tells Rachel that being head chef has been her dream since she was little and got her first E-Z bake oven. In TOW the Thanksgiving Flashbacks, the idea of her being a chef comes from Chandler.

* In TOW a Chick and a Duck Monica’s got roller blades. In TO the Last Night the roller blades are Rachel’s.

* When Ross leaves Rachel to go get a cab, Rachel asks for him to stay with her. He replies sure and that he only needs to make a call. Right after that, Ross opens the door to reveal not the inside of Monica and Rachel’s apartment but the set.


TOW the Screamer…

* Phoebe tells Monica she moved her furniture into Rachel’s bedroom and vice versa. This is late at night. The next morning the girls have already switched the furniture back.

* In the beginning of this episode, Phoebe says that it’s the day before her guarantee expires. Later on someone mentions her being on the phone for over 48 hours (or something like that) and she’s still on the phone. Her guarantee has already expired, she’s just wasting her time.

* A confusing note on Joey’s very confusing play in the end of season three. When Joey and Kate rehearse, Vic asks Adrienne to stay. In “TOW the Screamer” Vic is the one to leave (to go to Blurgon Seven).


TOW Ross’s Thing…

* It’s kind of funny that Ross has rushed into his marriage with Emily and the one with Rachel, and still he was the one lecturing Monica in “TOW Ross’s Thing” on how you shouldn’t rush into marriage.


TOW the Ultimate Fighting Champion…

* Phoebe sets Ross up with he friend Bonnie who used to shave her head but in TOW the Candy Hearts the name of this friend was Abby.

* We also learn Bonnie stopped shaving her head two years ago. In that case the girl wears a wig, because your hear doesn’t grow that long in two years, the average is about 10 centimeters per year.


TOW the Beach & TOW the Jellyfish…

* In the end, Ross opens a door, says “hey” and enters a few seconds later, closing the door behind him. In TOW the Jellyfish, he opens the door, says “hey” in a surprised tone, which he didn’t do in the previous episode, plus he stands there for much longer than in the previous episode.

* Phoebe’s hairclip mysteriously disappears and re-appears when she’s talking to her mother in either TOW the Jellyfish or TO at the Beach.