The One With all the Friends – Bloopers – Season 6


TOW = The One With/The One Where
TOA = The One After

TOA Vegas…

* The opening scene of TO After Vegas was clearly a re-make of the ending of TO in Vegas, which is fine with me. But the people responsible for this kind of stuff weren’t very good at their jobs, ’cause notice how Monica’s hair is all of a sudden much longer and how Rachel doesn’t say “okay, wait” as she did in TO in Vegas.

* Rachel left the chapel and went to the left. Seconds later Phoebe and Joey come running in from that direction. How did they manage to miss Rachel?

* Phoebe claims she’s drunk at breakfast, but she still drives, like, an hour or so later.

* Ross would never be able to trick Rachel into believing he fixed the annulment in reality, because both parties have to sign it.

* When Monica gets kicked by a kid on hers and Chandlers way back to NY she apparently gets hit so bad that she needs to limp. In the following episode, that according to the opening scene takes place the next day, Monica hasn’t got the slightest problem with her foot.

* When they return from Vegas, Monica never unlocks the door. It’s already open.

* Ross and Rachel wake up in bed together and they have the drawings still on their face. At breakfast they’ve wiped all the drawings off. How did they get it off? Because they couldn’t get Rachel’s off the night before.
[Explanation: Martha Kauffman said that since it had been worn off a bit the day after, R&R were able to cover it up with makeup. The uncut version of the episode features a line where Chandler notices this and says Ross has “gotten married and turned into a woman, all in one night”.]

TOW Ross Hugs Rachel…

* Monica’s shirt changes all the time between being a little bit open in the neck and being open a lot. I noticed this because it changes all the time and quite a lot.

* Monica got a new door, or her door fixed, awfully fast.

* Shouldn’t a chef like Monica be able to bake edible cookies?

* Joey is sad because Chandler is moving out. In a later episode (I don’t know which one, but I know Chandler cleans the apartment in that ep.) Chandler asks who wouldn’t want to live with him, and Joey says he wouldn’t.

* You notice the same people enter Central Perk over and over as he and Phoebe talk.

* Also, he starts chewing the gum and at the end of that scene, he is just putting the gum in his mouth.

* Chandler asks Monica if he can have a gumball machine and said that Joey was surprisingly strict when it comes to having sweets. But in TOW All The Kips, Joey keeps Rolos everywhere.

TOW Ross’s Denial…

* In TO in Vegas part 1 Phoebe says she lives alone and walks around naked. In TOW Ross’s Denial she has a roommate named Denise.

* When Chandler comes in and apologizes to Monica and he’s talking about he only played games because he couldn’t get girls, Monica’s hair goes to the front of her shoulders to behind her shoulders several times without her even touching it.

* At their chair-fight, neither Chandler or Monica mention calling off the moving-in deal. Chandler just says he’s not gonna bring anything over. Still Rachel talks about how happy she is because Chandler’s not moving in.

* At Central Perk in the end, Ross asks where the other guys are. Rachel replies, as if listing them up, “Well, Chandler and Monica are occupied…” Chandler and Monica are the only ones missing. Phoebe’s finishing up her gig and Joey’s right behind them.

* At first Chandler and Monica fight over the spare room but then they make up. Then they fight over the chairs and decide to maybe not move in together. Rachel goes to tell Ross, but she said they had a big fight over the room. And Ross also talks about them letting a stupid room come between them, when he’s yelling at them. And when he yells at them again later he’s still going on about the room. But the fight that made them unsure was the fight about what Chandler could and could not bring over. Not the room.

* Another thing about the room is that even though nobody told him Chandler wanted a game room, that’s still what Ross refers to it as.

TOW Joey Loses His Insurance…

* When Monica and Rachel are playing tug-of-war with the candlesticks, right before Monica says, “You wanna each take one?” Monica is holding the candlestick up the right way, but then when the camera changes position, you see the the candlestick is upside down.

* After Rachel and Monica have struggled over the candle sticks, or whatever those were, the one Rachel’s holding magically moves over from her right hand to her left.

TOW Joey’s Porsche…

* Phoebe comes into Central Perk and asks Chandler and Monica if they want to help her watch 3 puppies and Chandler agrees, but in TOW Chandler Hates Dogs, Chandler say’s that he hates dog’s and puppies.

* In TOW Joey’s Porsche, he asks Gunther if the keys are his. Gunther says: Yeah, I make 4 bucks an hour, that’s what I drive. But later in series 6, when Joey wants to work at the coffeehouse, Gunther tries to hire him and tells him, that it pays very well working there. I don’t know if Gunther was joking by telling him about that making 4 bucks an hour, but still.

* In the scene where Phoebe is babysitting the triplets, and when she is cleaning up the vase she broke, just before she says “why are there only two of you?”, have a look on the centre right of the screen. Very quickly you will see either a camera or a crew member there.

The One On the Last Night…

* It’s a bit weird that Chandler left the foosball table when he moved in with Monica, because he seemed to be fond of it and it was his, and not his and Joey’s. The one they’d gotten together got stolen.

* Chandler’s supposed to be moving out the next day, yet he hasn’t got any boxes packed, or anything.

* I think it’s pretty weird that Joey would give the white dog to Chandler, since it was a gift from Ross.

* Chandler says Joey loves that white dog. Since when? Last time we heard anything that he thought about it, he hated it.

* In the end Monica walks to the empty bedroom and the dog isn’t there. Then a few seconds later Chandler arrives, and you can see he’s not pushing or dragging anything. Then all of a sudden the dog is out in the living room. Who brought it there?

* When Monica turns her head her ponytail keeps flying over her shoulder. But it’s always back on her neck the next time we see her.

* Chandler wants to give Joey $1500. They play foosball and Chandler owes 500 when Joey looses the $1000 bet. This would mean Joey owes Chandler $500, and Chandler would have to give him $2000 to reach the right sum. However he stops at 1500 when they’re playing Cups, so Joey only got $1000 from him.

TOW Phoebe Runs…

* In this episode (and the ones following) Joey’s white dog is out on the balcony, since Mon obviously didn’t want it in the apartment. But how did they get it out there? The Friends have trouble getting out there themselves, and the dog is much bigger.

* Chandler is home alone cleaning when Ross comes over. Chandler after a while calls Monica and doesn’t say a word about Ross. Monica in the end of their conversation says “Okay, so you’re just hanging out with Ross?”. How did she know he was there?

* The coffee thing that Monica places on the table seems to vanish into thin air.

* And even though Monica was working late the sun was still up when she got home. When a chef works late, doesn’t that usually mean that they work in the evening when people go out to eat dinner?

TOW Ross Got High…

* Phoebe takes a nap in the guest room and dreams about Jack Geller and Jacques Cousteau. Earlier on when Ross, Chandler and Monica were talking there was no bed in there, so Phoebe must have for some reason slept on the floor.

* Am I the only one who finds it odd that Jack and Judy Geller don’t reflect on the fact that their daughter all of a sudden has a recliner in her apartment?

TOW the Routine & TOW the Apothecary Table…

* Joey and Janine first kiss two weeks before new years. In the next episode Joey runs over to tell the others about it. All ornaments are gone, which means it should be somewhere in mid January. Why did Joey wait for like 3 weeks before he told his friends about it? A huge blooper.

TOW the Apothecary Table…

* Janine says “how are we gonna get out of that one?” before the door closes, C&M should be able to hear her without any trouble since we see in the background that they haven’t gone inside their apartment yet.

* When Janine says she’s okay with hanging out with Monica and Chandler as long as it’s not two nights in a row, she wraps her arms around Joey’s waist. The camera cuts and her arms aren’t there anymore.

* Janine claims Monica is loud, only this is probably the only episode where she is.

* When Chandler says “Did she move out?” it is an obvious cut, he’s not seated in the totally same way and it’s a bit louder.

* As stated in previous episodes, the Friends don’t often lock their doors. However in this ep we can see both Chandler and Joey unlocking their doors.

TOW the Joke…

* Phoebe says Rachel’s a pushover. When she was dating Ross and they fought she was the exact opposite of a pushover.

* Chandler and Monica are in bed, trying to go to sleep. Yet the lights are still on, even though we’ve seen in the past that they sleep with lights off.

* The Playboy magazine is on Joey’s counter when Chandler comes over to watch TV. Then we cut to Rachel and Monica who are reading it over in Monica’s apartment. And then later on Joey has it back at his place again.

* Chandler claims Monica’s watching a cooking show. But when we see her she’s looking through Playboy.

TOW Rachel’s Sister…

* Monica comes in sick and states that she hasn’t been sick in over 3 years. But she was sick in TOW Joey’s New Girlfriend which was just 2 years ago.

* When Ross and Rachel are talking on the couch in Central Perk, Rachel puts down her cup on the coffee table. The camera cuts to a different angle and she is holding the cup again.

TOW Chandler Can’t Cry…

* Joey said that Chandler was sentenced for 10 years after  kissing his sister. Chandler said that is was 5 years ago, when actually is was 3.

* TOW Chandler can’t cry, Chandler says that he just doesn’t cry but in the episode TOW the worst best man ever, at the end of the episode Chandler cries when him Joey and Ross were in the hospital waiting for the duck.

* Rachel has a little talk with her sister, about her going out with Ross. You see Rachel sitting down, then a cut to Jill who sits down, and then back to Rachel, who sits down AGAIN…

* Monica and Chandler are watching “ET” with Phoebe and Joey. We hear the soundtrack from the film while they talk. Then Monica rises and gets the photo album. The TV is now off.

TO That Could’ve Been…

* When Rachel wakes up in Joey’s place after throwing up the day before, right as she says she’s a terrible person, the strap of her bra is down on her arm, and the next shot it’s on the right place.

* Phoebe says what would happen if she worked for Merrill Lynch, but near the end of the episode when she goes back to the office (not realising shes been fired) there is a different company name displayed.

TOW the Unagi…

* In the beginning, Phoebe is drinking from a cow-mug in her hand and when she begins to put her mug down on the table, except that there is an obvious cut and the cup moves directly to the table faster than she ever could do it. It’s an obvious cut because in the next shot she is relaxed with her arms crossed. And also, (note: this isn’t a real blooper but just about bad acting), coz when Gunther comes over to Joey and tells him: What did I tell you about talking to your friends while workin?” Joey: euh, do it? And then he graps the mugs: says: where was I, and takes a drink out of the mug of coffee, but you can notice that there’s nothing in the mug, coz he drinks like he tries to get the last bit out of the mug, so if the mug was full, than he would have got coffee all over him, but he didn’t.

* When Monica starts the tape Chandler “made for her”, the song “The Way You Look Tonight” is on. But the first line is somehow missing. And after the chorus Tony Bennet should have begun singing the second verse almost immediately, but he doesn’t. And then Janice’s voice comes on. Note that while she’s talking the background music for “The Way You Look Tonight” is playing. How on earth could Janice have managed to do that?

* It’s pretty obvious that the girls in the end that Ross attacks aren’t Rachel and Phoebe even before we see them inside the coffee house. And Ross should have noticed it too. The girl who Ross mistakes for Rachel doesn’t have the same hair colour.

TOW Ross Dates A Student…

* You can see the microphone over Joey’s head when he enters Chandler and Monica’s apartment in the scene where Chandler’s on the phone with Dana.

TOW Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad…

* In Bruce Willis’ very first line on the show in the coffee house, instead of saying: “I usually prefer Elizabeth’s boyfriends to address me as Mr. Stevens.” he mucks up and says: “I usually PERFER Elizabeth’s boyfriends to address me as Mr. Stevens.”

* Ross says that he has a son who is six. Ben was born in late season one. This means his fifth birthday would take place around the time Chandler bought Monica’s engagement ring. Ben was four when Ross dated Elizabeth, not six.

TOW Paul’s the Man…

* Phoebe is at Central Perk when Chandler’s freaked out and Monica can’t find him, the she’s at the dry cleaners with Joey and then back at the apartment. During this period of time she still managed to talk to Chandler who stormed out of the apartment.

TOW the Ring…

* Chandler and Phoebe say that she walked in on Chandler looking at ring brochures and that’s how she found out he was planning on popping the question. In the previous episode though Chandler got Hildy’s message, decided to pop the question and went over to the museum and let Hildy show it to him. And if I understood correctly he didn’t go home until the scene where Monica tells him to stop freaking out. It makes no sense that he during that time also had the time to look through ring brochures in the bathroom and that Phoebe had the chance to walk in on him.

* Chandler goes to pay for his ring and he says he lent his credit card to Joey! Then you see Joey paying in central perk with Chandler’s credit card. How could Joey have used it and also wouldn’t Gunther know Joey wasn’t Chandler?

* Why on earth would Chandler lend Joey his credit card?

TOW the Proposal…

* When Chandler is talking to Monica about how he thinks (to confuse her) that marriage is waste of time, Monica’s hair keeps moving from tucked in behind her ear and hanging in front of her face. This was an obvious editing error because when Chandler asks her “why do people even get married”, you can see that the reply Monica gives him is done by editing.

* In the end of “TOW The Proposal Part2”. Everyone’s in the apartment except for Ross. Then in the tag scene Chandler and Monica are all alone. Then in “TOW Monica’s Thunder” the entire gang is there and if I’m not mistaking there isn’t a candle in sight. Which leads me to another thing. How on earth can Chandler and Monica have so many candles?

* Chandler walks into the apartment to find Monica with all the candles lit. You can see the boom mike over Monica’s head for a second.

Thanks to: Annie, Sara, John W, Hannah… for sending in bloopers. 🙂