The One With all the Friends — Bloopers – Season 7

TOW = The One With/The One Where
TOA = The One After

Thanks to everyone who has contributed bloopers. 🙂

Please note: I realise some of these bloopers may be incorrect. Some started off as bloopers but as the seasons went on they sort of “fixed” themselves.


TOW Monica’s Thunder…

* Joey is eating a sandwich and talking to Phoebe after she asked Chandler and Monica for a deposit and Joey goes to take a big bite of his sandwich and then when the camera goes back at him there isn’t a bite taken out of the sandwich.


TOW Rachel’s Book…

* In an episode on previous seasons, when Rachel was trying to irritate Ross and vice versa, she said: “Jurassic Park could happen…” just to irritate him. However, Ross on this episode (TOW Rachel’s book) when Phoebe goes to the university during his class, is saying to the class: “That proves, I had the idea for Jurassic Park first”.

* Joey and Ross are making a big deal about Rachel reading a dirty book, but way back in season one, Rachel admitted to have read every single book written by Chandler’s mom, Nora Bing, who writes erotic novels.  In fact, she even tried to start writing one, and showed the rest of the gang for their comments.


TOW Phoebe’s Cookies…

* Rachel offers to teach Joey to sail, saying she’s been doing it all her life. Yet when she invents the “Regatta Gala” in season 5 as an excuse to be late to Danny’s party, he asks her “Do you sail?” Her reply is “No. But I support it.”


TOW Rachel’s Assistant…

* Chandler says Ross slept with the cleaning lady in his dorm. That can’t be right cause Carol was his first girl.

* In Rachel’s office, when Rachel is talking to Tag, you can see her bra strap. Then the shot changes to tag, then back to Rachel, only this time you cannot see her strap.

* Monica, Ross and Chandler are spilling secrets and one comes out that Ross had slept with the janitor. But according to all other episodes, before Ross dated Rachel, he had only slept with 2 women – Carol and Julie.


TOW the Engagement Picture…

* Ross and Phoebe are in Central Perk. During when Phoebe says “Maybe she should’ve spent less time decorating and more time in the bedroom” the magazine on Ross’s lap is open. When the camera cuts to a different angle, the magazine is closed.


TOW Ross’s Library Book…

* Not only is Monica in the kitchen at her restaurant wearing an uncovered ring and lots of make-up, but Janice is allowed into the kitchen with no hat to cover her hair.


TOW Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs…

* In the episode “TOW Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” Chandler freaks out because Phoebe has a dog in the apartment & says that he hates dogs. But in an episode in Season 4- TOW Phoebe’s Uterus- Phoebe gets a dog as a present & has it in the apartment, & Chandler doesn’t freak out then.

* Besides, in the episode “TOW Rachel’s Book”, Chandler said yes to Monica’s statement about them having a dog instead of a cat in the future.

* Ross tells Chandler that Monica is crying about Clunkers being taken away because the same thing happened to their dog Rover. Why did he not tell the story of Chi Chi, the dog that went to “live on a farm” when he and Monica were young? That actually happened!

* At the end of this episode, Ross knocks on the door to Mon and Chandler’s place with his completed list of states wanting his turkey. Yet when he knocks on the door, Chandler – who looks like he’s just woken up – is already half-way across the apartment!

* Ross says that he doesn’t like ice cream but in season 2 “TOW The Superbowl, Pt 2” Ross is eating an ice cream with Marcel.


TOW the Candy…

* Monica lists people whom Rachel has slept with on the first date, but in TOW Dr. Ramoray dies, Rachel lists all the people she has slept with. Those names are nowhere on the list nor are they mentioned in the episodes between these two.


TOW the Holiday Armadillo…

* Chandler doesn’t know how to pass the money to the waiter by shaking their hand, but Richard taught him how to do it in TOW Old Yeller Dies and Joey and him successfully pass the money back and forth when showing Monica.


TOW They All Turn Thirty…

* The gang celebrates Rachel’s birthday, which has been in May during all the other seasons. Phoebe’s the one born in February.


TOW the Truth About London…

* In this episode Chandler and Monica are in the hotel room in the London back in 1998, but the hotel room is different then the hotel room in TOW Ross’s Wedding. The pictures above the bed are different and the lamp is different.


TOW Chandler’s Dad…

* The cop mentions that Rachel is an Aquarius, but in an earlier episode Rachel tells Gunther her birthday is May 5th, which would make her a Taurus.