The One With all the Friends — Stuff You May Have Missed

TOW = The One With/The One Where
TOA = The One After

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the stuff you may missed page. 🙂



* Carol’s OB/GYN was named Dr. Oberman. The young obstetrician that Phoebe yelled at until he started to cry, was also named Dr. Oberman.

* Phoebe calls her self Phalange in two season finale’s after each other. The first Phalange is Ross’s doctor and the second one is a business woman.

* Ross has had both a bachelor party and a wedding dinner at Pizza Hut.

* Ross has dated two women named Elizabeth. One in season five and one in season six.

* Chandler and Monica’s anniversary is May 7th.

* Monica seems destined to have the initials MGB. If she had married Richard her last name would have been Burke, if she had married Pete it would have been Becker and now that she’s marrying Chandler it’s going to be Bing.

* Phoebe is left handed.

* I know that the “friends” have HUGE wardrobes and rarely wear anything twice, but the shirt that Matt Le Blanc is wearing in the new years eve scene in The One With all the Resolutions is the same one he wears talking to Rachel in his apartment in The One That Could Have Been.


Lots of Episodes…

* Chandler seems to be the only one with his own robe. Monica wore a gray robe when she was moping over Richard in TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy, then Rachel wore that same robe in TOW the Jellyfish. Monica also wore different robes in TOW all the Kips, TOW the Inappropriate Sister and, I think, TOW Phoebe Hates PBS. And there are more occasions where they have worn each others robes.

* Chandler tells Monica his grandfather is Swedish. Chandler’s mother’s maiden name was Tyler – which I’m guessing is a more or less common American last name. This would mean that the Swedish grandfather was the one named Bing. But Bing isn’t a Swedish last name – in fact, it’s not even a “noise”. Maybe Nora’s mother had the name Tyler and Nora took her mother’s name. This could explain Chandler’s (serious?) comment on that his last name is Gaelic.

* Rachel is the only one who doesn’t sleep on the right (audience point of view) side of the bed. Phoebe sleeps on the right side in TOW the Ball (the only time we’ve seen her in a bed), Joey can be seen on the right side in TOW Rachel Finds Out, Ross (I think) in TOW all the Haste, Monica has often been seen on the right side and when Chandler rolled Janice of the bed (and when he and Monica went away together) he was on the right side. Note: I’m pretty sure it was Rachel who has the left side, but it could be Ross… 🙂

* Ross said in “TOW Old Yeller Dies” that he would like to name his daughter Emily. Then he marries a woman named Emily. In “TOW the Sonogram In The End” he wants to name his child Julia if it’s a she, and later he dates a girl named Julie. Kind of a weird coincidence, huh?


All Episodes…

* There is a cookie jar next to the fridge in Monica’s apartment, which has the words “COOKIE TIME” on it. A lot of people confuse this jar with a clock and wonder why the clock hands never move. That’s why – it’s a cookie jar!

* Central Perk Menu – Cappuccino, Espresso, Cafe au Lait, Swiss Latte, Mochachino, Central Jolt Java, N.Y. Classico, Urban Tribe Java, Manhattan Mocha, Long Island Cream, Empire Roast, Ms. Liberty Blend.

* I’ve read many fanfics about this, and heard many speculations about it. The “extra” door in Monica’s apartment. The one by the bathroom. But somewhere around TOW the Boobies that door is open. It’s a closet.

* Note how the color on Ross’s walls changes. I think they start out blue or green, but in “TO in Vegas” they’re the exact same style and everything, only RED.

* The friends must have enormous wardrobes, since it’s extremely rare that they wear the same clothes more than once.


Opening Credits…

* Is it just me, or have some clips from the opening credits never been on the show? For example a clip of Chandler standing on his office chair rolling back and fourth that I don’t recognize. Plus, in the opening credits for early season five, the clip of Ross turning around by the mirror is “mirror imaged”.



* The waitress in the pilot who is told by Monica to bring some de-caff coffee to Rachel plays Isaac’s sister Jasmine (who’s also Phoebe’s colleague) later on in the show.


TOW the Thumb…

* Joey tells Monica it would have been nicer if she had waited until he had put some underwear on before she dragged him over to her place. Later on it’s become a well known fact that Joey only wears underwear if he has to.

* There are no claps in the opening credits.


TOW the Blackout…

* Chandler’s account number – 7143457

* The ATM vestibule Chandler was trapped in with Jill Goodacre was at Emerson Bank.


TOW the Butt…

* When they are taping, they show behind the director and there is a box that says “Monica” on it.


TOW the Birth…

* Carol’s and Lydia’s nurse when she’s having her baby is Estelle.


TOW the Breast Milk…

* The outfit Monica wore at Central Perk when Rachel was mad at her is almost exactly like the one Gale Weathers wore in her first scene from “Scream 2”.


TOW the Superbowl Pt 1…

* Chris Isaac, the guy who played Phoebe’s “boyfriend” in this episode, sings “Wicked Game”, the song Ross and Rachel listen to in “TOW Ross and Rachel… You Know”.


TOW the Superbowl Pt 2…

* Something that isn’t that easy to notice, when Chandler enters Central Perk to tell everyone about Suzie Moss, he says “stick a fork in me” and then high-fives with a somewhat confused Monica.

* Ross had to spent the evening with Marcel, but al the last moment the monkey has to work, so he goes to dinner with Chandler, Susie, Joey and the Director Assistant. Guess the name of the restaurant! You can read it on the menus, it’s named MARCEL’S!!!


TOW the List…

* There’s a mountain bike in the guys’ apartment.


TOW Russ…

* You can note that in TOW Russ, Monica orders a scotch on the rocks with a twist, which we later learn is her favourite drink.


TOW the Prom Video…

* Just a thought, but shouldn’t the woman who checked Chandler out had thought he was with Phoebe?


TOW Eddie Moves In…

* In the end you can see that Monica is playing with Chandler’s hand at Central Perk. Kind of cute if you’re a C&M fan.


TOW Dr. Ramoray Dies…

* Ross tells Rachel that a name he liked for their future daughter was Emily. Weird, huh?


TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy…

* Chandler and Ross share about “the girl from the copy place.” Odd how Ross and her ended up, ya know…


TOW the Jam…

* Monica’s first sperm donor number she chose was 03815 and he was 6’2″, 170 pounds and described himself as a male Geena Davis. Her second donor number was 37135, had brown hair, green eyes and was an astronaut.


TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel…

* When Susan and Carol first walk in to drop off Ben, Susan is wearing a shirt that says “girl” with a gray background and red letters.  Rachel is wearing the same shirt in TOW Ross Dates a Student, only hers has a gray background with green letters.


TOW Frank Jr…

* Ross, Rachel, and Chandler’s list of celebrities:
ROSS: Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dorothy Hamill.
RACHEL: Chris O’Donnell, John F. Kennedy Jr, Daniel Day Lewis, Sting, Parker Stevenson.
CHANDLER: Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Yasmine Bleeth and Jessica Rabbit.


TOW the Giant Poking Device…

* Rachel asks Monica what Ross is gonna say when he sees the bump on Ben’s head, because Ross trusted her. Although he obviously didn’t since he made sure Monica was gonna be there too. I know Rachel didn’t see that, but it’s still a note…


TOW the Football…

* When Ross and Monica fights over the football in the end, Ross actually bites her to make her let go.


TOW Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister…

* This might just be me, but the voice of Monica’s loud upstairs neighbor sounds so much like Matt LeBlanc’s voice that it seems to me as if he provided it.


TOW all the Jealousy…

* We find out that Rachel is scared of turtles.


TOW Phoebe’s Ex-Partner…

* Phoebe sings a song about a sticky shoe. In “TOW Joey’s New Girlfriend” she sings another song about a sticky shoe.


TO Without The Ski Trip…

* It’s funny that Joey and Chandler get Chinese food all the time and Joey still doesn’t know how to eat with chopsticks, as seen in “TOW the Ski Trip”.


TOW the Hypnosis Tape…

* Ross is wearing a flower tie.


The One At the Beach…

* When they’re playing strip-Happy days game, Monica helps Rachel make more margaritas. When she rises and reveals to the audience she’s without pants, Chandler mouths “oh my god”.


TOW the Fake Party…

* Someone’s got Gunther doing dishes during the party.


TOW the Wedding Dresses…

* A weird thing is that Rachel kept her non-used wedding dress. The dress she wears in TOW the Wedding Dresses is the one from the pilot.


TOW the Invitation…

* The envelope addressed to Rachel reads:
Ms. Rachel Greene
945 Grove St no. 20
New York, NY

* Ross has written “Greene” with the “e” but everywhere I’ve seen it’s spelt without the “e”.


TOW Ross’s Wedding Part 2…

* Chandler takes a shower but is still wearing socks when he comes out of the shower.


TOW the Kips…

* The hotel only had chocolates on the pillows in one room.

* The “regularly scheduled programming” that upset Chandler in TOW the Kips was “ER”.


TOW the Yeti…

* Danny lives in apartment number 15.


TOW the Inappropriate Sister…

* Danny has got the exact same couch as Chandler and Joey, only his is green and the other two guys’ is yellow.

* Chandler is wearing a tie with a picture of a cartoon Santa on it.


TOW Chandler’s Work Laugh…

* Some characters wear the same outfit two days in a row, which isn’t very common on “Friends”.


TOW Everyone Finds Out…

* During this episode, in Chandler and Joey’s apartment, you can see two Furby’s sitting on the microwave.

* Phoebe tells Joey and Rachel to watch, learn and to not eat her cookie. After flirting with Chandler, she leaves Central Perk without the cookie.


TOW the Cop…

* Ross reveals that he and Rachel did it 298 times.

* There’s a map at the wall on Joey and Chandler’s apartment next to the fridge… however I can’t tell if it’s a map of Norway and Sweden or a map of America, or some other country I just didn’t think it looked like.

* Joey of all people has got light purple satin pillows.


TOW Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss…

* Joey’s poster says: “Are you the hot girl who waved at me? If so, give me a call. Joey 629 —-.”

* The sign that the man put up says: “WARNING INTRUDER! If you see this creep – call the cops!”

* In the pilot Rachel mentions being annoyed with Barry keeping his socks on while making love. In TOW Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss, we see that Chandler apparently does the same thing.


TO In Vegas, Pt 1…

* Joey’s pin number for his ATM card – 5639.

* Joeys pin, 5639, spells JOEY on a telephone. Check it out on your cell phone.


TO In Vegas, Pt 2…

* When Monica yells to the people around the craps table to stand still while they look for the dice, a woman at a machine in the background freezes as well.


TO After Vegas…

* You can note that the song Joey sings to Phoebe in the car (TO After Vegas) is the same as Chandler sang on the videotape in TOW Ross Can’t Flirt.


TOW Ross’s Denial…

* I’m not so sure about this one, but I think the fruit in the bowl on Monica’s kitchen table switches in this episode.


TOW Rachel’s Assistant…

* You can tell that the fridge isn’t turned on in Joey’s apartment because when Rachel opens the fridge door, no light comes on.


TOW Ross’s Library Book…

* When Joey walks into his apartment to find Rachel and Phoebe hanging out with his new girlfriend Erin, Rachel is wearing a light blue and brown long-sleeve shirt with geometric shapes, and then just 6 episodes later in TOW Rosita Dies, she’s wearing that same shirt again.