The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell

Written by: Cameron Litvack
Transcribed by: Shay Fitzpatrick

Season 6, Episode 14
Episode Number: 125

[Scene: A day care centre. Children and their parents are there playing games and having fun. Wyatt is sitting in the corner of the room all by himself. Piper is near by talking to a woman.]

Woman: All I’m saying is that you’re way behind with little Wyatt. You really should have applied before this.

Piper: Yeah, well, you know, he’s not even a year old yet.

Woman: So? I had my Jake signed up for “Mommy and Me” when I was still pregnant with him.

Piper: Really? You can do that?

Woman: Oh, absolutely. In fact, I’m surprised that they let you sign up this late because everybody wants to get in here because it gets you into Adlebery pre-school which is a feeder for Hoskins Elementary, and Bentley Middle School. (She looks over at Wyatt.) Doesn’t have any siblings, does he?

Piper: Uh, no. How did you know?

Woman: Because he doesn’t play well with others. Oh, don’t worry about it, it’s a common problem among only children. All the more reason to start developing their social skills early. First things pre-schools look for, you know.

Piper: Yeah, well, that’s why we’re here. (Phoebe and Paige walk in.) Excuse me. (Piper goes over to them.) Hi, thanks for coming.

Phoebe: Oh, of course, you know, anything for our little nephew. What exactly are we doing for our little nephew?

Piper: Showing family support. They look for that, especially when the father’s not around a lot.

Phoebe: What are you talking about? Leo’s around all the time.

Piper: Yeah, for Wyatt, but he won’t be for the school, he can’t be. (Piper dials a number on her cell phone.) What are you doing? Put that thing down.

Paige: I’m trying to get a hold of Richard, I can’t find him.

Piper: Yeah, well, you’ve been trying to call Richard for the last couple of days, maybe you should give it a rest.

Paige: I know, but I’m just afraid he’s off on some magical freak out or something, you know, and I just wanna be able to help him.

Phoebe: Maybe he just needs a little time alone.

Paige: It just makes me question whether or not I can even save an innocent if I can’t save my boyfriend. No offence.

Phoebe: Oh, no, don’t worry about it, I’m over it.

Paige: Jason?

Phoebe: Yeah, when you get to be my age, you can’t spend the time crying over spilled milk, you know?

Paige: Your age?

Phoebe: Yeah, the whole biological clock thing. It’s very real and it’s echoing. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.

Piper: Okay, neurotic people, can we get back to my neurosis right now, please?

Phoebe: Sure. Which one were we talking about?

Piper: The one where I’m a rotten mother who’s raising an anti-social child.

Paige: Oh, that is ridiculous, and not true.

(Paige dials a number on her phone.)

Piper: Is it? He doesn’t have any friends, Phoebe. You and I had each other when we were growing up, but he doesn’t have anybody, he’s all alone.

Paige: Hey, I was all alone.

Piper: Yeah, but you didn’t know you had powers, so it was safe for you to have friends. Your mother didn’t have to worry about if you were gonna orb out during a play date or something.

Phoebe: Piper, do you think you’re overreacting a little?

(Wyatt orbs out.)

Piper: No.

[Cut to the manor. Wyatt is standing at the bottom of the stairs. He watches a door appear in the wall halfway up the stairs. Piper, Phoebe and Paige orb in.]

Piper: You can not keep doing this, sweetie, really.

(Phoebe picks Wyatt up. Paige notices the door.)

Paige: Oh, guys?

Phoebe: Oh, what the… Oh, this is not good.

Voice: (behind door) Help!

Piper: Orb him out of here. Go.

(Phoebe hands Wyatt to Paige and she orbs out. The door opens and a bald man with glasses, and wearing a black robe walks out.)

Man: Oh, thank god you’re home.

(Suddenly, the headless horseman appears behind the man and slices off his head with a long sword. The door slams shut.)

Piper: What the hell was that?

(They see the man’s head on the stairs.)

Man: That was the headless horseman.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Phoebe places the man’s head on a table. She straightens his glasses.]

Phoebe: Okay.

Man: You’re very kind.

Phoebe: Yeah, can I just ask you one question? How are you still talking?

Man: Yes, well, fair question. Uh, fortunately the rest of me is still at magic school, otherwise I’d be…

Piper: I’m sorry, magic school?

Man: Yes, that’s right. Anyway, as I was saying, uh, as long as my body remains on grounds, I can’t, uh, well, you know, die. It’s all part of the magic thankfully.

Piper: Like the doorway in the middle of my stairway.

Man: Sorry, I didn’t know where else to put it, it’s the only way in or out of the school, I had to reach you somehow.

Phoebe: Do you have a name?

Man: Sigmund. But I’m afraid we don’t have much time for pleasantries. I really need to get you back before he strikes again.

Piper: The headless horseman.

Sigmund: Right.

Piper: Fabulous. (Paige and Leo orb in.) Where’s Wyatt?

Paige: He’s upstairs in his room. I thought I should bring Le… Oh my god, and apparently I was right.

Sigmund: Leo! Oh, so good to see you again.

Leo: Sigmund, what happened?

Phoebe: Wait, you guys know each other?

Sigmund: Gideon sent me for your help, all your help.

Paige: Gideon. Who’s Gideon? And who are you?

Piper: Alright, all you people with legs follow me.

Phoebe: (to Sigmund) You wait here.

Sigmund: Hurry.

(Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo walk away from Sigmund.)

Piper: Just so you know, this is what’s keeping your son from developing social skills.

Paige: And me from helping Richard.

Phoebe: And me from helping… me.

Leo: What?

Piper: I’m talking about our lives. We can’t just drop what we’re doing every time someone’s head comes rolling down the stairs.

Leo: I don’t believe you’re saying this. You don’t understand, this isn’t supposed to happen. Magic school is supposed to be protected from evil. It’s the only way Gideon can teach magic to the next generation, Wyatt’s generation.

Piper: I think Wyatt is more concerned with nursery school right now then magic school.

Leo: Are you sure? Paige said he orbed back in front of the door. He was drawn to it.

Phoebe: Okay, you know what? I think we should help the magic school, because we can’t just keep that head on our foyer table, you know? What is it, a centre-piece?

Piper: Okay, fine, but we can’t take Wyatt, sorry.

Leo: Alright, I’ll get Chris to watch him.

Piper: What? After everything he’s done? No, I don’t think so.

Leo: He was just trying to protect Wyatt.

Paige: Oh, please.

Leo: Look, I think his intentions are good. He deserves another chance.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Stairs. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo open the door to the magic school and walk in. Piper is carrying a pillow case. They see Sigmond’s body laying on the floor. Piper looks inside the pillow case.]

Piper: Um, are you sure you can breathe in there alright?

Sigmund: Yes, I… (The door slams shut.) We must move quickly.

Piper: Alright.

Sigmund: Just step around it, someone will be along for it shortly.

(They look around and see a very, very long hallway.)

Paige: Wow, impressive.

Piper: How long is this hallway?

Sigmund: No one really knows. It’s endless.

Piper: Great.

Paige: So how are we gonna find this dude Gideon, anyway?

Leo: He’s not a dude, he’s an Elder, my old mentor, actually.

Piper: Really? You’ve never mentioned him before.

Leo: We met a long time ago when I first became a Whitelighter. He helped me out, took me under his wing. He actually fought for us to get married, to break the rules.

Piper: Really?

(A wolf appears behind them. Phoebe looks around.)

Phoebe: Okay, I don’t want to freak anybody out but there is a wolf following us.

Paige: What?

(They look behind them and see nothing.)

Phoebe: There was a wolf following us, I swear.

Sigmund: Not everyone sees the same things here, Phoebe, only what they’re meant to see.

Phoebe: Who you got in there, Confucius? (A student levitates past while reading a book.) Okay, you all saw that, right?

Sigmund: Eleventh grade levitation. She’s late. We should keep moving, the great hall is just ahead.

(They walk further down the hallway and reach a large wooden door. It opens up and they walk inside the room.)

Gideon’s Voice: Leo, good, thanks for coming. Although I do wish it was under better circumstances.

Leo: Gideon.

Gideon’s Voice: And the Charmed Ones. Lovely to see you again. Although you probably don’t remember meeting me, you were just little girls.

Piper: Leo.

(Piper hands Leo Sigmund’s head in the pillow case.)

Leo: Gideon, I do believe your invisibility shield is still up.

(Gideon becomes visible as he pulls off his hood.)

Gideon: I’m sorry, I’m just a little distracted with everything that’s been going on around here.

Piper: Yes, we heard.

(Leo puts Sigmund’s head on a table.)

Gideon: Sigmund, oh, I’m so sorry.

Sigmund: It’s alright, sir. It didn’t stop me from delivering the message now, did it?

Phoebe: Okay, would somebody please tell me what’s going on here?

Gideon: Always were a restless one, just like your Grams. Well, it all started innocently enough actually. Pranks really. Setting rats loose from the Pied Piper, turning the north dawn into a gingerbread house. Kids.

Leo: And then…

Gideon: And then someone cast a spell that brought forth the darkness, and days became nights, nights became terror, and the headless horseman has roamed the campus ever since, targeting teachers.

Sigmund: Forgive me, sir. Perhaps you’d like to orb me over to the other heads.

Gideon: Right. Good thinking.

Sigmund: Nice to meet you.

Phoebe: You too, dude.

(Gideon orbs Sigmund’s head out of the room.)

Paige: So what you’re saying is somebody’s trying to shut down the school by cutting off teacher’s heads.

Gideon: What else would it be? What better way for evil to gain an upper hand than to fought the next generation.

Piper: Isn’t it as simple as finding who conjured the horseman and reversing the magic?

Gideon: Yes, except that no student possesses that level of magic, at least they’re not supposed to. That’s why I believe that a demon from the outside has somehow corrupted one of them into doing his bidding.

Paige: So you find the student, you find the evil, right?

Gideon: True, except you find much more than that here, Paige. The answers you each seek can be found within these grounds. You merely have to be open to them. Teaching will help you find the student in question, but it will also remind you of what you fear you have lost. Investigating our nursery school will help you with your worries over Wyatt. (to Phoebe) And if you follow the wolf, she will lead you where you want to go, but be careful. The deeper you look, the more you will discover and the better chance you will have of saving all this.

(Gideon walks away and vanishes.)

[Time lapse. Paige and a female teacher are walking down a hallway. They are both wearing long black coats.]

Paige: Who does he think he is? Obi-Wan Kenobi? How could I be afraid of losing something if I don’t know what I’ve lost.

Teacher: Maybe that’s why he wants you to take over Sigmund’s class, so you can remember.

Paige: Remember what?

Teacher: Your gift perhaps. Now, whatever you do be strong, don’t let them intimidate you. This may be advanced magic but they’re still just kids.

(She pushes Paige into the room. Inside the room are a bunch of teenagers laughing at another teenager who is floating up in the air. He is kicking his legs around, trying to get down. Paige closes the door and the teenagers turn around.)

Boy #1: Help! Stop it!

Paige: Oh my gosh. (They boy falls to the floor. Paige rushes to his side.) Are you okay?

(He pulls away.)

Boy #1: I’m fine.

Boy #2: Telepathy isn’t the coolest power now, is it, Zac? No.

Paige: Did you do that? Excuse me, I’m talking to you.

Boy #2: Yeah, so what if I did?

Paige: What’s your name?

Boy #2: Quentin.

(The class giggles.)

Paige: What’s so funny?

(A boy walks in, identical to Boy #2.)

Boy #3: What? Thanks a lot, Slick, get me in trouble why don’t you.

(Boy #2 shapeshifts into a different boy.)

Slick: What’s the matter, teach? You seem a little outta sorts.

Paige: Me? No, I’m perfectly fine. (Another boy waves his hand and an apple appears in Paige’s hand.) Thank you. You’re a conjurer.

Slick: Yeah. And I’d watch your pretty little neck if I was you.

[Cut to a hallway. Phoebe is there creeping down the hallway.]

Phoebe: Here wolfy, wolfy, wolfy, wolfy. Come on. I know you’re here somewhere. Here wolfy, wolfy, wolfy, wolfy. (The wolf appears and growls.) Oh, hi, hi, sweet wolfy. Okay, you don’t have to attack me because Gideon sent me. (The wolf runs off.) Where are you going?

(She chases after it.)

[Cut to a cave. A small fire burns in the centre of the cave. The wolf stands beside the fire. Phoebe walks in.]

Phoebe: Come on. (The wolf bursts into flames and turns into a woman.) Neat trick. Can you shapeshift into the headless horseman as well?

Woman: I’m a shaman, not a shapeshifter. The wolf is merely a projection of your quest, a symbol.

Phoebe: Fascinating. You didn’t answer my question.

Shaman: Do you really think I lured you out here just to kill you, Phoebe? You have the power of premonition, but it’s unreliable. Especially lately. I can help you see your future more clearly. If you’re willing to take the risk.

[Cut to nursery school. Piper and Leo are there watching little kids playing together with magic.]

Piper: I don’t know what the hell Gideon was talking about, ’cause this is certainly not what I’m looking for.

Leo: Still, Wyatt doesn’t have to hide his powers. Plus, he’s not gonna be all alone.

Piper: No, he’ll be surrounded by all the other freaks.

Leo: They’re not freaks.

Piper: You know what I mean. I just want Wyatt to have a normal up bringing. At least as normal as possible. Is that too much to ask for?

Leo: I don’t know. Maybe.

Piper: Well, we’re not shopping for preschools, we’re shopping for head hunters. So where is…

(A teacher walks in with a little girl.)

Teacher: Sorry, a little emergency. Go ahead. (The girl joins the other kids.) Now, where were we?

Piper: You were telling us about your near miss with the headless…

Teacher: Shhh. Don’t want to scare the little ones. They may have powers but they’re still innocent.

Leo: How’d you get away?

Teacher: I astral projected. Confused him, I guess, by creating two of me, thank god.

Piper: Um, are you suggesting that one of these kids might be…

Teacher: Involved? Oh, dear, no, no, never.

Leo: Why would you be a target?

Teacher: These children are the cradle of good magic, its entire future. Without proper guidance, nurturing, they can easily be turned.

Piper: Evil?

Teacher: Yeah.

(They hear a siren.)

Leo: What’s that?

[Cut to the great hall. Students are running around the place. Piper, Leo and Gideon run in.]

Leo: Anybody hurt?

Gideon: Not yet.

(Paige runs in.)

Paige: You guys okay?

Gideon: Paige, you’re a teacher now, you need to be careful.

Leo: Come on, I’ll take you back.

Piper: Wait.

(The headless horseman appears behind Piper.)

Paige: Piper!

(Piper turns around and the headless horseman slices off her head with his sword. Her head drops to the floor. The headless horseman disappears.)

Piper: Great. Just great.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Paige and Leo are there. Leo places Piper’s head on top of a cabinet.]

Piper: Ow. Easy, easy. Ow, easy, watch the hair.

Leo: Sorry.

Paige: You doing okay up there, honey?

Piper: Actually, I feel a little woozy.

Leo: Well, maybe it’s because we have you up to high. Are you sure you don’t want me to move you down lower?

Piper: No, I don’t Wyatt to see me like this, he will freak out.

Paige: Well, you know, on the plus side, this is a great way for Wyatt to get out and socialise.

Piper: If I had legs I would kick you. (She looks at a spiky plant sitting beside her head.) Could you move this for me, please? (Leo points to it.) Yeah.

(Leo takes the plant off of the cabinet.)

Paige: You know, maybe I should just go upstairs and check the book and see if there’s a spell that can fix us.

Piper: Or we can find the little child that conjured the horseman and vanquish it.

Leo: You think that would reverse the spell?

Piper: I’m hoping.

Paige: Yeah, I keep getting this weird feeling that it’s one of the students in my class.

Leo: Why?

Paige: Because who better to turn than one of the most powerful kids there.

Leo: What do you suggest?

Paige: I think we should bring them here.

Piper: What?

Paige: Yeah, if we get them away from the school, they can’t conjure the horseman. That way we keep them here long enough to figure out who it is.

Leo: I say it’s not a bad idea since you’re targets now.

Piper: Uh-oh. Phoebe.

Leo: I’ll go get her.

Piper: No. I do not want Wyatt to have two headless parents. Send Chris.

[Cut to Wyatt’s room. Chris and a robed man are there. The robed man is standing over Wyatt’s crib with a bright light pouring out of his hands. Paige and Leo walk into the room. The robed man shimmers out.]

Leo: What the hell is going on?

Chris: Wait, I can explain.

(Leo rushes over to Wyatt.)

Leo: Are you okay, buddy?

Paige: What was he doing?

Chris: Nothing. I mean, nothing bad, I swear.

Paige: Nothing bad? He’s a demon.

Chris: But he wasn’t hurting him, I promise. Wyatt’s shield wasn’t even up.

Leo: I trusted you, I vouched for you.

Chris: Look, just let me explain.

Leo: Get out of here.

Chris: Paige, please.

Leo: Now!

(Chris orbs out.)

Paige: Is he okay?

Leo: Yeah, I think so. Listen, I’m gonna take him up there where it’s safe. Do you mind…

Paige: Getting Phoebe? No, not at all. I just hope there’s all of her to get.

(Leo picks up Wyatt.)

[Scene: Cave. Phoebe and the shaman are there.]

Phoebe: So if you’re so innocent, why are you hiding out?

Shaman: I’m protecting myself.

Phoebe: From what? You’re a student. The bad guys are only after the teachers, right?

Shaman: I’m not protecting my body, I’m protecting my powers. I sensed someone trying to invade mine, to use them for themselves.

Phoebe: How do I know you’re telling the truth?

Shaman: You’re an empath, you tell me.

Phoebe: I can’t tell.

Shaman: It’s because you’re conflicted, questioning your own magic, your very future. It’s affecting your powers.

Phoebe: I’m not questioning my future. Okay, maybe just a little bit. But how do you know that?

Shaman: The wolf is a pack handle, but constantly searching for something she craves. (She dips a cup into a pot and stands up.) But cannot find. Seeing it means you’re searching too. Drink this, take the vision quest. There you will find the answers we both seek.

Phoebe: I’m not drinking that.

Shaman: No? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

(Phoebe drinks from the cup. She has a vision. In the vision, Phoebe walks down the manor stairs. A demon appears and throws a fireball. She ducks and throws him across the room. Another demon appears and grabs her from behind. She flips him over and he disappears. Another demon falls from the roof and pulls Phoebe to the floor as he lands. The vision ends and Phoebe falls to the ground of the cave.)

Phoebe: Ow! (Phoebe looks at a cut on her shoulder.) You didn’t tell me I could get hurt on this vision quest.

Shaman: You didn’t ask. The vision is of your future, Phoebe, it’s no less real than anything else.

Phoebe: And no less dangerous. Great. More demons in my future, it’s exactly what I wanted.

Shaman: But are there anymore beyond the light? That’s what you really wanna see, isn’t it?

(Paige orbs in.)

Paige: There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you, Pheebs. (Paige sees the cut on Phoebe’s shoulder.) Are you okay? What happened? The horseman?

Phoebe: No, uh, my inner demons, apparently.

Paige: Well, it’s good to see at least you have your head, unlike Piper.

Phoebe: What?

Paige: Yeah, the horseman got her. But, you know, she’s doing pretty good considering the circumstances. A little grumpier than normal, but hey. Anyway, you really should get out of here before, you know, you get chopped.

Phoebe: I think I should stay here.

Paige: Why?

Phoebe: Because Gideon put me on this path for a reason. And I believe that there are answers here. I’ll be okay, and you know where to find me if you need me.

Paige: Okay, but remember that she’s a suspect too.

(Paige orbs out.)

Shaman: Ready to try again?

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Piper’s head is still sitting on the cabinet. She hears a door open and voices.]

Piper: What’s that? Who is that?

(Paige and her class walk out of the magic school door.)

Paige: Don’t worry, it’s just me and some of the more unusual suspects.

Zac: Wait, you think one of us is responsible?

Slick: What, you didn’t know she thought that? What kind of telepath are you, anyway?

(He pushes him.)

Zac: Stop picking on me.

Slick: Yeah? Or what?

Paige: Alright, guys, knock it off. You’re in my house.

Boy #4: The Halliwell manor. I don’t believe it. It’s just like in the text.

Quentin: It looks like my Grandma’s house.

Paige: Alright, alright, move it along, people. Let’s go, other room. (Paige closes the door to the magic school. Everyone walks into the conservatory.) Alright, is everybody here?

Boy #4: Yes, ma’am.

Quentin: (coughs) Kiss ass.

(Everyone laughs.)

Piper: Hey, watch your mouth.

Boy #4: Whoa, it’s Piper Halliwell.

Slick: Yeah, but only part of her. And not the good part either.

Paige: Slick.

Piper: Can it.

Paige: Okay, here’s the deal, people. We know that one of you is behind this. So nobody is going to leave here until we figure out who it is. (They all moan.) So far nobody has gotten killed.

Piper: Not yet, anyway.

Paige: So far this has just been a really stupid prank. So please, let’s not let it go any further than that.

Zac: Is Gideon gonna shut down the school?

Paige: Not unless he’s forced to.

Quentin: Why don’t you start with the conjurer?

Boy #4: Me? What about you, Quinton? You’re the Sleepy Hollow buff.

Zac: Yeah, but Slick’s the shapeshifter.

Slick: Hey, screw you, Zachary.

Paige: Wait, you guys, just stop it.

Slick: Seriously, why don’t you just admit that you did it.

(Paige looks around and sees Chris near by.)

Zac: I would never do anything to harm a Charmed One.

Slick: You’re passing the blame like it’s going out of style.

Paige: (to Piper) I’ll be right back.

Piper: Where are you going?

(Paige walks into the kitchen where Chris is.)

Paige: What are you doing here?

Chris: I need your help.

Paige: My help? That’s rich with what you pulled. Listen, I have enough juvenile delinquents to take care of. Thanks.

(She turns to leave but Chris stops her.)

Chris: Hey, please, just hear me out. I’m running out of time.

Paige: What’s that supposed to mean?

Chris: Exactly that. Don’t you see that’s the only reason why I went to the demon. He can scan for evil. And maybe figure out who’s gonna turn Wyatt since we haven’t been able to.

Paige: Okay, you’re not making any sense.

Chris: Paige, listen to me. I need you to trust me. And I need you to get Piper and Leo to trust me too, before it’s too late.

(They hear the kids scream in the other room.)

Voice: The headless horseman!

Piper: Paige!

(Paige and Chris run into the conservatory.)

Paige: What happened? (The headless horseman runs around the room swinging his sword. The conservatory doors open and he gallops outside.) Is everyone alright?

Boy #4: I think so.

Piper: Head count. No jokes, just do it. (to Chris) What are you doing here?

Chris: Just trying to help.

Paige: They’re all here.

(Gideon walks out of the magic school door.)

Gideon: I heard the alarm. What’s this doing open?

Paige: One of the students must have opened it without my seeing.

Gideon: And the horseman?

Chris: Gone. Out those doors.

Gideon: You have to stop him.

Paige: Okay, well, we have to figure out…

Gideon: No, you don’t understand. People in the outside aren’t protected like we are at school. They’ll die.

Paige: Then we need Phoebe.

Chris: I’ll get her.

(Chris runs into the magic school.)

Gideon: But you can’t wait for her. You have to go after the horseman now.

Paige: By myself? No. I can’t vanquish him.

Gideon: You don’t have to. All you have to do is lead him back to the school, so that at least nobody will be killed. Don’t make your concerns about Richard, make you question yourself. You can do this, I’ll help you.

(He takes her hand and they orb out. Slick starts to walk away.)

Piper: Ah-ah-ah. Where are you going? (He looks at her.) Don’t give me that look. I still got a mouth, I can turn you into a toad.

[Scene: Alley. Night. Two men are there. One is running away from the other. The one chasing shoots a gun and the man running away drops a bag. The man with the gun stops and searches through the bag. The headless horseman appears and chops off the man’s head. Paige and Gideon orb in. The headless horseman runs down the alley. Gideon waves his hand and a door appears. The headless horseman runs into the door and the door disappears.]

Paige: Well, at least we got him back.

Gideon: Not soon enough I’m afraid. The death of an innocent means the death of magic school.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Paige and Gideon walk in through the front door.]

Paige: I don’t understand why the horseman targeted him. And why did he pass up so many others along the way?

Gideon: Granted it could’ve been a lot worse but it doesn’t change my mind.

Paige: The police said he was a killer, Gideon.

Gideon: It doesn’t make it right.

Paige: No, it doesn’t make it right but you shouldn’t shut down the school because of it. We have the horseman contained, now we just need to find…

Gideon: It’s too late. The damage has already been done. When I started this school I made a promise that the magic within would never harm a soul, otherwise…

(The hear a toad croaking. They look in the conservatory and see a toad sitting on the floor.)

Paige: Piper, are you okay?

Piper: Hunky-dory.

Paige: (to Gideon) You, come with me.

Piper: Anybody else wanna try me?

[Cut to the kitchen. Paige and Gideon walk in.]

Paige: Leo!

Gideon: What do you want him for?

Paige: Reinforcements.

(Leo orbs in.)

Leo: What’s going on?

Paige: You have to talk him out of closing down the magic school.

Gideon: Someone let the horseman out, Leo. He killed a man.

Leo: Why?

Gideon: Why else? To force my hand.

Paige: If you let whoever’s behind this win, all those kids are gonna lose. Is that what you want?

Gideon: Of course not. But…

Paige: But what? Big deal, you have one bad apple. Just give us the time to flush him out to save the next generations of magic.

Gideon: I know. But the rules.

Paige: Screw the rules. Listen, you are the one who talked me into doing this, you are the one who said I could do it, so don’t give up on me now, please. Just let us finish the job that we started. Tell him, Leo.

Leo: I think you just did.

[Cut to the conservatory. The toad turns back into Slick.]

Piper: Next time I give you warts. (The room freezes.) Hey, who did that? Where did you come from? (An arm reaches for Piper’s head and grabs her by the hair.) Hey, hey, ow. Paige!

(By the time Paige, Leo and Gideon run in, Piper’s head is gone.)

Paige: Piper? Oh my god. Piper!

Gideon: The door’s still closed.

Leo: The kids are frozen.

Gideon: Piper must have done it.

Paige: Without hands? I don’t think so.

Leo: Someone from the outside?

Paige: That’s impossible, we got here too fast. It has to be one of them.

Gideon: The students? No, they don’t possess that kind of power. Besides, they’re frozen.

Paige: Then one of them’s faking it.

(They look closely at the kids.)

[Scene: Cave. Phoebe and the Shaman are there. Phoebe falls to the ground.]

Phoebe: Ow. Okay, you know what? Enough already.

Shaman: Every journey requires a sacrifice.

Phoebe: My whole life is about sacrifice. If that’s all my future holds, then I don’t wanna see it.

Shaman: You’re fighting it. Don’t. Don’t use your powers to get through. They’re not working very well, anyway. Just let it come to you. Want it more than anything.

(Phoebe drinks from the cup and has a vision. In the vision she walks down the stairs of the manor. She sees a screen of light in the room. A demon throws a fireball and it flies straight through her. The demon dives for Phoebe but lands right through her. She walks towards the screen of light. Two more demons try to attack her, but she ignores them and they pass right through her. She steps into the screen of light and ends up in the conservatory. Two boys are there. One is playing with a Game Boy. Piper walks in.)

Piper: Wyatt, let your little brother play with the game too, please.

Phoebe: Little brother?

(Paige walks in wearing a long black robe.)

Paige: Hey, Piper, can you take Phoebe to the doctor instead? I have so many papers to grade. Thank you.

(She leaves the room.)

Phoebe: The doctor?

Piper: Yeah, we need to make sure our little niece is doing okay.

(Phoebe looks down to see she is pregnant.)

Little Boy: Aunt Phoebe? We need your help.

(The vision ends. Chris is there looking at Phoebe.)

Chris: Phoebe, can you hear me? We need your help. Are you okay?

Phoebe: Uh, I don’t know. Am I?

Shaman: You tell me. What’d you see?

Phoebe: Uh, I saw children, and my child. And a life without demons. Is that even possible?

Shaman: With your powers you know by now what is truth and what is not. Embrace those powers again, embrace your path and it will lead you there.

Phoebe: You don’t know how much you’ve given me.

Shaman: You should go. So you can use your powers to help save our school.

[Cut to the manor. Phoebe and Chris walk out of the magic school door.]

Paige: Oh, Phoebe, I’m so glad to see you, I was worried.

Chris: What’s the matter? Didn’t you trust me?

Leo: Separate subject.

Phoebe: How’s Piper?

Paige: You’re not gonna like it.

Leo: She’s been kidnapped.

Phoebe, Chris: What?

Paige: That’s the bad news. The good news is that she’s here, somewhere.

Gideon: Well, if one of the students took her, I can’t sense which one it is.

Phoebe: Maybe I can. Thanks to your wolf. (Phoebe walks over to the frozen kids.) I can sense pain, and anger, a lot of anger, wants revenge. Do any of them hate the high school?

Paige: Honey, they’re teenagers, they all hate the school. (Paige points to Boy #4.) But he’s a conjurer.

Phoebe: No, it’s not him. (Phoebe turns to Zac.) But who’s this guy?

Paige: A telepath.

Phoebe: Yeah, he’s telepathing a whole lot of rage right now.

(Zac moves.)

Zac: Well, look who just solved the case.

Gideon: Zachary?

Zac: Surprise.

(Zac disappears.)

Chris: What happened? Where’d he go?

Leo: That wasn’t Zachary, that was an astral projection.

Gideon: He doesn’t have that power.

Paige: No, but a teacher here does. And Herman’s a conjurer and Piper can freeze.

Phoebe: He’s using his telepathy to tap into other people’s powers.

Leo: Where’s the real Zachary?

Paige: He’s at school with Piper.

Chris: But why? What does he want with her?

[Scene: Magic School. Great Hall. Phoebe and Paige walk in. Piper’s head is sitting on a table.]

Paige: You don’t think he’ll kill her, do you?

Phoebe: You know what? I have no idea.

Paige: He’s a smart kid. I just hope he’s not luring us here.

(The headless horseman appears and chops off Phoebe and Paige’s heads. He disappears.)

Piper: Mm-hm.

(Zac walks in.)

Zac: You made me do this, you know. I didn’t have a choice.

Piper: So, now what are you guys gonna do?

Commercial Break

[Scene: Magic School. Great Hall. Piper, Phoebe and Paige’s heads are sitting on a table.]

Piper: So who’s bright idea was this anyway?

Phoebe: We were trying to save you.

Piper: Yeah, good job on that one.

Phoebe: And who went and got her head stolen?

Piper: While you were off contemplating your naval, while you still had one.

Paige: Guys, we’re not getting anywhere arguing.

Piper: Actually, we’re not getting anywhere because we don’t have any bodies.

Phoebe: Okay, look, we said we were sorry.

Paige: Can we try looking on the bright side? I mean, you know, we’re still alive.

Piper: Yeah, only because Zachary can’t kill us in here.

Paige: I don’t think he would if he could, I mean, he practically apologised to us.

Phoebe: I think she’s right, actually, I didn’t sense any anger from him, just a lot of sorrow.

Piper: So what, he did this to us just to get us out of the way? To do what?

Phoebe: To get revenge on the school.

Paige: And Gideon.

[Scene: Manor. Leo and Gideon are there. The kids are still frozen.]

Gideon: How could I not have seen this? How could I not have sensed his pain? After all these years with him.

Leo: It’s not your fault, Gideon. Even you can’t see everything.

Gideon: I should have seen this. I should have focused more on the boy, then on his magic.

(Paige walks in through the magic school door.)

Paige: We have to get the kids out of here now.

Leo: Why? What’s the matter?

Paige: It’s Zachary. He’s lost it.

Gideon: Orb them out up there. I’ll try talking to him. (to Leo) Just go. (Leo orbs out with the kids.) You should leave too.

Paige: Why?

(Paige shape shifts into Zac.)

Zac: After all, I came here for you.

(He waves his arm and Gideon flies across the room.)

[Cut to the Great Hall.]

Paige: You think the spell’s gonna work?

Piper: Well, now that we know who conjured the horseman, it should.

Phoebe: We won’t until we summon him. So let’s just put our heads together and… You know what I mean, right? (They close their eyes and the headless horseman appears.) Okay, now, now, now.

Piper, Phoebe, Paige: “Power of three unite, to end this grisly fright, reverse the rolls and make us whole.”

(The headless horseman explodes and disappears. Piper, Phoebe and Paige get their bodies back.)

Paige: Oh, thank god, it worked. (Phoebe pats her body.) You want me to get you a room?

Piper: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

[Cut to the manor. Living room. Gideon is laying on the floor with a dagger levitating in front of his neck. Zac is standing in front of him with his arm outstretched.]

Gideon: Why take it out on others, Zachary? Why not just come after me?

Zac: Because I want you to suffer, Gideon. Like you made me suffer ever since I got here. I want you to see your precious school destroyed. Bit by bit.

Gideon: But that doesn’t give you the right to kill an innocent.

Zac: You scolding me now? You gonna give me a demerit? That wasn’t supposed to happen. I just wasn’t the sisters out of the way. The horseman’s only supposed to hurt evil.

Gideon: Evil? You think teachers are evil?

Zac: They are when they keep me here against my wishes. They take me away from my family, my home, without even thinking about what I want.

Gideon: Why didn’t you come to me?

Zac: I did, damn it! Every time I snuck out, every time I got in trouble. But you didn’t care, you wouldn’t listen.

Paige: We’re listening. (Piper, Phoebe and Paige walk in.) It’s okay, we’re not gonna hurt you.

Phoebe: We’re here to help.

Gideon: How’d you get out?

Piper: Magic.

Paige: See, sometimes it takes us away from our lives as well, a lot more than we’d like it to.

Piper: But it’s who we are whether we like it or not. We can’t change that and neither can you.

Phoebe: You have to accept it.

Paige: You have to realise this is not worth throwing your life away for. Just let it go. That’s it. Easy.

(The dagger falls to the floor. Piper and Phoebe kneel beside Gideon.)

Phoebe: You okay?

Gideon: Yes. I just guess I’ve been more invisible than I realised over the years.

Commercial Break

[Scene: P3. Piper and Phoebe are sitting at the bar, listening to the band playing. Paige walks up to them.]

Paige: Hey, guys. Wasn’t Ziggy Marley supposed to play here before?

Piper: Yeah, he had to reschedule. So how’s Zachary?

Paige: He’s good. He’s at home with his family now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back at Magic School someday. I think he, I think he heard us about accepting himself.

Piper: So then you’re not gonna bind his powers?

Paige: No, he didn’t want me to. But he gave me a good idea about maybe doing it for somebody else.

Phoebe: Richard?

Paige: Yeah. You know, if he can’t handle it, why should he have to? Maybe I can finally help him accept that.

Phoebe: You’re gonna make a really good teacher one day, Paige.

Paige: Teacher?

Phoebe: Yes, in Magic School. I saw it with my very own… vision.

Piper: Yeah, I don’t think she’s gonna be teaching Wyatt any time soon. Suddenly I’m more concerned about separating him from his family, than raising him as an only child.

Phoebe: Actually, there might be a day that you don’t have to be concerned about that.

Piper: What do you mean?

(Phoebe sees Chris across the room.)

Phoebe: I’m just saying.

Piper: What are you just saying? (Phoebe walks away.) Excuse me!

[Cut to the back room. Chris walks in. Phoebe walks in after him.]

Phoebe: Hey.

Chris: Hey. So did you come here to kick me out?

Phoebe: Uh, no, actually, I came here to ask you a question.

Chris: What?

Phoebe: I need you to be honest with me. No games, no running away, just the truth.

Chris: Okay.

Phoebe: Are you Wyatt’s little brother?

Chris: Only if I can get Piper and Leo back together in time.