Ordinary Witches

Written by: Mark Wilding
Transcribed by: Shay Fitzpatrick

Season 7, Episode 11
Episode Number: 145

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper and Leo are there making breakfast.]

Leo: I don’t know what more proof you need. You told me yourself it sounds great.

Piper: It does.

Leo: So, what’s the problem?

Piper: Burning toast.

Leo: What?

Piper: The toast, it’s burning. (Leo goes over to the smoking toaster.) Now, see, there’s a question. Your Avatar friends are promising this big, bright future. Um, will there be burning toast?

Leo: Piper, be serious.

Piper: I am. You know, they say they’re gonna rid the world of evil, bring about a better way. What else are they gonna get rid of?

Leo: Nothing else. We had this conversation.

Piper: Yeah, I know, but…

Leo: You talked to the other Avatars, they answered all your questions.

Piper: Still, I…

Leo: What more do you need to know?

Piper: Well, if you’d let me finish a damn sentence, I’d tell ya. Look, the more I think about the whole thing, the more it worries me. No, save the pitch. I’ve heard it. And I’m not saying it doesn’t sound great. Obviously it does, especially after everything we’ve been through. But…

Leo: But?

Piper: But it’s a huge decision. I mean, it’s one thing to save the world from evil every week. It’s another thing entirely to change the world just because we can. I mean, isn’t that a little cocky?

Leo: No. In this case, it’s a leap of faith. One that I’m willing to fight for because I have faith in the Avatars.

Piper: Yeah, but not everyone else has reached your level of faith yet.

(Leo hears something.)

Leo: Is that the front door?

Piper: Phoebe? Paige? (They walk into the foyer and notice the front door wide open.) That’s odd. Did you leave that open?

Leo: No, I orbed in.

(Kyle walks in behind them.)

Kyle: You son of a bitch!

(He throws the Avatar potion at Leo and it freezes in mid air.)

Leo: That was close.

(He notices Piper’s also frozen. Alpha and Beta appear.)

Alpha: Too close. That’s the second time he’s tried to kill you, Leo. We need to do something about this.

Leo: All right, well, I’m not gonna do anything until you unfreeze Piper. I can’t keep lying to her.

(Piper unfreezes.)

Piper: Watch out! What are they doing here?

Beta: Saving his life. This vial contains an ancient potion that kills Avatars, Piper. Which means that someone must have told Agent Brody that Leo is one of us now.

Leo: Paige.

Piper: All right, what do you want from me? I’ll kill her later.

Alpha: Make no mistake, Piper, this is a serious matter. One that demands our immediate attention. If one of use were to die, it could weaken the collective to the point where we might not be able to implement the change.

Piper: You know, well, maybe you should have thought of that before you killed Brody’s parents.

Leo: Piper.

Piper: What? That’s why he views them as a threat. That’s what he thinks happened.

Alpha: Do you view us as a threat, Piper?

Piper: Actually, I’m still working on that one.

Beta: We didn’t kill his parents. That’s not what we’re about.

Alpha: She’ll discover what we’re about in her own time as Phoebe already has. But we are running out of time. Agent Brody is not the only problem that we face. Even as we speak, the demon Zankou is mobilising the Underworld to try and stop us as well. (Alpha takes the vial from mid air.) If you truly desire a life beyond good and evil, Piper… we’re going to need your help… which means you’ll need to decide quickly.

(The Avatars disappear. Kyle unfreezes.)

Kyle: What happened, huh? What’d you do?

Piper: Kyle, wait, listen to me.

Kyle: No, you don’t understand! That was the last potion! You have no idea what you just did.

Piper: Okay, so you see why I’m having a little problem with the faith thing, right? Paige!

(Paige orbs in holding a bag of groceries.)

Paige: What? What’s going on?

Piper: Oh, you know, nothing. Your boyfriend tried to kill my husband.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Continued from before.]

Paige: I don’t know what happened. I told Kyle you were an Avatar at breakfast. He seemed okay with it.

Piper: Yeah, well, you should have warned us you were gonna tell him.

Paige: I would have if I would have known what he was gonna do. Not that I can blame him.

Leo: Excuse me?

Paige: I mean, not the whole killing thing, obviously. But his parents were killed by the Avatars.

Leo: The Avatars weren’t responsible for that.

Paige: How do you know? Were you there, Leo?

Leo: No, I wasn’t, but now that I’m an Avatar, I can tell you they wouldn’t do that because it goes against everything they believe in.

Paige: Well, Kyle thinks otherwise, and he happened to be there.

Piper: Paige, in all fairness, he was only five years old. Who knows what really happened?

Paige: Why don’t you try to convince him of that?

(Phoebe walks in.)

Phoebe: Talking about Kyle, I assume? I just called him looking for you. He gave me an earful. You okay?

Leo: Yeah.

Piper: Good thing Kyle is out of potions.

Phoebe: It still doesn’t solve his problem. And until somebody does… I would assume that you’re not gonna go along with the Avatars, right?

Paige: What do you have up your sleeve?

Phoebe: Well, I was just thinking, remember how Leo sent you back to find out what really happened to your parents?

Paige: Yeah.

Piper: Well, maybe we could do the same thing for Kyle and help him move on.

Paige: Okay, but what if Kyle sees that they really did kill his parents?

Phoebe: Well, if that’s the case, then we’ll kill the Avatars and help him move on that way. The sooner we help Kyle find out the truth, the sooner we can all move on.

Piper: Move on to what?

Phoebe: The future the Avatars promised us. The one I saw in my vision.

Piper: Okay, but Phoebe, we all didn’t see that.

Phoebe: Yes, but you could if you and I swap powers.

Piper: What?

Phoebe: It would just be for a little while. Just long enough for you to see the vision for yourself. I promise you, it’s beautiful.

Piper: Okay, look, if the Avatars are exonerated, and I see what Phoebe saw, then we’ll talk about it.

(Phoebe looks at Paige.)

Paige: Fine, I’ll talk too.

[Scene: Underworld. Cave. Zankou is standing in front of a fire pit, meditating. A group of demons stand nearby.]

Laygan: Zankou, hi, sorry to disturb you.

Zankou: What is it?

Laygan: Well, we were just wondering, and I mean all of us, not just myself, when things were gonna move along. Seeing as how the Avatars are so close to wiping us off the face of the Earth and all.

Zankou: The Avatars are not the problem.

Laygan: Not the problem? Well, we unleashed you to save us from them, and now they’re not the problem? I’m a little confused.

Zankou: Would you like me to elaborate?

Laygan: Yes, please.

(Zankou hits him in the face and he falls into the group of demons.)

Zankou: We can’t stop the Avatars. We might be able to stop the Charmed Ones before they join forces with them. If we can do that… then the Avatars won’t have the power they need in order to remake the world and eliminate us.

Laygan: Destroying the Charmed Ones, it always sounds easy. Many have tried. No one’s succeeded.

Zankou: There’s a first time for everything. Besides, I never had the opportunity to go up against them before. I sense… the chance is near.

[Scene: Kyle’s Apartment. Paige and Kyle are there.]

Paige: Are you trying to get yourself killed? ‘Cause, you know, that’s what easily could have happened.

Kyle: Yeah, it was a chance I had to take. You kill one Avatar, it weakens them all. They’re connected.

Paige: Kyle, you tried to kill Leo!

Kyle: I don’t care.

Paige: I do, and if you actually cared about me, maybe you would too.

Kyle: Now, see, don’t lay that on me.

Paige: Don’t lay what on you? He’s my brother-in-law. He matters to me.

Kyle: Yeah, my parents mattered to me too!

Paige: Okay. Even if the Avatars did kill them, Leo wasn’t there. How can you even hold him responsible?

Kyle: It was the only way I could get to ’em.

Paige: So you would kill somebody who’s innocent to exact revenge on whoever killed your parents. Gee, that makes you a whole lot better than those killers.

Kyle: Look, I know who killed my parents.

Paige: Do you? You sure?

Kyle: I’m sure.

Paige: You won’t mind proving it?

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Paige: I’m talking about getting you past this, finding out who really did this. Are you interested?

Kyle: Yeah.

Paige: Good. Then you won’t mind going on a little trip with me.

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper and Phoebe are there. Phoebe is flipping through the Book of Shadows.]

Phoebe: I know the power switching spell is in here somewhere. We’re used it before.

Piper: Yeah, and if I remember correctly, didn’t it bite us in the ass? (Phoebe gives her a look.) I’m just saying.

(Leo orbs in.)

Leo: All right. As long as Kyle is willing, the Avatars said they’d send him back to the past.

Phoebe: They’ve got the easy part. They should try dealing with a stubborn sister in the present.

Piper: So I’m having second thoughts, sue me.

Phoebe: I’m telling you, it’s well worth the risk for you to see what I saw. Imagine a future with no demons, a future where we’re all free, where our kids get to grow up happy and have normal lives? I mean, it’s what we’re always dreamed of. Piper, it’s what you’ve always dreamed of.

Piper: And you got all that from one vision?

Phoebe: Actually, I did.

(Leo smiles at her.)

Piper: What are you smiling at?

Leo: Nothing.

(Paige and Kyle walk in.)

Paige: Okay, we’re ready.

Phoebe: Good, I’m glad. And you will be too.

Kyle: We’ll see.

Leo: All right, let me explain how this is gonna work.

Kyle: Hold it. He’s doing this?

Piper: Uh, yeah. Is there a problem?

Kyle: Yeah. How do I know he and the Avatars aren’t gonna change the past? Make it look like they want it to.

Leo: We can’t change the past. Nor would we want to. Besides, you’ll know if it’s been messed with. It’s your past.

Kyle: And I’ve got the word of an Avatar on this? No way.

Paige: Kyle, please, we have to do this. It’s the only way we’re ever gonna find out the truth, right?

Kyle: All right. What do I do?

Leo: Close your eyes. (He does so.) Concentrate on the day. See it.

Paige: How do we get back?

Leo: He’ll get back when he finds the truth.

(Leo waves his hands and a vortex opens in the room. Paige and Kyle hold hands and are sucked into the vortex. The vortex disappears.)

Piper: Now what?

Phoebe: Now we work on you.

[Cut to a subway. The vortex opens and Paige and Kyle walk out.]

Paige: You okay?

(They walk up the stairs.)

Kyle: Yeah. Still not used to this time travel stuff. (He looks around.) Oh my god. (There are Christmas decorations tied up on buildings and lampposts.) Wait a minute, something’s not right.

Paige: What? What’s not right?

(Kyle steps onto the street and a car slams on his breaks.)

Kyle: Come on!

Driver: Hey, buddy, watch it, huh?

Paige: Where are you going?

(Kyle goes to a newsstand and picks up a paper.)

Kyle: December 28th, 1981.

Paige: Isn’t that the date?

Kyle: Yeah. This isn’t where it happened. This isn’t where they died.

Paige: You sure?

Kyle: Yeah, of course I’m sure. They died in a warehouse near JFK, at 7:52 at night. I checked the coroner’s report. This is Columbia University. This is where they taught.

Paige: Maybe we’re starting here for another reason.

Kyle: The Avatars want me to miss seeing it. That’s not gonna happen. We need to get to the airport. Hey, taxi!

(Paige notices an advertisement on the top of the taxi.)

Paige: Cool, Raiders of the Lost Ark. I always wanted to see that. (Kyle walks off. Paige follows.) Christmas in New York, nothing like it, right?

Kyle: I think it’s the first one I remember.

Paige: What’d you get for Christmas?

Kyle: Uh, a bunch of books, snow globe, Rubik’s Cube.

Paige: You must have been a smart boy to handle that.

Kyle: I like puzzles. Hey, taxi!

(The taxi stops across the street. Kyle and Paige walk over to it. A woman gets out.)

Woman: (to inside the car) Come on.

(Kyle looks at her and she looks back at him. They recognise each other. The woman faints and Kyle catches her.)

Boy: (from inside the car) Mum? Mummy.

Kyle: It’s okay, son. She’s all right. She just fainted. You wanna get your jacket.

Paige: Do you know who she is?

Kyle: Yeah. That’s my mum. (The boy gets out of the car.) Which makes him…

Paige: You.

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper and Phoebe are there. Phoebe is looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Phoebe: Found it! You ready?

Piper: Uh, what if Zankou shows up? What are we gonna do then?

Phoebe: Well, then I blow him up. We’ll still have our powers, just in different bodies.

Piper: What if that doesn’t work? What if we need Paige too?

Phoebe: Why are you procrastinating? What are you afraid of?

Piper: Honestly, a lot of things, actually. I mean, even if this works, we’re still talking about remaking the world as we know it. And frankly, that makes me a little nervous.

Phoebe: I promise you, you will not be nervous once you see what I saw. Trust me.

Piper, Phoebe: “What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine, I offer up my gift to share, switch our powers through the air.”

(Magical lights rise out of them and swirl around. Zankou appears and powers up some energy balls. The girls dive for cover as he throws them. The magical lights fly out the window.)

Phoebe: Uh-oh.

[Cut to outside. One lot of magical lights fly over to a man sitting in a car and enters him. The other lot enters a woman standing in front of her house.]

[Cut to the Attic.]

Zankou: Where’s the third one?

Phoebe: Uh, you know what? We’re not really sure. So why don’t you just come back later, okay?

Zankou: Nah.

(Leo orbs in and zaps Zankou from behind. Zankou flames out.)

Leo: What happened? Why didn’t you fire back?

Piper: Go ahead, tell him.

Phoebe: We sort of lost our powers.

[Scene: Manor. Piper, Phoebe and Leo are walking down the stairs.]

Phoebe: Maybe we should try calling for our powers.

Piper: We already tried that.

Phoebe: Maybe we should try again.

Leo: Piper, where are you going?

Piper: The powers went out the window, didn’t they?

Leo: So you expect to find them laying around on the front lawn?

Piper: Don’t get smart with me, mister. This was not my idea.

Phoebe: I said I was sorry. I was just trying to get you to see what I saw.

Piper: And now I can see that we are going to die. I don’t need your powers for that.

Leo: Maybe you should try scrying for them.

Piper: Why would that work?

Leo: Because they’re alive. They still exist somewhere.

Phoebe: Somewhere? Somewhere, where, like in people?

Leo: Two very surprised people.

Piper: Oh, we gotta get Paige back here before Zankou attacks again.

Leo: We can’t. After they find out who killed Kyle’s parents.

Phoebe: How did he know to attack us right when we were about to switch powers?

Leo: He must have sensed you were vulnerable.

Phoebe: Now I know why the Source locked him up.

Piper: You need to take the kids to Magic School right away.

Leo: And leave you alone without powers?

Piper: You have to, there’s no other option. We’ll call you if we need you. But you gotta get them out of here. (Leo orbs out.) And we need to find our powers. (They hear a noise outside. Piper opens the door and sees small explosions inside the house across the road.) I think I just found mine.

Phoebe: I’m going to find my powers.

[Scene: Underworld. Cave. Zankou is there meditating in front of a fire pit.]

Zankou: One of them’s found her powers already, which means the other one will as well.

Laygan: Does that mean we’ve missed our chance?

Zankou: Not necessarily.

Laygan: With all do respect, you said you knew when the Charmed Ones would be at their most vulnerable.

Zankou: They were vulnerable. I sensed it. I just didn’t anticipate the Elder coming to their rescue.

Laygan: Maybe we should rethink things a little, maybe go after the Avatars instead.

Zankou: With their powers we wouldn’t stand a chance.

Laygan: Some of us think we would.

(Zankou throws energy balls at the group of demons standing near by, vanquishing them.)

Zankou: Now they don’t think that.

Laygan: If you’re still going after the witches, how do we get past the Elder?

Zankou: By letting the other Elders know he’s not really one of them anymore.

[Scene: 1981. Columbia University. Paige, Kyle, Ruth and Young Kyle are there. Kyle hands Ruth a glass of water.]

Ruth: Thank you.

Young Kyle: Is my mum gonna be okay?

Kyle: She’s gonna be fine.

Paige: Is there anyone we can call for you? Husband maybe?

(Kyle’s dad, Jack, walks in.)

Jack: There’s no need. He’s right here. Hey.

Kyle: Dad… (They give him a look.) Dad… is that your dad?

Paige: Careful.

Jack: What’s wrong? A TA told me you’re sick.

Ruth: No, I’m fine. I had a fainting spell.

Jack: Fainting spell?

Ruth: I was so startled. He’s the spitting image of my father.

Paige: Crazy coincidences, right?

Jack: Well, either way, thanks a lot for helping her out. I’m Jack, Jack Brody.

(Kyle and Jack shake hands.)

Paige: This is Kevin, Kevin Matthews, and I am Paige. And we’re late for a movie.

Jack: Oh, what are you gonna see?

Kyle: Um…

Paige: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Young Kyle: Cool. Can I go with?

Ruth: No, you can’t go with. You’re too little.

Kyle: Trust me, though. You’re gonna love it.

(The phone rings.)

Jack: Oh, just give me a second.

(Jack answers the phone.)

Kyle: (to Young Kyle) You get this for Christmas?

Young Kyle: Yep.

Ruth: He loves reading about the Egyptian kings and queens. What’s your favourite story, Kyle?

Kyle, Little Kyle: The Mummy’s Curse.

Little Kyle: Owe me a soda.

(Ruth gives him a look.)

Kyle: I’m sure it’s every kid’s favourite story. My folks used to read it to me all the time.

Ruth: Well, you have good parents.

Kyle: Yeah.

Paige: All right, then, Kevin, we should really be going.

(Jack hangs up the phone.)

Jack: We should too. That was customs. The manifest for the Cairo shipment is missing. They’re gonna destroy the shipment unless we get down there and identify them.

Ruth: They can’t just destroy them.

Jack: Apparently they can and will. So sorry to have to cut this short.

Ruth: I hope we see you again soon.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, me too.

Paige: Okay then, bye all.

(Paige and Kyle leave the University.)

Paige: What are you thinking?

Kyle: I’m sorry, all right? I just thought it would be easier than this.

Paige: You have to be careful. You can’t risk changing the past.

Kyle: Look, you said yourself that there’s a reason why I came here first.

Paige: That’s not the reason. We came to see who killed them, not to save them.

Kyle: All my life I just used to think that if I could just talk to my parents one more time, five minutes, even that would be enough. I don’t know, I don’t think I can just sit back and watch my parents die.

Paige: You don’t have a choice. We can’t change the past.

[Scene: Outside an apartment building. A woman is up on the balcony throwing clothes over to a man on the street.]

Man: Oh, no, honey. No, don’t. I… Look, baby, you gotta believe me. I did not hire a private eye to follow you.

Woman: Liar!

Man: Honey, you gotta believe me. (Phoebe pulls up in her car.) Wait, I’m the liar? You’re the one having the affairs!

Woman: Well, how did you know about them, huh?

Man: I told you already. I don’t know how. I just… I just saw it in my head.

Woman: Well, now you can see your ass outta my life!

Man: You’re the one screwing around! (The man gets a premonition.) Phil? You slept with Phil too? (Phoebe walks up to him.) Oh my god, what is happening to me?

Phoebe: I think I can explain.

Man: Who are you?

Phoebe: It doesn’t matter. But I do know you’ve been seeing certain things, right, things that you can’t explain?

Man: Oh, no, no, no. Don’t tell me you’re sleeping with her too.

Phoebe: No, of course not. I’m just here to help you.

Man: Look, lady, no offence, but I don’t think you can help me, okay? Oh, no, no, not the bowling trophy! (The woman throws the trophy over the balcony.) You broke my… (He gets another premonition.) Who the hell are you?

Phoebe: Short version, I’m a witch. And you have my power of premonition. And if you don’t come with me, you’re probably gonna get killed by a demon. Got it?

[Scene: On top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Zankou and two Elders are there. Zankou touches the air in front of him and his fingers spark.]

Zankou: What’s the matter? Don’t trust me?

Kheel: You said you had some information about the Avatars. We’re listening.

Zankou: Actually, I said I have information about one of the Avatars. A very special one.

Sandra: He doesn’t know anything. Let’s go.

Zankou: You know him actually. Very well too.

Kheel: All right, who is it?

Zankou: I believe his name is… Leo. Ring any Elder bells?

Kheel: He’s not an Avatar.

Zankou: Sure, he is. He just doesn’t want you to know it. Probably because he’s planning on betraying you. But then again, I’m not one to gossip. I’m sure if you look back at it,  it has to make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Kheel: You have any proof?

Zankou: I saw his powers. More to the point, I… felt his powers. They made yours seem feeble.

Sandra: Why are you telling us this now? What do you hope to gain?

Zankou: My life… and those of my fellow demons. You see, the one thing you and I have in common is the Avatar’s threat. If they come to power, you will be out, and we will be gone. On the other hand, if you can deal with your little traitor… we might yet be able to save ourselves. Tick, tock.

(Zankou flames out.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper and the woman who has her power, Denise, is there.]

Denise: Demons? What do you mean, demons? You mean they actually exist?

Piper: Yes, Denise, they do, so I need my powers…

Denise: Stay away from me! (She blows something up.) Why does that keep happening?

Piper: It won’t, if you just calm down a little and let me help you.

Denise: Wait. You guys fight demons here all the time, don’t you?

Piper: Pretty much, why?

Denise: See, I always thought that you threw wild parties, you know, things breaking, people screaming. I had no idea.

Piper: Well, at least now you know why we never invited you.

(Phoebe and the man who has her power walks in.)

Phoebe: Found my…

(Denise gasps and freezes them.)

Piper: See, that’s that other little power I was telling you about. Okay, so small gesture here. Nothing too hard. Don’t wanna blow up the sister, okay?

(Denise waves her hand a little bit and they unfreeze.)

Phoebe: Power. Frozen?

Piper: Yeah.

Phoebe: Hi, I’m Phoebe, and you’re…

Denise: Really scared.

Piper: Yeah, really, don’t startle her.

Ronnie: Ladies, what do you say we cut the chitchat and just fix this?

Phoebe: You got it, Ronnie, let’s do it.

Denise: Wait, what exactly are you gonna do?

Phoebe: Oh, just a little spell. You’ll say it, we’ll say it, everything should be back to normal.

Piper: And then you can go home and never tell anyone ever, ever, ever about this, okay? Sounds good, huh?

Phoebe: Gather around.

Ronnie: Hold on, wait, wait, wait. What if say you wanted to use powers for something besides fighting demons? Like, uh, winning the lottery?

Phoebe: No, my premonitions are bigger than that.

Ronnie: What’s bigger than winning the lottery?

Denise: How about getting back at people who were really mean to you? Ever do that?

Piper: No, no, ’cause that’s under the category of personal gain and with the risk of exposure, those are really bad things in the witch world.

Phoebe: Time’s a-wastin’.

Denise: No, no, no, I’m talking really mean. Like an ex-husband who clears out your savings account, runs off with his secretary and leaves you mortgaged to the hilt.

Ronnie: You guys could get rich and get revenge on whoever you wanted.

Phoebe: No, we couldn’t.

Denise: I don’t believe you.

Ronnie: Yeah, me neither. What do you say we get rich?

Denise: Okay. Only if we can blow up my ex-husband afterwards.

Ronnie: Sure.

Phoebe: No, no. That would be personal gain and exposure, not to mention murder.

(Ronnie and Denise head for the door.)

Piper: Hey, you can’t leave!

(Denise freezes them. They chuckle.)

Ronnie: Oh, I think this is gonna be a lot of fun.

(They leave.)

[Scene: 1981. Airport. Loading Dock. Paige and Kyle are hiding behind some boxes. Jack, Ruth and Young Kyle walk in. A worker unpacks a box.]

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re gonna want to be extra careful with that one.

Ruth: (to Young Kyle) Honey, this is gonna take a while. You want to go get a drink?

Young Kyle: Mm-mmm.

Ruth: No?

(They open a wooden box and inside are the Avatar potions.)

Agent: What’s in these things?

Jack: Well, I honestly don’t know, but I can tell you what I think is in them.

Kyle: (to Paige) They thought it was some sort of Egyptian healing balm. I went through the journals. They didn’t know what they had unearthed, what it could do. They were completely innocent.

Paige: So why did the Avatars kill them?

Kyle: Because they knew what it could do.

Paige: Are there any other vials?

Kyle: No. They all got destroyed.

Paige: When?

Kyle: You’ll see.

(Young Kyle sees them.)

Young Kyle: What are you guys doing here?

Paige: Oh, actually, we’re…

Kyle: Can you keep a secret? (Young Kyle nods.) You know those imaginary friends of yours, the ones that watch over you?

Young Kyle: How do you know about them?

Kyle: How do you think we know?

Young Kyle: Because you’re them?

Kyle: That’s right. Here. (He sits Young Kyle on a barrel.) Now you got your own throne, just like King Tut.

Paige: Can I talk to you for a second? (Paige and Kyle move away from him.) Don’t you realise everything you say to him can change your past?

Kyle: I’m not saying anything to him that he doesn’t already know. Trust me.

Paige: You can’t keep him from going through this. Everything that you’ve gone through, your parents death, has made you who you are today. Don’t you see that? He has to go through it. Otherwise, you won’t.

Ruth: Kyle? Where are you?

Kyle: You better go.

Young Kyle: Will you still be here?

Kyle: Yeah. Go on, get outta here.

Ruth: Honey? (Young Kyle runs off.) There you are. Want to go get that soda now?

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper and Phoebe are still frozen. Leo orbs in.]

Leo: Piper? Phoebe?

(They unfreeze.)

Piper: Where’d they go?

Phoebe: Hey.

Leo: Where’d who go?

Piper: Uh-oh.

Phoebe: They froze us again.

Piper: Apparently took off with out powers.

Leo: Why didn’t you stop them?

Piper: Well, it’s a little tough to do when you’re frozen.

Leo: Well, didn’t you explain the risks? Demons, personal gain?

Phoebe: Yeah. The demons, they were afraid of. Personal gain, not so much.

Leo: Well, you need to find them.

Piper: Yeah, thanks.

Phoebe: Although, without our powers, I don’t know how we’ll convince them to give them back.

(Phoebe starts scrying.)

Piper: Well, we’ll jump off that bridge when we get to it. (The Elders call Leo.) The Elders?

Leo: Yeah, I don’t know what they want.

Piper: Do you think it’s about Zankou?

Leo: Could be. Or the Avatars. I’ll be right back.

(He orbs out. The crystal points to a place on the map but outside the San Francisco area.)

Phoebe: Whoa, that’s weird. That’s never happened before.

(Piper turns over the map.)

Piper: Lake Tahoe?

[Scene: A Casino. Ronnie and Denise are playing Craps and winning.]

Stickman: We have another winner!

(Everyone cheers. A waitress brings Ronnie a drink. He hands it to Denise.)

Ronnie: Here you go, babe. (to waitress) Keep ’em coming. I feel kind of bad we haven’t had a chance to blow up your ex yet.

Denise: Oh, that’s okay. We can do it tomorrow.

Ronnie: All right. (He picks up the dice and gets a premonition of the results of the next roll.) Ten thousand dollar hard eight. Yo, stickman, give me the horn.

Stickman: You got it. (Ronnie throws the dice.) Eight the hard way!

(Everyone cheers. Piper and Phoebe show up.)

Piper: All right, that was your last roll, Diamond Jim.

Denise: What are you doing here?

Piper: Come on, let’s go. Fun is over.

Ronnie: Fun’s just getting started. Unless you want Denise here to put the whammy on you again.

Piper: She wouldn’t dare, not in front of these people.

Denise: Wanna try me?

Piper: Oh, sure, now she’s fearless.

Phoebe: Okay, I’ll make you a deal. You try to get one more premonition, then afterwards, if you don’t want to come with us, you can have our powers.

Piper: Uh, Phoebe…

Phoebe: I know what I’m doing. What do you say?

Ronnie: Will it win me a bunch more money?

Phoebe: Not a cent. But I guarantee you what you see will offer you more than this casino. (They walk into a back room.) Okay, I need you to close your eyes and clear your head.

Piper: What are you gonna do?

Phoebe: I’m gonna try to get him to see what I’ve been trying to get you to see.

Piper: How the hell are you gonna do that with no powers?

Phoebe: I saw it, didn’t I? Okay, give me your hand. I’m gonna walk you through this, okay? (He holds her hands.) Close your eyes and picture an elementary school… outside, lots of happy kids. Can you see it?

(Ronnie receives the premonition.)

Ronnie: Aunt Phoebe?

Phoebe: Yeah, that’s it. Stay with it. There’s Wyatt and Chris and a little girl.

Denise: What’s he seeing?

Piper: Believe me, I wish I knew.

Ronnie: Is that real?

Phoebe: It can be… if we get our powers back.

(He smiles and nods.)

[Scene: Top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Leo and five Elders are there.]

Kheel: All right, Leo, for the last time, are you or are you not an Avatar?

Leo: I’m just someone who wants peace. Isn’t that what you want too?

Sandra: Please, Leo, the truth!

Leo: All right. Yes, I’m an Avatar. But they’re not a threat. They seek what we seek.

Kheel: What, the destruction of everything we hold dear?

Leo: No, a world without good and evil. Without conflict.

Sandra: It’s not possible.

Leo: It is if we have the courage to change, to evolve.

Kheel: Evolution takes centuries. Millennia, even. It cannot happen overnight. It must be earned.

Leo: I think we’ve earned it.

Sandra: We can’t let you go through with this, Leo.

Leo: I already have.

Kheel: So be it. (Kheel nods and a female Elder shoots electricity at Leo. He’s not really affected. They then all shoot electricity at him and he falls backward. He groans in pain as they continue to electrocute him. They stop, a little confused.) How’d you… You should be dead.

Leo: I would have been if I were still an Elder. Face it. The fate of the world is no longer in your hands.

(The Elders orb out.)

[Scene: Manor. Piper, Phoebe, Ronnie and Denise walk in through the front door.]

Phoebe: We’ll get the spell.

(Zankou walks out of the living room.)

Zankou: I wouldn’t bother with that if I were you.

Piper: Leo!

Zankou: I wouldn’t bother with him either. Something tells me he’s not coming to your rescue this time.

(He throws an energy ball at them.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Continued from before. The energy balls heads directly for them and they duck.]

Denise: We’re gonna die!

Piper: No, no, you’re gonna be fine. Remember what I told you.

(Zankou continues throwing energy balls.)

Ronnie: (to Phoebe) He’s bad.

Phoebe: Yes. You should be able to sense the next energy…

Ronnie: Get down!

(Phoebe and Ronnie duck.)

Phoebe: That was very good.

Ronnie: Thank you.

(Zankou goes to throw an energy ball at Piper. Denise tries to blow him up but only causes a little blast, but enough to knock him down.)

Piper: Nice job.

Denise: Did I kill him?

Piper: Not quite. But we’ll take what we can get. Leo!

(Zankou groans.)

Zankou: Leo is still alive. Looks like the Avatar is more powerful than I thought. Which means we’re all in trouble.

(Zankou flames out. Leo orbs in. His clothes are all torn.)

Leo: You guys all right?

Phoebe: Yeah, thanks to these two.

Piper: You on the other hand…

Leo: I’ll be fine.

Piper: What happened to you? I thought you went to see the Elders.

Leo: I did. We need to talk.

[Scene: 1981. Airport Warehouse. Paige and Kyle are hiding behind some boxes. Jack and Ruth are examining some items. Kyle looks at the clock. It’s 7:52.]

Kyle: It’s time. (A fireball hits the customs officer who is holding the box of Avatar potions. The potions drop on the floor and break. A demon is standing near by. Two more smoke in.) Demons.

(One demon stabs Ruth in the chest.)

Jack: Ruth! No!

(The other demon stabs Jack from behind. Another customs officer pulls out his gun and shoots at the first demon. The demon throws a fireball at him.)

Demon #1: We needed those potions.

Demon #2: I told you we should have waited.

Demon #3: How will we protect ourselves?

Demon #1: We won’t.

(They smoke out. Paige and Kyle come out from behind the boxes.)

Paige: I’m so sorry. I had no idea.

Kyle: Neither did I. I never really saw what happened. I thought I did, but I just assumed it was the Avatars because of the vials.

Paige: At least now we know it wasn’t them.

Kyle: It doesn’t help.

(Young Kyle walks in.)

Young Kyle: Mum? Dad? (He sees his parents on the ground and runs over to them.) Daddy! Daddy. No, please.

(He sees a vial in his dad’s hand and takes it. Kyle kneels beside Young Kyle.)

Kyle: Kyle, look at me. Kyle. You’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna get through this, all right? Promise.

(They hug.)

Paige: We have to go.

(Kyle sees an unbroken vial laying on the ground near by.)

[Scene: Manor. Piper and Phoebe are there. Phoebe is sweeping. Piper blows up a lamp.]

Phoebe: Hey, do you mind?

Piper: Sorry, just checking.

Phoebe: Oh, it’s okay. I never liked that lamp anyway.

Piper: I don’t know how much good having our powers back is gonna do anyway. They didn’t phase Zankou.

Phoebe: Zankou. How do they come up with these names?

Piper: After all these years, you ask now? Well, at least Denise and Ronnie get to go back to their normal lives.

Phoebe: Did Leo use the memory dust on them?

Piper: Yeah. Although, it’s kind of a shame considering everything they went through. I mean, Ronnie got to see a better future.

Phoebe: Yeah. Too bad you didn’t get to see the future that Ronnie saw.

Piper: I don’t think I need to. I mean, I saw how just one glimpse changed that man forever. And the fact that the Avatars aren’t killers helps a bit. That’s enough for me.

Phoebe: Really?

Piper: It’s worth a shot. It’s gotta be better than cleaning up after demons all the time.

(Paige walks down the stairs.)

Paige: I agree. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m ready to try too. Because I’m tired of all of… this.

Phoebe: How’s Kyle doing?

Paige: He’s pretty devastated, you know. But I think eventually he’ll be okay. I mean, you have to be. It’s Utopia, right?

[Scene: Kyle’s Apartment. Kyle opens a metal case. He pulls out an Avatar vanquishing potion from his jacket and puts it in the case.]


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