Charmed scripts season 2

2.01 – Witch Trial
When a demon steals the Book of Shadows, the Halliwell sisters have just one chance to recapture it or they will lose their powers forever.

2.02 – Morality Bites
Phoebe has a horrifying premonition of her own execution, so the sisters cast a one-time spell that catapults them into the future to try and change her fate.

2.03 – The Painted World
The sisters are trapped in a painting by a warlock who plans to torch it and destroy them unless Phoebe can reverse their impending doom.

2.04 – The Devil’s Music
Leo returns to help the sisters save their young neighbour when the manager of a band scheduled to play at Piper’s nightclub makes a demonic deal.

2.05 – She’s A Man, Baby, A Man!
An evil demon is luring men to their deaths, so Prue casts a spell that transforms her into a man and goes undercover to investigate.

2.06 – That Old Black Magic
An evil witch tries to destroy the sisters. Their only hope is to find a chosen one who can use the witch’s wand for good, rather than evil.

2.07 – They’re Everywhere
The sisters run foul of a group of warlocks known as The Collectors, who gain knowledge by draining human brains.

2.08 – P3 H20
The sisters visit the summer camp where their mother drowned and discovers that she was slain by a watery demon while her whitelighter guide and lover stood by helplessly.

2.09 – Ms Hellfire
The Halliwell sisters are targeted by a hit woman known as Ms Hellfire. Prue goes undercover to find out who hired her, flirting with a cold-blooded criminal to do so.

2.10 – Heartbreak City
Love is put tot he ultimate test when a demon sets out to destroy Cupid and all his recent love matches, putting the relationships of the Charmed Ones in danger.

2.11 – Reckless Abandon
The girls receive a crash course in motherhood when Phoebe finds an abandoned baby boy. While searching for the parents, the sisters learn a vengeful spirit has killed all the men in the child’s family.

2.12 – Awakened
Prue and Phoebe ignore the code preventing witches from using spells for personal gain when Piper comes down with a mysterious, life-threatening illness.

2.13 – Animal Pragmatism
When Phoebe’s friends use a book of spells to turn animals into men, Phoebe’s attempt to reverse the spell goes horribly wrong.

2.14 – Pardon My Past
Phoebe risks her life by travelling back in time in order to reverse the past in which she was seduced by an immortal warlock to give in to the dark side of her power.

2.15 – Give Me A Sign
It’s a tense time for the sister trio, when Bane, a demon’s henchman, kidnaps Prue, hoping that her powers will help protect him. Despite her refusals, a growing attraction to Bane might make her think twice.

2.16 – Murphy’s Luck
When Prue rescues a woman who has been driven to attempt suicide by a Darklighter – she finds herself his next tormented victim.

2.17 – How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans
An old family friend, who also practices witchcraft, reappears in the Charmed One’s lives and appeals to them for help.

2.18 – Chick Flick
The sisters go to the movies and find themselves up against the most scariest monsters from the silver screen. Could this be the end for Phoebe and Piper as they find themselves trapped inside a black and white film?

2.19 – Ex Libris
Phoebe tries to help the ghost of a fellow student, who was killed by a demon wanting to stop the publication of the student’s thesis proving the existence of evil.

2.20 – Astral Monkey
A doctor accidentally acquires the powers of all three Halliwell sisters during a blood transfusion and begins using them to harvest organs from innocent victims.

2.21 – Apocalypse, Not
The Halliwell sisters come up against The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Prue and one of the Horseman are sucked into a vortex between good and evil, and her sisters must save her or save the world.

2.22 – Be Careful What You Witch For
Tired of losing countless warlocks and demons to the powerful Charmed Ones, an infernal council sends a fast-talking genie to destroy the sisters by granting each of them a wish.


Please note: These scripts are transcribed from the show. They are not the real scripts used by the actors in the series. I am not affiliated with the cast or crew in any way.