Charmed scripts season 3

3.01 – The Honeymoon’s Over
Prue and Phoebe set a killer free in order to protect their identities, then must fight a soul-stealing Guardian without Piper, who has disappeared with Leo.

3.02 – Magic Hour
Piper and Leo defiantly attempt to marry in spite of the wrath from The Powers That Be, as a demon infiltrates the three Charmed Ones.

3.03 – Once Upon A Time
Piper goes on strike against The Powers That Be, so Prue and Phoebe must work alone to save a little girl protecting a fairy princess from trolls.

3.04 – All Halliwell’s Eve
The Halliwell sisters travel back to the 1600s to protect a coven in danger of extinction and save their own

3.05 – Sight Unseen
An invisible demon is sent by the Triad to destroy the sisters as Prue obsesses over a human stalker who seeks to kill her.

3.06 – Primrose Empath
Piper and Phoebe race against time to save a cursed Prue who has been tricked by Cole into helping a demon.

3.07 – Power Outage
Cole/Belthazor invokes an anger demon to pit the sisters against each other, rendering them powerless and vulnerable to attack.

3.08 – Sleuthing With the Enemy
Prue and Piper team up with a bounty hunter demon to destroy Belthazor, but Phoebe has other plans for the man she loves.

3.09 – Coyote Piper
When a life essence takes possession of Piper, her soul is at risk of dying if Prue and Phoebe don’t kill her

3.10 – We All Scream For Ice Cream
Phoebe and Prue battle to save innocent children from the force of The Nothing but must enlist the help of their father to do so.

3.11 – Blinded By the Whitelighter
The Charmed Ones battle their most powerful opponent, an ancient warlock who threatens the existence of all Whitelighters.

3.12 – Wrestling With Demons
When Phoebe confesses that she let Cole escape, a betrayed Prue and Piper must put their feelings aside to stop Prue’s old boyfriend from becoming a demon.

3.13 – Bride and Gloom
Phoebe turns to Cole for help when a demon tricks Prue into marriage so he can turn the sisters evil and get the Book of Shadows.

3.14 – The Good, The Bad, And The Cursed
Phoebe’s visit to a ghost town becomes a nightmare and when Leo can’t help her, Prue and Cole must unravel the mystery to save her.

3.15 – Just Harried
Piper begs for a demon-free wedding day, but her marriage to Leo us put on hold when Prue is accused of murder.

3.16 – Death Takes A Halliwell
Prue faces the Angel of Death while two seeker demons kill everything in their way to find and kill Cole.

3.17 – Pre-Witched
The Charmed Ones battle a warlock that gets stronger every time it is vanquished, as Piper wrestles with her decision to move out of the manor.

3.18 – Sin Francisco
When the sisters fight a demon cursing people with the seven deadly sins, they must first save themselves from succumbing to the powers of their own sins.

3.19 – The Demon Who Came In From the Cold
The sisters and Leo count on Cole to help them when he goes undercover in The Brotherhood of demons, but can he be trusted?

3.20 – Exit Strategy
When Cole is framed for the killing of a witch the sisters tried to protect, he finds it harder to contain his dark side while Phoebe can no longer control her powers.

3.21 – Look Who’s Barking
Prue becomes a dog to help track down a Banshee demon but when the demon attacks Phoebe, Cole must save her.

3.22 – All Hell Breaks Loose
When Piper and Prue are exposed as witches, Phoebe sacrifices herself to the dark side to save them but the deal destroys them all.