That Seventies Episode

Written By: Sheryl J. Anderson
Transcribed By: Shay Fitzpatrick

Season 1, Episode 17
Episode Number: 17

[Scene: Halliwell manor. Prue and Phoebe are looking through photo albums.]

Phoebe: There aren’t any pictures of me growing up.

Prue: That seems impossible. I mean, you weren’t exactly camera shy.

Phoebe: Yeah, well neither were you and Piper, or you and Grams, or you and Dad. Oh look, there’s another one of you and Piper.

Prue: Okay, here’s a picture of you and Grams.

Phoebe: Oh, wasn’t I cute.

Prue: Here’s one of you and Mum.

Phoebe: Wow, I don’t even remember that. What was I, about two? (Prue nods) She died on us a year later.

Prue: Phoebe.

(Piper enters the room.)

Piper: Okay, all right, I need a pen and paper. (She tries to open a drawer but it’s stuck.) Quick, we don’t have a lot of time. (Phoebe hits it twice and kicks it and the drawer opens.) I always wondered how you got into my candy drawer.

Phoebe: Yeah, too bad all the candy’s gone.

Piper: I thought it would be easier for us to just write him a note.

Prue: Who him?

Piper: You know, what’s his name. (The doorbell rings) Grandma’s little friend comes every year, same day, same time. Says you know, the flowers are from a secret admirer when it’s obvious he’s the admirer. (She opens the door) Hi, come on in. (The clock chimes in the background) How are you?

Man: Flowers for Miss Penny Halliwell. (He goes to hand them to Piper but he drops them and Piper freezes him and the flowers.) Every year. What a klutz. At least this year I can freeze him so I can spare myself the clean up.

Phoebe: Why did you want to write him a note?

Piper: To tell him Grams is dead.

Prue: Oh, you’re gonna break his heart.

(Piper gets the vase of flowers that’s frozen in the air. The man unfreezes.)

Man: Five chimes.

Piper: Excuse me?

Man: The clock. I only heard five chimes. It’s noon. That means you froze me. Which means you have your powers at last.

Piper: Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about Mister but thanks for the flowers, okay, bye.

Nicholas: Call me Nicholas. Your mother did. (He puts on a ring and he becomes younger.) I had to appear to age over the years otherwise you would’ve been suspicious.

Prue: What?

Nicholas: You see, twenty-four years ago today, your mother and I made a pact. To spare her life, she gave up your future powers to me. She blessed this ring. Which gave me immunity from your powers. (Piper tries to freeze him.) Immunity so that I could kill you and take the powers on for my own. To become invincible.

Prue: Our mother would never give away our powers.

Nicholas: She didn’t have much of a choice. Your blood is boiling. Soon your lungs will sear. (He points the ring at them and they double over in agony.) Your organs will over heat and death will come.

(Phoebe kicks him in the leg and he falls over. They run upstairs to the Book of Shadows.)

Prue: Why would mum make a deal like that?

Piper: More importantly, what are we gonna do?

Phoebe: Wait, I think I found a spell. To unbind a bond.

Nicholas: (from downstairs) You can’t run from me.

Prue: Okay, we have no choice.

Piper: Okay, Phoebe, hurry.

Phoebe: Okay. “The bond which was not to be done, Give us the power to see it undone, And turn back time to whence it was begun.” (Twinkling lights encircled them, they disappear for a few seconds and reappear in the same spot.) It didn’t work?

Prue: Nothing happened.

(A phone rings from downstairs. Phoebe opens the attic door.)

Phoebe: Who’s phone is that?

Piper: Not ours.

Someone downstairs: Halliwell residence.

Piper: You go.

Phoebe: Nah-uh, you go.

Piper: Nah-uh, she goes. (They push Prue out the door.)

[Cut to the stairs. Prue sees her grandma talking on the phone.)

Grams: I beg your pardon? Well, Donna, I’m just hurt that you would suspect my little angels of such a thing.

Prue: (to herself) Grams?

(A young Prue and Piper run past Grams.)

Grams: Prue. Uh, just a moment, Donna. Prue, Piper, girls, don’t run in the house. Yes, yes.

(Prue goes back in the attic.)

Piper: What did you see?

Phoebe: The warlock?

Prue: No. Us.

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[Scene: They are still in the attic. Phoebe is looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Piper: How do we know we’re back in time? What if we just brought the past to us accidentally. We’ve done it before.

Prue: Piper, look around. What do you see?

Piper: A messy attic, like always.

Prue: No. Not just like always. We have a black light, a typewriter, eight-track tapes and a pet rock. I mean, we got rid of this stuff years ago, remember?

Piper: And you saw us? As kids?

Prue: Yeah.

Piper: This can’t be happening. I’m getting a migraine.

Phoebe: Better not. I don’t think Advil’s been invented yet. And apparently neither has this spell. It’s not in here anywhere.

Piper: But we just cast it, that’s how we got back… here.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, wherever here is, it’s before the spell was written.

Prue: So, there’s nothing in there about how to get back to our own time?

Phoebe: Nothing. Uh, let me be the first to say we’re screwed.

Prue: No, okay, at least we’re alive, I mean if we stayed in our own time, Nicholas would have killed us. We barely got away as it was… is… will be… you know, I’ve never been good with tenses.

Piper: What are we gonna do?

Prue: Well, Grams is right downstairs, maybe we should just go and tell her who we are.

Phoebe: And say what? Hi, we’re the ghosts of grandchildren future. Come on, even Grams is going to have a little trouble with that.

Piper: Plus, she has that heart condition.

Prue: Okay, fine, so we need another plan, but first we need to get out of the house.

[Cut to Prue, Piper and Phoebe sneaking downstairs. Grams is talking on the phone.]

Grams: You’re talking to fast. Patty, sweetheart, slow down.

Piper: Patty?

Prue: Mum.

Grams: What premonition? That’s impossible, you don’t have premonitions.

Phoebe: But I thought you said mum’s power was to freeze time.

Prue: It is… was… you know what I mean.

Grams: Maybe you should go see a doctor.

(Piper picks up the other phone.)

Patty’s Voice: I don’t need to go to the doctor, mum.

Prue: Piper!

Patty: I need you to listen to what I’m saying.

(Phoebe and Prue listen in on the conversation too.)

Piper: She’s talking to mum.

Patty: I can’t explain it either, mum. It just happened. I felt a twinge in my stomach and then bam! I saw it.

Grams: Saw what?

Patty: Three women. Warlocks. And one of them was taking Prue.

Phoebe: Do you really think that’s mum’s voice?

Piper: Yes.

Grams: Are you still nauseous? Why don’t, why don’t you come home from Buddy’s.

Patty: I can’t. And it was not a daydream.

Piper: Three warlocks? She can’t be talking about us, can she?

(Grams hangs up the phone.)

Prue: Okay, let’s get out of here.

(They walk down the stairs.)

Grams: (from another room) Prudence! Piper!

(They see two kids run through a room. Little Prue moves a couch across the doorway.)

Little Piper: No fair, using magic.

Piper: Whoa!

Prue: Wait, we had powers back then?

Phoebe: Oh, this is freaky.

(They walk into the room where little Prue and Piper are standing.)

Prue: Hey.

Little Prue: Hi. (She points to Prue’s freckle that’s on her face.)

Prue: You got one too. Come here.

(Prue gives her a big hug. Grams walks in the room.)

Grams: How many times have I told you girls…

(She sees Prue, Piper and Phoebe.)

Prue: Um, Grams, we can explain.

Grams: Warlocks be gone!

(Prue, Piper and Phoebe fly out of the house.)

[Cut to outside. They run down their street.]

Prue: Grams definitely had her power down.

Piper: She is one scary witch. I don’t remember having powers at that age, do you?

Prue: No, I thought we got them for the first time last year.

Piper: Apparently not. We must of lost them before we could even remember having them.

Prue: Yeah, how weird was that seeing us as kids. Totally bizarre. (Phoebe picks up a newspaper.)

Phoebe: Mum is barely pregnant with me. Here, March 24, 1975. That’s the day that mum made the pact with Nicholas.

Prue: So maybe that’s why the spell sent us back here, to stop the pact.

Piper: Which means it could be the only way for us to get back to our own time. We’ve got to go see mum and warn her about Nicholas.

Prue: Yeah, but we have to do a better job of convincing mum then we did Grams. This time we have to use our powers.

Piper: The problem is she’s on the lookout for three warlocks now.

Prue: So, then maybe only two of us should approach her just in case.

Phoebe: Well, since I don’t have any powers to show mum I think it should be you two. I’ll just stand outside and watch for Nicholas.

Piper: That doesn’t seem fair to you, Phoebe, not being able to see mum.

Phoebe: I know, it’s not, but I got over that a long time ago. I don’t need to see her now. Really, it’s okay. We better get going, though, before we miss her.

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[Scene: Buddy’s. Prue and Piper enter.]

Prue: Whoa, scary. Buddy’s has not changed a bit. Wouldn’t… didn’t…?

Piper: Give it up, I know what you mean. I don’t see mum anywhere, do you?

Prue: No.

Piper: Prue.

(They see Patty walking out of the kitchen.)

Prue: Mum.

Piper: She’s so beautiful.

Prue: Yeah, she is.

Piper: I don’t remember her working here.

Prue: Yeah, with dad gone she had to pay the bills somehow. I remember she used to come home late at night and she’d kiss me and she always smelt like burgers.

Piper: You’re lucky, you have a lot more memories than I do.

Prue: At least you have some. Poor Phoebe, she doesn’t have any. Here she comes.

Piper: What do we do if she recognizes us?

Prue: Um, you freeze the place and when she sees that we don’t freeze either than she’ll believe us when we tell her who we are.

Piper: Okay, how do I look?

Prue: Great.

Patty: Ready to order? (They just stare at her.) Take your time, I’ll come back.

Piper: No, wait. We’re ready aren’t we, Prue?

Prue: Ah, Prunes. Um, Prunes. She wants to know if you have any prunes.

Patty: Prunes, sure. Yeah, I think so. I just started here, I’ll go check.

Prue: No! She can order something else.

Patty: Have we met before? You look familiar.

Prue: Yeah, so do you. Now.

(Piper tries to freeze everyone several times but her power won’t work.)

Prue: (whispering to Piper) What’s the matter?

Piper: It’s not working. You try.

(Prue tries to move her glass.)

Prue: Okay, how is that possible?

Woman: Patty, phone.

Patty: Oh, okay, thanks. I’ll uh, be back.

Piper: Wait! We know you’re pregnant.

Patty: What?

Piper: This is going to sound really weird but we’re actually your…

Prue: Cousins. From outta town.

Piper: Right, cousins. And we need to tell you something really important about the baby that you’re carrying, sort of.

Patty: Not that this is any of your business but I can’t get pregnant anymore. Medically impossible. Excuse me. (She leaves.)

Piper: I panicked. I thought, you know, close family would know she was pregnant.

Prue: Yeah, well, not only does she not know that she’s pregnant, she doesn’t even think she can get pregnant.

Piper: Yeah, well, we got bigger problems. We have no powers which means we have no way of stopping Nicholas.

Prue: Yeah, how do we not have powers? I mean little Prue and little Piper, they have powers.

Piper: I don’t know. Maybe only one set of us can have powers at the same time in the same time.

Prue: Thank you, Mr. Spock.

[Cut to Patty and Grams talking on the phone.]

Patty: I was working mother, that’s why I couldn’t take your call.

Grams: That premonition that you said you had. Did you see what the warlocks looked like?

Patty: The warlocks? No, I didn’t see their faces. Why?

Grams: I’ll tell you why. Because I saw them, all three of them. Here, and one of them had a hold of Prue.

Patty: Are the girls okay?

Grams: For now, thanks to me.

Patty: I’m coming right home.

(Patty leaves out the door and bumps into Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Oh, oh.

Patty: I’m so sorry.

Phoebe: Oh, no, it’s totally my fault.

(They bend down to pick up her stuff. Phoebe realizes it’s her mother.)

Patty: I’m such a klutz sometime.

Phoebe: Really? So am I.

Patty: Yeah?

Phoebe: Yeah. Crackers?

Patty: Upset stomach.

Phoebe: (Sees a cigarette packet) Uh, you know you shouldn’t be smoking these now. It’s bad for your upset stomach.

Patty: You’re very sweet. Thanks. I gotta go.

Phoebe: So soon?

Patty: Excuse me?

Officer: Is everything all right?

Patty: Yeah, thanks officer.

Phoebe: Oh my God, Nicholas.

Patty: I’m late. Thanks again. (She leaves.)

Phoebe: Excuse me. How do you get to Berkeley?

Nicholas: Get outta my way.

(Phoebe kicks him and throws his keys on the road. She runs into Buddy’s.)

Prue: Phoebe, what are you doing?

Phoebe: Nicholas is here.

Piper: What? Where?

Phoebe: Run!

(They run out of Buddy’s. Nicholas walks in looking for them.)

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[Scene: Prue, Piper and Phoebe are walking down their street.]

Piper: Is Nicholas wearing his ring?

Phoebe: I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Piper: It’s a good thing you were there, Pheebs, That was probably when Nicholas was gonna make his move on mum.

Phoebe: No, I don’t think so otherwise we’d be back in our own time by now.

Prue: Hey, are you all right?

Phoebe: Yeah, uh, just seeing mum for the first time and talking to her, I just didn’t expect to feel so…

Prue: Feel what, good?

Phoebe: No, overwhelmed.

Piper: Well, mum’s car is here, at least we know where she is.

Prue: Yeah, but the question is, how do we get to her? Grams must have told her about us by now. She probably thinks we’re the warlocks.

Piper: Our only option is to wait for Nicholas to show. But what are we going to do without our powers?

Phoebe: Well, technically you still have your powers. If you count little Prue and little Piper. We need our powers and they have them. Come on.

[Cut to them coming in the back door.]

Phoebe: Coast is clear.

Piper: What if Grams catches us?

Prue: She’ll kill us before Nicholas has a chance.

Phoebe: She won’t catch us. Observe.

(She opens the heating duct and they can hear Grams and Patty talking.)

Patty: You said yourself the girls are safe with you. Besides, I want to go.

Grams: You are making a big mistake, Patty, Victor is not coming back.

Prue: How did you…?

Phoebe: Heating duct to upstairs. I used to listen to you guys for hours. Especially when you used to sneak Andy up to your bedroom in high school.

Prue: Oohh… Okay, you stay here and keep tabs on them, we’re gonna try and find the little girls.

[Cut to other room.]

Little Prue: That’s my doll.

Little Piper: You gave it to me.

Little Prue: No, I didn’t. You stole it.

Prue: That’s true. You did steal it.

Piper: I did not.

Prue: Yes, you did.

(Little Prue uses her powers to take the doll off little Piper.)

Piper: Hey, that’s not fair.

Little Prue: You came back.

Prue: Yes, we did and we’re gonna keep it a secret, right?

Little Prue: Okay.

Prue: Okay.

Little Prue: (to Prue) You’re pretty.

Prue: So are you.

Piper: Oh, give me a break.

Little Piper: Grams said you’re bad people.

Piper: No, no, no. We’re good people. We’re, uh, just like you.

Prue: Yeah, we’re family.

[Cut to Phoebe.]

Patty: Victor sent me a note. He asked me to stop by his hotel after my shift.

Phoebe: Dad?

Grams: You know it was doomed from the start. You never even took his last name.

Patty: You wouldn’t let me.

Grams: Well, that’s beside the point. Why can’t you just wear your uniform to see him?

Patty: Because I don’t want him to know I’m a waitress. Look, it can’t hurt to talk, right?

Grams: Well, let him go I say. If husbands were supposed to stay married, God would have made them live longer.

Patty: Mother!

Phoebe: (laughs) Grams.

[Cut back to Prue and Piper.]

Little Prue: We’re not suppose to go places with strangers.

Prue: Yes, but we’re not strangers, Prue. You’re safe with us and I know that you know in your heart that you can trust us.

Little Piper: If you’re really family, prove it.

Piper: Prove it? How the hell are we suppose to do that?

Prue: Piper!

Little Piper: Piper. Your name’s Piper too?

Piper: Uh, yeah, and not only do we have the same name… (she hits and kicks the draw and it opens) but we have the same secrets.

Prue: Okay, follow me.

(Little Andy runs in.)

Little Andy: Freeze!

Little Piper: Okay, Andy.

Piper: No, wait!

(Little Piper freezes Little Andy, Prue and Piper.)

Little Prue: I’m telling mum. You’re not suppose to freeze people.

Little Piper: But he said to.

Phoebe: Prue, Piper, mum’s coming down… (she notices that they’re frozen) Oh, boy.

(Patty and Grams are coming down the stairs.)

Grams: Fine, if you must go, go. I can’t stop you, but I also can’t promise I won’t teach the girl’s a new spell while you’re gone.

Patty: Can’t you bake cookies with them like all the other grandmothers?

Grams: The recipes they learn from me don’t come from Betty Crocker, dear.

Patty: Bye girls, love you.

(Everyone unfreezes.)

Little Andy: (to Phoebe) Whoa, where’d you come from?

Prue: Yeah, that’s a good question.

Phoebe: Don’t ask. Okay, we gotta go fast. Mum just left and Grams is…

Grams: Prudence. Piper.

Phoebe: Coming.

Prue: Go, go, go, go.

Piper: Shh, shh, shh. (They run towards the door.)

Little Andy: I wanna go too.

Phoebe: No, Andy, you have to stay here.

Little Andy: No!

Piper: Okay, we got it, we got it.

Phoebe: Oh, Little Andy Trudeau is so cute.

Piper: (to little Piper) All right, ready? Freeze him. (They close the door. Little Piper freezes Andy. They open the door again.) Okay, cool. Come on. Let’s go, let’s go.

Prue: Okay, maybe that’s why Andy is so suspicious of us.

Piper: Okay, Grams keeps the keys in the same spot. Yes, good.

(Grams enters the room where Andy is.)

Grams: Oh, Andy. Did Piper freeze you again? Oh, you poor dear. You won’t remember a thing. (He unfreezes) Do you know where the girls went?

Little Andy: I think the strange ladies took them.

[Scene: Park.]

Prue: Okay, girls. If we see a bad guy what do we do?

Little Prue: She’s gonna cry.

Little Piper: Am not. I’m gonna freeze him.

Little Prue: And then I’m gonna move him.

Prue: Okay, then we’ll take care of him and then we will all…

Little Prue and Piper: Run like the wind!

Prue: Exactly. All right, so let’s give it a try. Ready?

(Prue throws a ball up in the air. Little Piper freezes it and little Prue moves it.)

Little Prue: Can we do it again?

Prue: Yes, yes. Practice makes perfect. Okay, go try it.

Phoebe: Those girls have major juice. They have control, they can aim.

Prue: Yeah, well, they’ve had their powers a lot longer than we have. I mean did. I think.

Phoebe: What do you think happened to our powers when we were kids?

Prue: Well, we lost a lot growing up. Somehow we must have lost them too.

(Piper comes up to them.)

Piper: I finally found a pay phone. Mum is at work until five and Nicholas is on duty until six.

Prue: Good, at least we know where he is. The girls are ready.

Phoebe: Well, I’m not.

Prue: Why not?

Phoebe: Mum died before I could grab onto enough to keep her alive in my head. And now she’s here alive, pregnant with me. If we stop Nicholas, we have to go back to our own time. And there’s no mum there.

Piper: We don’t have much of a choice, Phoebe.

(A cop car pulls up.)

Cop: Ladies. Is this your car?

[Scene: Hotel. Patty is walking to Victor’s room. She knocks on the door.]

Victor: Come in.

Patty: Victor? (Someone grabs her.) Get off me.

(It’s Nicholas. He handcuffs her hands together.)

Nicholas: I won’t let you freeze me, Patty.

Patty: You.

Nicholas: Call me Nicholas.

Patty: Where’s Victor?

Nicholas: Not here. Bait for the hook.

(Patty hits him in the stomach.)

Nicholas: Your blood is boiling, and then death will come.

Patty: What do you want?

Nicholas: What does any warlock want? I want your power Patty. At least I wanted it first. Till I realised you were the mother of the charmed ones.

Patty: No, no. You’re mistaken. I only have two children.

Nicholas: Oh, but they’ll be a third child. Where did that premonition of yours come from, Patty? If not from the unborn child inside you. I tapped your phone. And I heard you and the old witch talking about it.

Patty: I saw three warlocks. Women.

Nicholas: I saw them too, at the diner. Rivals, perhaps. I got to you first.

(He gets his ring out of a drawer.)

Patty: I beg you. Don’t hurt them.

Nicholas: There is another option, Patty.

[Scene: Jail. Cell. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are there.]

Piper: I can’t believe we got arrested for kidnapping ourselves.

Prue: Yeah, well, it should make for a pretty interesting defence.

Piper: Do you think this is funny? Prue, we’re not just stuck in jail, we’re stuck in the past.

Prue: Yes, I know Piper, I’ve been following.

Prue: Uh, bright side?

Piper: Uhh, I dare go.

Phoebe: Well, maybe we can get to know mum better. Or, in my case finally. I mean, if we really are stuck here, we might as well take advantage of it, right? And maybe we can keep her from dying young this time.

Officer: Five minutes, ma’am.

(Patty comes up to them.)

Patty: How’d you know I was pregnant? Who are you people?

Phoebe: Your daughters.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Outside jail.]

Patty: Okay, I bailed you out. You just better not be warlocks.

Prue: Well, we wouldn’t have needed you to bail us out if we were.

Patty: I’ve seen some magic in my life, but this is a miracle.

Phoebe: More than you know, mum.

Piper: Where are the little ones?

Patty: Home with Grams. I called her before I came here. That’s how I found out you were arrested.

Prue: Did you tell her about us?

Patty: No. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know who you were myself. You’re all so beautiful. More than I ever would have imagined. Phoebe. Phoebe. Talk about miracles. I must have named you after my favourite aunt. But, if you don’t like the name I can always change it.

Phoebe: No. I love it.

Prue: Ah, mum. We cast a spell to come back in time to help you. To stop you.

Patty: To stop me from what?

Prue: From making a pact with a warlock named Nicholas.

Patty: Then you’re too late.

Piper: What?

Patty: I thought I was going to see Victor, your father. But it turned out to be a trap.

Prue: Nicholas.

Patty: He tried to kill me. Phoebe too. I had to give him immunity to your powers in exchange for your lives. I’d rather love you as mortal daughters, than have to mourn you as dead witches.

Piper: But he’s gonna kill us anyway to get our powers.

Patty: No, not until Phoebe’s born. And all your powers are complete. I bought us some time in the hopes that Grams could help us. Oh, she’s going to be so thrilled when she sees you. The Charmed Ones.

(They all hug.)

[Scene: Halliwell manor. Living Room. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Patty and Grams are there.]

Grams: Where was I born?

Patty: Mum.

Grams: I’m still not convinced that they’re not warlocks.

Patty: We have a pact to undo. We should be looking for a spell.

Prue: Boston. In a hotel room, breech.

Grams: What was my husband’s name?

Prue: Which husband?

(Piper and Phoebe laugh.)

Grams: Who’s Melinda Warren?

Phoebe: The beginning of our family line. She gave us our powers. Our destiny.

Grams: What’s the secret ingredient in my blueberry cobbler?

Piper: Honey and a splash of rum.

Grams: What’s IBM selling at in your time?

Patty: Mum!

Grams: What?

Patty: It’s not the time for personal gain.

Grams: If they could just nod their heads. Okay, forget it. Well, look at you. The three of you. Oh, Patty, I always knew I would deliver the Charmed Ones. Once removed, of course. Prue. (She nods.) Piper. (She waves.) And…

Phoebe: Phoebe!

Grams: Oh, another ‘P’. What a surprise.

Patty: About the pact?

Grams: We must keep the girls safe until we can reverse it. I’ll have to bind their powers.

Piper: Uh, bind our powers?

Grams: Strip them from the young ones. So Nicholas can’t get a hold of them. It doesn’t have to be done right away. As soon as Phoebe’s born. I’ll cast a spell and suspend their, uh, your powers.

Prue: Um, but that’s exactly what you did… or do… will do… you know what I mean.

Piper: Well, that explains why we don’t remember having our powers when we were younger.

Grams: What do you mean? Well, how old were you when you got your powers back?

Piper: We just got them.

Grams: What? I unbound your powers without having broken the pact? Why would I do that? I mean unless I died which of course would automatically… unbind your powers. I guess I’m not going to make it to the next millennium, huh?

Phoebe: Uh, speaking of that, mum…

Grams: No. We mustn’t know anymore about the future. You came back for one reason, to break the pact. You mustn’t tamper with anything else. It’s much too risky. Heaven knows what damage you’ve already done by coming back here.

Prue: We haven’t done anything, we missed our chance to stop the pact.

Grams: And there’s a reason for that. Destiny always gets its own way. It’s not as easy to change the past as you think. If you do it incorrectly, everything will change. The evil you vanquished, the good that you’ve done, none of it may’ve ever happened.

Piper: Well, we have to change this, we can’t go back and let him kill us.

Patty: The only way to vanquish him in your time would be for me to unbless the ring and take away its immunity. It’s in a drawer in his hotel room.

Phoebe: Okay, well, let’s go to Nicholas’ hotel room and steal back the ring. Hopefully it’ll be there.

Patty: No, it’s too dangerous, you don’t have powers. I’ll go.

Prue: No. If something happened to you, future history could be changed forever. Just like Grams said. We have to go.

Grams: Well, I’m glad to see you finally learned to listen to me. You better hurry. In the meantime, I’ll write a new spell that will get you back to your own time.

Piper: Wait, you can do that? You can send us home?

Grams: We’re witches, dear, we can do anything.

Phoebe: I wish that were true.

Prue: Okay, we need to go.

Patty: Be careful.

[Scene: Hotel. Phoebe is picking the lock.]

Prue: Why am I not surprised that you know how to do this?

Phoebe: Let’s just hope Nicholas isn’t inside.

Prue: The concierge says he’s not and Piper’s outside watching for him. (Phoebe opens the door and turns on the light.)

Phoebe: Mum says it’s in a drawer.

Prue: Found it. Okay, we gotta get it back to mum.

[Scene: Attic. Grams and Patty are there. Prue, Piper and Phoebe walk in.]

Prue: We have the ring, here it is.

Piper: Okay, now what?

Grams: Go back to where you belong.

Patty: Then I will unbless the ring and get it back to the hotel before Nicholas finds it missing.

Grams: Now remember, there is no time to lose. You will return at the exact moment you left, which means Nicholas will be there too.

(You see Phoebe writing a letter. It says, “Mom, Be careful on February 28, 1978, or a warlock will drown you.”)

Piper: Hopefully without immunity to our powers.

Prue: We’ll be ready. Phoebe?

Phoebe: Okay, I’m coming.

Prue: I love you, mum. (Phoebe puts her letter in the Book of Shadows.)

Piper: I’m never gonna learn to like lima beans Grams, but thanks for everything else. (They hug.)

Grams: (to Phoebe) You’re going to be a handful aren’t you?

Phoebe: You’ll learn to love me. (She goes and hugs Patty) I’m gonna miss you.

Grams: “A time for everything, And to everything its place, Return what has been moved, Through time and space.”

(Nothing happens.)

Patty: Let me help.

(They both repeat the spell. Twinkling lights encircle them and they disappear.)

Grams: You did well, Patty. Oh, they’re fabulous.

Patty: I just hope they’re safe.

(The girls reappear.)

Prue: Oops.

Grams: What happened?

Patty: Where did you go?

Piper: We didn’t go anywhere. We were just standing here, and the next thing we knew…

Phoebe: We were just standing here.

Patty: I told you to use poplar buds.

Grams: It’s a perfectly good spell. I mean, it moved them through time.

Patty: Yeah, ten seconds.

Grams: I’m telling you, it’s not the spell. It must be the power behind the spell, there’s not enough power.

Piper: Maybe we need the power of three.

Phoebe: The only problem is it doesn’t exist yet.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Grams is looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Grams: Nothing.

Phoebe: Maybe this is our destiny.

Grams: Not for the Charmed Ones.

Piper: We don’t exist yet.

Patty: Yes, yes you do.

Prue: No, not with powers.

Patty: Yes, little Prue and Piper have their powers and Phoebe gave me a premonition so she must have hers. If we can teach the girls the chant, maybe the three of us can get you back to your time.

Prue: The power of three, it’s worth a try.

Nicholas: (from downstairs) Where are you, witches? Where’s my ring?

Patty: Nicholas.

Grams: You and Piper get the girls, we’ll fend him off. (Everyone goes out of the attic except Phoebe who gets the letter out of the Book of Shadows.) Come on, Phoebe.

[Cut to the stairs. Nick starts walking up the stairs but Grams uses her powers on him and he flies through the air.]

Prue: Oh, Grandma don’t get too close, his power.

Grams: I know, I know.

Phoebe: We can’t risk you being hurt, go upstairs and help mum start the spell.

Prue: Phoebe and I will take care of him. Come on.

(Phoebe goes and kicks Nick in the head.)

[Cut to attic.]

Patty: (to the little girls) We’re gonna play a little game, okay. Now give me your hands.

Piper: Okay, hurry.

Patty: Now, repeat after me. “A time for everything, And to everything its place…”

Little Prue & Piper: “A time for everything, And to everything its place…”

Patty: “Returned what has been moved, Through time and space.”

Little Prue & Piper: “Return what has been moved, Through time and space.”

(Prue and Phoebe enter the attic.)

Prue: All right, we don’t have much time.

Piper: What about his ring?

Grams: Don’t worry about the ring now. Let’s just get you back.

Prue: Well, but it is unblessed, right?

Grams: Yes, but there wasn’t time to test it.

(Phoebe gets a camera and takes a picture of Patty, little Prue and little Piper.)

Prue: Then how will we know it works?

Grams: You won’t. Not until you get back. And since time will pick up right where it left off, he won’t know either. Goodbye, girls. Be good, darlings.

(They all hug.)

Patty, Little Prue and Piper: “A time for everything, And everything its place, Return what has been moved, Through time and space.”

(Twinkling lights encircle them and they disappear and reappear in their own time.)

Prue: It worked, we’re back.

(Nicholas is running up the stairs.)

Phoebe: Hurry.

(They flip through the Book of Shadows to find a spell. Nicholas barges through the door.)

Nicholas: Time is up.

(Prue uses her powers and Nick flies through the air.)

Prue: All right, the ring’s unblessed.

(Piper freezes him.)

Piper: Phoebe, find anything?

Phoebe: How about the ‘Nicholas Must Die’ spell.

Piper: That wasn’t there before.

Prue: Well, maybe it’s just Grams’ way of saying, you know, welcome back… or, or front.

Phoebe: Spell pouch included at no extra charge. (Prue gets a mortar and pestle.) Uh, “Lavender, mimosa, holy thistle…”

(Piper pours powder from the pouch into the mortar. It goes up in a puff of smoke.)

Piper: Oh dear!

Phoebe: “Cleanse this evil from our midst, scatter its cells throughout time, let this Nick no more exist.”

(Nick spins around very fast and turns into dust. The ring drops to the floor.)

Prue: Wow. I’m really glad I never got on Grams’ bad side.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Prue and Phoebe are looking at photos. Piper brings in the vase of flowers.]

Phoebe: I can’t stop thinking about mum. How I lost her and then I found her again.

Prue: I’m just glad that you finally have memories of her.

(Phoebe points to the flowers.)

Piper: What? I’m supposed to throw out perfectly good flowers ’cause they came from a creep? If that was the rule then we’d never have flowers in this house.

Prue: Well, they didn’t just come from a creep, they came from a warlock who tried to kill us.

Phoebe: Still, if it weren’t for him, I probably would’ve never gotten to know mum.

Piper: We all wanted to save mum, Pheebs, but both mum and Grams said we can’t change destiny.

Phoebe: But, um, I still wrote her a note anyway.

Prue: You did?

Phoebe: Yes, I wrote her a note telling her to stay away from water on the day that she died. And then I put it in the Book of Shadows.

Piper: I can’t believe you did that.

Phoebe: You don’t understand. Every time I’ve made a wish, I wished for time with mum. And I believed in my heart that someday, somehow, that wish would come true and when it finally did, I didn’t wanna let her go. You know, but then I realized that I had to let her go, so I took the note out and put it in my pocket.

Prue: Maturity sucks, doesn’t it?

Piper: Still, faith has its rewards. (She shows them the picture that Phoebe took in the attic.) It’s a pretty good one of us, but once again, not a great one of you, Pheebs.

Phoebe: Are you kidding? That is the best picture of me I’ve ever taken.


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