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Have you ever wanted to be a part of the witch Family and have superpowers like they do, and use them both in real life and in the show?
Have you ever wanted to have all the lines in front of you, read the Charmed Transcripts and dramatized them?
Of course you have and for all real fans of The Charmed Ones and the most attractive witches, Charmed Scripts TV gives you an opportunity to watch the Charmed Series Online and enjoy in the Charmed Scripts.

Charmed is an American fantasy drama television series, where three sisters discover their destiny and they battle against the dark forces of evil, using their supernatural powers and witchcraft. The trio sisters are known as The Charmed ones, and they are the most powerful good witches ever. With the power of three they protect innocent lives from evil beings such as demons and warlocks. This TV show gained such popularity that even online games were developed for it. There are plenty of witch games to try out, but the most famous are the witch-themed slots. Click here to see where you can find them and how to play them for free. Be prepared for an incredible time spent with lucrative rewards.

The Charmed TV Series initially starts with the three Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe, and during the third-season finale Prue dies, and she is replaced by their long-lost half-sister Paige Matthews from season four onwards.

Prue is the eldest sister who has a power of moving objects with her mind. Prue is able of transmitting telekinesis and her telekinetic powers she transmits through her hands. She is also able of being in two places at once, thanks to the power of astral projection. Because of the death of their mother and the abandonment of their father, Prue was responsible to raise her two younger sisters, so she is considered as the strongest and the most powerful of them all, and she usually takes care of situations that involve demons and warlocks.

Piper in the beginning is the second eldest sister, but after Prue’s death she becomes the eldest sister. She has the power of molecular immobilization, so she is able to freeze her surrounding environment. She also gains power of molecular combustion, which makes evil beings to explode. In the third season she is trying to maintain a normal life, despite her destiny of having powers, so she’s getting married to Leo Wyatt and they have two children. Leo Wyatt is a normal family man who loves playing sports. And talking about sports, do you know that with the Sports Interaction casino app, you can bet directly from your phone on any match. You can even do live betting while the game is playing, which is a fantastic option. Check out the app and read more here.

Phoebe is the third sister, the youngest and the most rebellious of the Halliwell sisters, and she often finds herself in conflicted situations with Prue. Phoebe has power of premonition, so she is able to see into the past and the future. As the series progresses she develops martial arts skills in order to assist her sisters when fighting the evil forces. She tends to find a career and true love and in the final season she falls in love with Coop.

Paige is the youngest half-sister, who has power to move objects with her mind by orbiting them from one place to another using a vocal command. She is the secret love child of the mother of the Hallewell sisters with the whitelighter Sam Wilder, making Paige being a witch and a whitelighter. She was adopted and she wasn’t aware of her magical history until Prue’s funeral, where she goes to help the Charmed ones by replacing Prue in the Power of Three. She desires to find herself outside of her role of being a Charmed one, so in the final season, she’s getting married to a mortal parole officer Henry Mitchell.

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Charmed Scripts TV works hard to provide Charmed Transcripts for you. You can also save or print the transcripts for personal use, and read them while watching the Charmed Series Online, so you can get the effect even more real. On, you will find all scripts transcribed from the show, of all seasons and episodes. Here you will also find episode guides, cast pictures, spoilers and much more.

In the category Charmed Transcripts you will find the Charmed Pilot Script and the Charmed Scripts which are the most popular and wanted at the moment – Charmed Season 7 Scripts and Charmed Scripts Season 8.

On you have a category Gallery and Music from the series. These sections present the songs and photos throughout the series beginning from Season 1 to Season 8.

We are sure that you will enjoy in Charmed Television Series!