Give Me A Sign

Written by: Sheryl J. Anderson
Transcribed by: Incarnadine Smith

Season 2, Episode 15
Episode Number: 37

[Scene: The scene opens up with a key entering a lock. A deputy sheriff is unlocking the gate to the jailhouse. The gate swings open, and Deputy Sheriff #1 enters. Deputy Sheriff #2 removes the key from the keyhole, and follows.]

[Cut to a shot of a long jailhouse corridor. Deputy Sheriff #1, who is taller than Deputy Sheriff #2, has broader shoulders, with curly brown hair and Deputy Sheriff #2, who has dark brown hair, with a moustache, go-tee, and arched and drawn-together eyebrows walk side by side. They stop at a cell.]

Deputy Sheriff #2: All right Jessup, let’s go.

(The camera pans down to a shot of Bane Jessup sitting on the jail floor, shirtless, and wearing orange prison attire.)

Bane: (suspicious) Where?

(He gets up from off the floor.)

Deputy Sheriff #2: Downtown. Evidence shows you’ve got a hearing.

Bane: My hearing? — It’s not suppose to be until next week.

Deputy Sheriff #2: It got moved up.

(We see a shot of Bane in his cell, looking confused. Deputy Sheriff #2 yells to the other deputies in the corridor.)

Deputy Sherif f#2: Open up Bane Jessup!

(Voices are heard in the background.)

Deputy Sheriff #3: (in the background) Opening Jessup.

(The cell door slides open, and Bane steps closer to the entrance.)

Bane: I’ve never seen you guys before.

Deputy Sheriff #1: Well, look! It’s your hearing. If you don’t want to go, fine.

(Deputy Sheriff #1 reaches behind his belt and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. He puts them in Bane’s face.)

[Cut to Bane being led out of the prison by Deputy Sheriff #1 and Deputy Sheriff #2. He is handcuffed, and wearing an orange prison t-shirt. Next to him, an inmate with long brown hair tied into a ponytail is being led in by a tall, African American Deputy Sheriff, and Deputy Sheriff #4.]

African American Deputy Sheriff: Garbage in, garbage out, huh?!

(The Black Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff #4 enter the prison while Deputy Sheriff #1, Deputy Sheriff #2, and Bane continue walking.)

Bane: Litvack sent you, didn’t he?

(Bane looks at Deputy Sheriff#1 and elbows him in the chest. Deputy Sheriff#1 falls back towards a big van. Deputy Sheriff#2 pulls an object out of his back pocket, and shines a blue laser light at Bane. Bane steps out of the way, and instead, Deputy Sheriff#1 is hit. Deputy Sheriff#1 is hit in the heart with the blue laser, and quickly disappears in a small sphere of fire. Bane steps into Deputy Sheriff#2, and kicks him with his right foot, square in the chest. Deputy Sheriff#2 grunts, and doubles over, dropping the laser onto the ground. It rolls underneath a van.)

[Cut to Bane. He hits Deputy Sheriff#2’s head with handcuffs still around his wrist, leaving an ugly gash on his right cheek. He backs into a car, and charges at Bane again. Bane grabs him by the arms, and throws him onto the ground. Bane moves onto him, and grabs him by the shirt. Deputy Sheriff#2 grabs Bane by the collar with his left hand, and gets up. Bane is still grabbing his shirt, but lets go in terror when the Deputy gets up. Deputy Sheriff#2 is standing up while holding Bane by the collar on his shirt. His feet are about six inches off the ground. With his left hand, the deputy heaves Bane into the air. Bane goes flying, and hits a sheriff van with the passenger door open. He slides down the side, and when he looks up, the gash on Deputy Sheriff #2’s face heals magically. Deputy Sheriff #2 turns away, to retrieve his weapon, and during that split second, Bane hops into the van, and starts to drive away. Deputy Sheriff #2 quickly turns around and runs after the van. He reaches for the door handle, and manages to pull himself halfway up the van. The van continues moving, and he falls, closing the door of the van at the same time. The van drives towards a gate and Deputy Sheriff #5, who is right in front of the gate. He yells.]

Deputy Sheriff #5: Stop!!

(He motions for Bane to halt. When it is clear that the van will not stop, the deputy dives to safety. The van bursts through the prison gates, while Deputy Sheriff #2 runs back to the van where he lost his weapon. He gets down on the ground and reaches for it, but is unable to grasp it. Meanwhile, Deputy Sheriff #6 enters the scene through the doors. He gives a brief scan of the situation, and sees Deputy Sheriff #2 on the ground.)

Deputy Sheriff #6: Hey. What’s going on here?!

(Deputy Sheriff #2 turns around to look at him, gets up, and runs off. The camera focuses on the weapon underneath the van.)

[Scene: Halliwell manor. Kitchen. Piper dressed in a black and white tank top with purple sweats, walks in with the morning newspaper in her right hand. Behind her, Phoebe dressed in a yellow and black tank top with a white headband walks in with her hands on her hips.]

Piper: Leo’s mortal now and everything, but—for how long, I mean how, how do I know he won’t want his (walks towards the cabinet to the left of the sink and reaches to get a glass cup) wings back someday? (Phoebe opens the refrigerator to get a bottle of orange juice.) And then there’s Dan, who is still great—and normal, (walks to the breakfast table where Phoebe is pouring a glass of orange juice) which is good— considering I’m not.

(Phoebe looks at her watch.)

Phoebe: 28 minutes, 33 seconds.

(Piper looks at her.)

Piper: Really? We ran that long?

Phoebe: No. I’ve been timing how long you’ve been comparing Leo and Dan.

Piper: I haven’t been *comparing*—I’ve just been…talking.

Phoebe: Nonstop.

(Phoebe puts the bottle of orange juice back into the refrigerator.)

Piper: Well, so, you’re my sister. I have a problem. The least you could be is more understanding.

Phoebe: Piper, I am understanding. You’re in love with two guys, who both love you. (Piper rolls her eyes) I get it. Totally! But what I don’t get, is why you won’t let me help you.

Piper: Help me? (Phoebe drinks some orange juice) What are you going to do? Take one of them off my hands? (Phoebe pretends to consider the offer, and smiles.) That’s not an option.

Phoebe: Look, you’re stuck. You don’t want to string them along, but you can’t make a choice. You need help… assistance…a sign

Piper: a *sign*…

Phoebe: …a spell. One that will point the magical arrow in the direction of your true love, and end the great debate once and for all.

(Piper smirks, and sighs.)

Piper: Like that doesn’t have ‘personal gain’ tattooed across its forehead.

Phoebe: Not necessarily. I’ve been working on my spells. I think I can write one for you that’s consequence free. It’s all in the wording.

(Piper sighs.)

Piper: No! I can’t.

(She walks away. Phoebe turns her head.)

Phoebe: Why not?!

Piper: Because… I can’t expect magic to solve my personal problems.

Phoebe: But that’s the beauty, you don’t have to, I’ll do it for you.

[Cut to Prue in another room, holding a small camera. She is wearing jeans and a fuzzy pink sweater.]

Prue: Hey, when did my camera equipment get here?

(Piper and Phoebe both walk to Prue.)

Piper: Oh, about an hour ago. I didn’t want to wake you. Is everything there?

Prue: Yeah, it looks like it.

Phoebe: Jeez! Prue! (picks up a box, and put it back down) Think you bought enough stuff?

Prue: Yeah, I know it’s a lot. But so much of photography has gone digital now, that if I want to seriously pursue it, I have to have the right equipment.

(She picks up a larger Nikon camera.)

Phoebe: Whe…You’re thinking of becoming a professional photographer?

Prue: Yeah — Why? You don’t think that I should?

Phoebe: No, no I mean, I think it’s great if that’s what you want to do, it’s just…

Prue: It’s just what?

Phoebe: Well, I-uh… isn’t photography just a really dicey profession money wise? (Piper pinches her.) Ow, ow!!

Phoebe: You know, all I’m saying is that how many women professional photographers do you know?

Prue: I know, and that’s a totally fair question, one that I’ve been wrestling with a lot lately, like (sigh) — ever since I quit my job.

Piper: Prue, you dreamt of winning the Pulitzer in photography back in college! You never wanted to work in a museum, or at the auction house. That’s something you did for us, so we could keep the house. So now, it is your turn to follow your dreams.

(Prue smiles.)

Phoebe: Hey! Maybe finding out you were a photographer in your last life is some kind of sign. Speaking of signs… (eyes Piper)

(Phoebe walks off to write Piper a spell.)

Piper: No… Wait! No…

(She runs after Phoebe. Prue looks at the Nikon, and walks to the mirror, camera in hand. She takes a photo of herself, holding a camera in the mirror. She holds the camera down by her waist, and smiles briefly.)

Prue: Portrait of a dreamer.

[Cut to Piper waiting outside the bathroom.]

Piper: Phoebe, you’re not in there writing a spell for me, are you?

[Cut to the inside of the bathroom, where Phoebe is indeed writing a spell for Piper.]

Phoebe: Uhhh—No… I’m in the bathroom. Who writes spells in the bathroom? I’ll be right out. (Phoebe sprinkles the leaves of a dead rose over the paper on which she wrote the spell.) “I beseech all powers above, send a sign to free my sisters heart, one that will lead her to her love.”

(A charm is heard in the background.)

[Cut to Prue. She is still in front of the mirror. She is looking at the camera by her waist, when Bane’s reflection is seen in the mirror.]

Bane: Hello Prue.

(She looks up at him in surprise. The sound of broken glass is heard.)

Prue: Huh….Ba….

(Bane presses a cloth to her nose and mouth. She passes out temporarily.)

Bane: Shhhhh.

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Lyrics: Don’t wanna be scared / Don’t wanna be weak / Don’t wanna be last to speak no / I’m gonna be brave / I’m gonna be strong / I’m ready to take it all on / Making it up as I go along / Making it up as I go along

[Scene: Halliwell manor. Phoebe’s holding Prue’s Nikon in both hands, with her eyes closed, trying to get a premonition. Piper is standing near the table. Phoebe opens her eyes.]

Piper: Well?

Phoebe: Nothing.

(She puts her left hand on her hip, holding the Nikon in her right.)

Piper: Okay. We have to keep trying until you do get a premonition. We have to figure out what happened to Prue.

Phoebe: Piper, that crack that I made about her becoming a photographer—I don’t want that to be the last thing I ever say to her.

Piper: Phoebe, you’re overreacting. That is my department. All you have to do is relax and concentrate. (The doorbell rings.) Here. Try the rag again.

(Piper walks to the front door, and opens it. She opens the door to reveal Detective Morris. He walks in, and she closes the door behind him.)

Detective Morris: I’ve got bad news, I’ve got worse news. Which do you want first?

Piper: Phoebe… (to Detective Morris) Uh… does this have anything to do with Prue?

Detective Morris: Unless she helped Bane Jessup escape from county jail—no.

(Phoebe walks into the room. She sits on the edge of the couch, and folds her arms across her chest.)

Piper: Bane Jessup. Why does that name sound familiar?

Phoebe: Because he is the guy our favorite demon hired to 86 us, remember?

Piper: The one we thought Prue liked?

Phoebe: Yes.

Piper: (to Detective Morris) When did he escape?

Detective Morris: This morning. We’ve already launched a full-scale manhunt. (Piper and Phoebe look at each other with concerned expressions on their faces.) What is it? What’s wrong?

Piper: Prue is missing—We think she may have been kidnapped.

Phoebe: And I found this by the back door.

(She hands him the rag. He sniffs it.)

Detective Morris: Chloroform.

Piper: We would have called you, but we didn’t know who, or—what had taken her.

Detective Morris: It’d be a pretty big coincidence if it wasn’t Bane—especially since you guys are responsible for putting him in jail.

Piper: Yeah, but why just take Prue? Why not all of us?

Phoebe: Well maybe he’s trying to lure us. Maybe another demon hired him to trap us.

Detective Morris: Which might explain this. (He pulls a bag out of his inner coat pocket, and hands it to piper.) I found it when we swept the prison lock this morning. It’s actually the reason why I came over. I wanted to see if it—looked familiar to you.

[Cut to Piper holding the object in her hands. It is a small silver object, with a light on one side. It has carvings on it and is intricately designed.]

Phoebe: Well, it’s definitely demonic.

Piper: Do you mind if we keep this so we can figure out what demon we’re dealing with?

Detective Morris: I can’t exactly turn that in to…evidence inventory. (Piper and Phoebe both shake their heads.) Look, I gotta go — Let me know if you find out anything. I think that your chances of finding out Bane are bigger than ours now.

Piper: Uh, yeah, and could you maybe keep this quiet, because the bigger this thing gets, the more danger she’s…

Detective Morris: I know. Look, I’ll keep it as quiet as I can for as long as I can.

Phoebe: Thanks.

(Detective Morris opens the front door, and is about to leave, when the deliveryman walks up to the door.)

Deliveryman: Hi there. Gotta sign. It’s for Piper, Piper Halliwell.

(Detective Morris leaves.)

Piper: Hmm…

Phoebe: Hmm… Can I see that? (She takes the package, and examines it. While Piper is signing.)  Leonardo’s Boutique…Bodega Bay, California.

Piper: Yeah, uh Dan and I were there—ordered some earrings. (to the deliveryman) Thank you.

(She closes the door. She snatches the package from Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Mmm.

Piper: The deliveryman said he got a sign.

Phoebe: Mmm.

(Phoebe looks around, and backs up, embarrassed to have been caught red-handed. Piper advances forward.)

Piper: Leonardo’s Boutique and Bodega Bay. Leo, short for Leonardo, Bodega Bay, where Dan is from.

(Phoebe scratches the side of her head, and looks at the floor.)

Piper: (hunches over to look Phoebe in the eye) Don’t egg blond. You cast that spell, didn’t you.

Phoebe: Yes I did!

Piper: When I specifically asked you not to. (lightly taps the package against Phoebe’s forehead) and at a time like this.

Phoebe: I was just trying to help Piper, and it was before Prue disappeared.

(She takes the demon object and waves it in Phoebe’s face.)

Piper: You. This. Book of Shadows. Go! (Phoebe takes the object in hand, and instantly gets a premonition—Prue sitting in a chair with her feet and hands tied. Bane is behind her, blindfolding and gagging her.) What did you see?

Phoebe: Prue, bound and gagged, and with Bane.

[Bane’s dream house in Mariner’s Bluff. The camera focuses in on a sign that says: G.C. Construction. Mariner’s Bluff. Lot-827.]

[Cut to Bane, dressed in a dress shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. He walks into a barren and half-painted room. He walks behind Prue, who is bound and gagged to a chair, and unties her gag, but hesitates before removing it.]

Bane: Don’t scream.

(She signs in relief.)

Prue: Why not?

(He walks to the right of her.)

Bane: (sighs) Cuz if you do, we won’t be able to talk. Besides, it won’t help. The nearest neighbor is about six miles away.

Prue: Then why not take off the blind fold. What are you afraid of?

Bane: Are you kidding? I’ve seen you use your powers before—On me! (He considers the thought for a moment.) All right, if you try anything, the blindfold goes back on.

(He walks behind her and takes the blindfold off. She breathes hard in relief.)

Prue: What do you want?

(He walks to the front of her.)

Bane: (puts his hands in his pockets) Your help, to save my life.

Prue: Yeah, well most people ask for it, they don’t kidnap for it.

Bane: I’m not most people. Neither are you.

Prue: What makes you think that I’ll help you?

Bane: I don’t. (shrugs) But without you and your sisters, I don’t stand a chance against this particular demon.

Prue: Yeah, well, from where I’m sitting, that’s a good thing.

Bane: He tried to have me killed today Prue. I got lucky and barely escaped. And he’s gonna keep trying.

Prue: Why would he bother? You’re a mortal.

Bane: I’m a mortal that knows about demons. (crosses his arms in front of his chest) He doesn’t like that. Litvack—that’s what they call him.

(She takes a cursory glance of the place.)

Prue: Where are we? (Bane looks up through the window.) Is this yours?

Bane: Was going to be—before you came along, and cut me off from my dreams. (gives an accusing smile)

Prue: Because you tried to kill me.

Bane: Now, that was before I got to know you. (smiles)

Prue: You don’t strike me as a dreamer.

Bane: There’s a lot about me you don’t know.

Prue: Few things that you need to learn about me too. (The camera focuses in on her eyes, and her power sends him flying into the back wall. The wall paint comes off, and he slides to the floor.) Like how I will never put my sisters in danger. (He gets up and walks around Prue.) So you can forget about any of us helping you.

(He puts the blindfold back on.)

Bane: (putting both hands on her shoulders) Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to trust me Prue.

(He walks away.)

[Cut to the cemetery. An undertaker is raking the leaves.]

[Cut to inside a mausoleum. The demon Litvack is standing in front of a large rotating triangular sphere of fire. His hands surround the sphere, but don’t touch it. His eyes are closed. Nearby, his servant sits on a stone as Deputy Sheriff #2 walks in.]

Servant: About freakin’ time! What took you so long?!

Deputy Sheriff#2: We uh had a little problem.

Servant: Problem? What problem?! Where’s your partner? (goes to look out the door) Do not tell me that you screwed this up. Do not tell me that Bane Jessup is still alive. (sighs) How is that even possible? He’s a lousy mortal. How hard can it be?

Deputy Sheriff#2: He’s smart. He wasn’t surprised we were coming for him.

Servant: Well of course not, you idiot! That’s why we wanted him off-ed. Because he knows about us.

(Litvack opens his eyes, and the sphere of fire disappears.)

Servant: Oh jeez! Think, think, think. What are we going to tell Litvack?

(Litvack walks towards his two demon servants.)

Litvack: He’s gonna tell me how you plan to rectify, this little problem, is how I believe he phrased it.

Servant: (to Deputy Sheriff #2) On your knees!

(He kicks him in the gut. Deputy Sheriff #2 grunts. Litvack puts his hand on his head, and he reads his mind.)

(Flash to Deputy Sheriff #2 missing Bane with the blue beam and accidentally zapping Deputy Sheriff #1. Bane knocks the weapon out of his hand, which rolls underneath a van. The van breaks the gate, and Deputy Sheriff #2 has to leave before he can retrieve it. Litvack removes his hand, and Deputy Sheriff #2 groans.)

Litvack: I saw what you saw. (Deputy Sheriff #2 looks up at him) How he used you to kill the other. How he got away, how you lost the weapon…

Servant: Wait, wait, wait. What?! You lost the weapon?

Deputy Sheriff #2: The guards were—I had to run.

Servant: To find a mortal?

Litvack: All you need to do is follow his dreams. That’s where they always escape to. You understand me?

Servant: He’ll find Jessup. I swear.

Litvack: No. (Litvack puts his hand above Deputy Sheriff #2’s head, and fire appears beneath him. Deputy Sheriff#2 screams as the fire consumes him, and he disappears in a puff of fire.) (smiling) You will, and then you’ll find the weapon. No loose ends.

(Litvack walks away.)

[Scene: Halliwell manor. Piper hands Leo, who is dressed in a blue sweater, the silver object.]

Piper: We couldn’t find it in the Book of Shadows anywhere.

(He looks it over, turning it around and around in his hands.)

Leo: It’s a weapon.

(Phoebe, who has a red sweater on, walks towards Piper.)

Phoebe: Are you kidding me, it’s a weapon?

Leo: One that can only be activated by a demon. From what I remember, it’s handed out by a specific upper level demon to those who work for him.

Phoebe: What do you mean upper level?

Leo: There’s a hierarchy of demons. They try to work their way up by destroying good, promoting evil. Whoever issued this particular weapon is very important.

Piper: You mean dangerous… Any idea who?

Leo: No.

(Leo hands the weapon to Phoebe.)

Phoebe: All right, well this weapon may be the only way to find Prue, I’m back to the book.

(Phoebe walks up the stairs to the attic.)

Piper: (to Phoebe) I’ll be right there. (to Leo) Thanks for coming over so quickly Leo, and your offer to take care of the club.

Leo: Is there anything else you need?

Piper: I don’t know, I can’t do anything but think about Prue right now.

Leo: Remember, you know the most important thing. Phoebe’s premonition proves that Prue is still alive.

Piper: I know, but for how long, I mean, what if we can’t get to her. What if she’s hurt?

(Piper sighs. Piper and Leo embrace.)

Leo: I wish I could do more—Because I can’t help, I remember all the times that I could.

(He leaves through the front door. When the door closes, she leans against it, frustrated about the current situation. On the other side of the door, Leo reaches out, as if he knew she was there. He leaves his hand out for a brief moment, and walks away.)

[Cut to Bane and Prue. Bane sighs in frustration. He sits down on a wooden crate.]

Bane: I don’t think you understand. As long as you’re here with me, your life is on the line too you know.

Prue: I can take care of myself.

Bane: Not against Litvack. You have a fighting chance with your sisters, but as long as you’re alone, you’re as powerless as I am. Even if you can’t trust me, you can trust that.

Prue: I told you, I’m not getting my sisters involved.

Bane: All right fine. Your sisters came looking for you once before, they’ll come looking again.

(He walks to the window, and looks at the view.)

Prue: Not if I can help it.

(Prue lowers her head onto her chest, and closes her eyes. She astral projects herself to Piper and Phoebe.)

[Cut to the attic. Piper and Phoebe are researching the weapon and demon.]

Phoebe: (reading from the Book of Shadows) A weapon issued by level two demons?

(She flips the page, and the camera zooms in on a close-up of the page. On the page, there are sketches of the demons, including small captions of each one.)

Piper: But it doesn’t say which demon.

(The camera pans down to a demon looking much like a vampire, when suddenly, The Book of Shadows flips pages. It stops at a page titled ‘Mariners’. It is a spell, and includes colorful drawings.)

Phoebe: I love it when it does that. Mariners? (points at the page) Well, they’re not demons, they’re sea fairies.

Piper: (looks at Phoebe and closes the book) That’s because it has nothing to do with Prue, Phoebe. It’s a sign. (Phoebe looks down in embarrassment, and starts to fiddle with the silver demon weapon in her hands) Dan was a baseball player, for the Seattle Mariners!

Phoebe: (still looking down and fiddling) No one feels worse than I do right now.

Piper: Mm hmmm.

(Magical lights sprinkle in the air, and suddenly, Prue appears in the attic.)

Phoebe: Prue! You’re okay! Thank God.

Prue: Yeah, but uh Bane Jessup—he kidnapped me.

Piper: We know! Where are you?

Prue: You can’t find me.

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Piper: Huh?!

Prue: It’s a trap, so just stay away. Don’t look for me.

Piper: What?

Phoebe: Prue?

Piper: Wait, wait.

Phoebe: Wait, wait. Hello?!

(Prue is gone.)

[Cut back to Prue and Bane. She gasps as she returns. Bane turns around, and unties her blindfold. He seems genuinely concerned.]

Bane: You all right? I thought you passed out or something.

(He sits beside her.)

Prue: Feeling guilty? That’s a good sign. It means you have a conscience.

(Bane gets up to untie Prue’s hands and feet.)

Prue: What are you doing?

Bane: I’m letting you go.

Prue: Just like that?

Bane: I never wanted to hurt you Prue, I only wanted your help. But you can’t help me if you don’t trust me. And you’re in danger as long as you’re here. (He helps her to her feet.) There’s a market a mile down the road. You’ll never see me again. I promise.

(Suddenly, Litvack’s servant appears at the doorway. He aims the weapon at Bane and Prue, but Bane ducks, and grabs Prue, pulling her down with him. They land on a pile of broken furniture. Litvack’s servant aims the weapon again, but Prue sees it coming, and holds out her hand, to send the beam back his way. It hits the wall, and Litvack’s servant looks away for a moment. Then, she sends him flying out the window. Glass flies everywhere, as he lands on his hands and knees. He scrambles away, not sure of what had just happened. Bane starts to pant, causing Prue to look at him. She sees that while protecting her, he fell onto a knife. He has an ugly gash on his left waist.)

Bane: Told you I never wanted to hurt you.

Prue: And you just saved my life.

Bane: You think you can trust me now?

[Scene: Halliwell Manor.]

Detective Morris: Tell me you’re kidding.

(Piper and Detective Morris walk into the living room.)

Piper: It’s all over the news.

(Piper sits down, as Phoebe turns the television on.)

Phoebe: We called as soon as we saw the first broadcast. Look.

Reporter: I’m reporting live from the county jail, where an inmate escaped earlier this morning.

Detective Morris: Unbelievable.

Reporter: A massive manhunt has be launched to find the escapee. A man by the name of Bane Jessup, who was awaiting trial for racketeering, money laundering, and embezzlement.

Detective Morris: So much for keeping things quiet. This is a nightmare.

Piper: Welcome to our world.

Phoebe: You want some aspirin?

Detective Morris: What I want is Prue safe, Bane put in jail, and nobody hurt by any… (He sees the weapon on the table. He walks forward.) Do you know what that is yet?

Phoebe: We’re still looking. We do know that Bane definitely kidnapped Prue.

Detective Morris: What, has he made contact with you?

Phoebe: No, but she has.

Piper: It’s a long story, but she’s okay.

Phoebe: She said not to come looking for. She said it was a trap.

Detective Morris: Did she say what kind? (He reaches inside a brown sac and pulls out a thick file of paper. He places on their table.) Maybe this will help. The DA’s file on Bane. That’s all the information they pulled together for his trials. It’s everything I copied before I got your phone call.

(The phone rings. Phoebe picks it up.)

Phoebe: Hello? Really! (speaking to Piper) It’s someone calling for a Leonora Watkins. (She leans into Piper.) Leo-nora (Piper motions for the phone) Watkins. Isn’t that weird.

(Phoebe hands Piper the telephone.)

Piper: (into the phone) You have the wrong number.

Detective Morris: Anyway, we believe that Bane has a holdup somewhere. Maybe there’s something in there that can tell you where.

Piper: So what the hell is he doing? Oh God I hope he’s not hurting her.

[Cut to Bane and Prue. Bane is sitting on a piece of furniture with his shirt open, while Prue is kneeling on the floor, tending his wounds. Bane groans as Prue tries to clean the gash.]

Bane: (in pain) P-P-Prue.

(He groans and winces.)

Prue: If I’m going to clean the wound, then I have to stop the bleeding—I’m sorry.

Bane: Do you even know what you’re doin’?

Prue: No. Not really, but right now I’m the only choice that you’ve got. So, just try and hold still.

Bane: That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have a set of fingernails clawing into your body.

Prue: Yeah, well I’m almost done. (hands him a white rag) Put this in your mouth or something.

Bane: Forget about me. Go home. Before Litvack’s man comes back.

Prue: I told you—he’s gone. Probably ran right back to Litvack.

Bane: So now he knows about you too. All the more reason to leave.

Prue: Well, as much as I would like to, I can’t. (She looks up at him.) Not until I know that you’re okay. Besides, it’s probably better just to stay put, you know, I mean now that we’ve been —sighted, they’ll expect for us to take off. Speaking of things that need to be taken off (hands him the towel)…you’re um, pants. (stands up and takes two steps back)

Bane: Excuse me?!

Prue: Well, I need to get to the, um, wound.

(She looks at him, completely embarrassed by the situation.)

Bane: Forget it!

Prue: (laughs) Okay, you know what? It’s just going to get infected. So you can either take off your pants on your own, or I can always do it by force.

(Bane stands up and grumbles. Prue smiles in triumph.)

[Cut to Piper and Phoebe. Phoebe walks in and places The Book of Shadows onto the table. Piper sits in a white chair, and she is looking through Bane’s records.]

Phoebe: I am getting nowhere and everywhere. How about you? Any luck?

Piper: Well, I’ll give Bane this. He works hard—tax evasion, racketeering, pick a crime, any crime.

Phoebe: I feel like we’re looking right at the answer, we’re just not seeing it.

Piper: He’s got good taste too. There’s a whole money laundering indictment here based on a real estate development. Exclusive custom homes—they’re (looks at the front page) really gorgeous. Check out the brochure.

(She hands Phoebe the brochure. Phoebe takes it, and opens up the first page.)

Phoebe: Mariner’s Bluff. Oh! I’m sure the sea fairies will be very happy here.

Piper: What did you say? (Phoebe looks at her) Phoebe, what exactly did your spell say?

Phoebe: I beseech all powers above, send a sign to free my sisters heart, one that will lead her to her love. What?!

Piper: Because the Book of Shadows specifically opened to the Mariners section. What if the signs we’re getting have nothing to do with Dan and Leo, and everything to do with Prue? Where is Mariner’s Bluff?

(Phoebe opens up the brochure, and looks at a map. She points to Bodega Bay.)

Phoebe: Bodega Bay.

Piper: Leonardo’s Boutique of Bodega Bay.

Phoebe: Piper, I think you’re right.

Piper: Okay, so what were the clues? Mariners, Bodega Bay, Lenora Watkins?

Phoebe: Watkins Road Exit.

Piper: So we’ve almost found her. All we need is an address.

Phoebe: What’s this? (flips through various papers and brochures) Let’s see.

(She opens up a map of the lots in Mariner’s Bluff.)

Piper: Are the lots numbered?

(Phoebe sits down on the chair adjacent to Piper and accidentally hits the power button on the television remote control.)

Sports Broadcaster: In an exhibition game last night, the Mariners lost to the Angels, 8 to 7. In other news, Sami Sosa…

Phoebe: Okay—now we’re back to Dan and Leo. Mariners, Angels.

Piper: No Phoebe, 8 to 7. Lot 827?

(Phoebe looks at the map of the different lots.)

Phoebe: Yes, there is an 827 at the top of the hill.

Piper: I’ll drive, you navigate.

[Cut to Prue and Bane.]

Bane: Prue, why are you still here?

Prue: Because umm, I believe you.

Bane: Well thank you. It’s been a long time since someone believed in me.

Prue: Maybe that’s because you stopped believing in yourself.

Bane: You known, I haven’t always been like this. Wrong side of the law, always looking over my shoulder, I had dreams once. Big dreams.

Prue: It’s not too late to change now.

Bane: Nah, it’s too late for me, but not for you. So, you should definitely go, so you can still have your dreams.

Prue: (smiles) Easier said than done.

Bane: What do you mean?

Prue: I don’t know. I’ve just been thinking lately, that maybe dreams are just—that. Dreams.

Bane: I don’t believe that. (They look at each other and Bane moves in closer to kiss Prue. Prue puts her left hand around his neck.) Oww.

(They both laugh.)

Prue: I’m sorry. (laughs)

Bane: I’m not.

(They both smile at each other and continue on kissing.)

[Cut to Litvack’s mausoleum. His servant is kneeling on the ground before him. His hand is on his servant’s head, and reads his mind.]

(Flash to his servant aiming the beam, Bane and Prue avoiding it, and him getting thrown out the window by Prue.)

Litvack: Interesting. (paces)

Servant: I know, I screwed up. A Bolivian right?

Litvack: This is different. You weren’t just up against a mortal. From what I saw, you were also up against a witch.

Servant: (shakes his head) No excuse. Hundreds of witches out there, I should be able to handle one by myself.

Litvack: This was different. Powerful, very powerful. Take me to this mortal’s dream house.

Servant: What? They gotta be long gone by now.

Litvack: But their essence remains. I’ll need to tap into it if I expect to reach their minds.

Servant: Reach their minds? (stands up) To what end?

Litvack: Theirs. The source likes it when I feed them witches. That’s how I got to where I am.

[The scene opens up with clothes scattered all over the floor. The camera pans up a bed, we see Bane sleeping, covered from his chest down by a blanket. He stirs, and looks around him.]

Bane: Prue? (He looks up and sees Prue standing in front of the window, gazing at the view. She is wearing a white tank top and his black boxers. He gets up, holding his blanket.) Prue? (He walks over to her.) (softly) Prue?

Prue: The view is amazing.

Bane: It’s not as good as mine. (She smiles, but keeps her vision on the view before her.) I thought maybe you left.

(He draws the blanket around his shoulders.)

Prue: No, I just couldn’t really find all of my clothes. (Bane laughs, and Prue does likewise.) I’ll help you—with Litvack. You just have to promise me that you’ll turn yourself back in when it’s all over. (Bane looks down at his feet) Bane—

Bane: You know, I was thinking maybe this—us doesn’t have to end. Maybe we can go somewhere where we can be together. Get away from all this—What do you say?

Prue: I would say that you’re beginning to strike me as a dreamer. (Bane moves in closer to kiss Prue. They kiss, and just as Prue is about to wrap her arm around Bane, he suddenly freezes. Prue looks at him, and takes a step back.) Bane—

(Piper and Phoebe walk down some stairs, and find Prue and Bane.)

Piper: Oh… my… God!

(They both look at the situation in shock.)

Prue: Uh… (looks at them in disbelief and in embarrassment) what are you guys doing here?

Phoebe: We’re rescuing you—from the tall dark, and naked man.

Prue: I told you to stay away.

(She puts her hands on her hips.)

Phoebe: Yeah, now I know why. He is yummy. (clears her throat)

Piper: I don’t believe this! We’ve been frantic, worried sick about you thinking you’ve been kidnapped…

Prue: Yeah, I was…

Piper: (points to the side of the bed) Panties.

Prue: Oh, oh! (She rushes to the bedside and picks them up.) Huh, thanks. Look, uh, you guys have really got this all uh—(looks at her underwear in her hand) wrong. (hides it behind her back)

Piper: Yeah, we know. It’s a *trap*. (frowns)

Phoebe: A tall, dark, and naked trap.

Prue: All right, how did you two find me anyway? (walks away to pick up the rest of her clothing)

Piper: We’ll explain that later. We really need to be going now because there’s a demon behind this.

Prue: Yeah, Litvack—wait, how did you know?

Phoebe: We have the weapon he used to break Bane out of jail.

Prue: No, no, no, h-he, he, he tried to kill Bane in jail, not break him out.

Piper: Or so Bane says.

Prue: Well, I believe him, because one of the guys came here and tried to kill me.

Piper: All the more reason we should be going now.

Prue: Fine, then just unfreeze him.

Piper: What?! You want us to bring him along?

Prue: Well, yeah, I mean, I told him that I would help him. And I can’t leave him here when everything I have to do is clearly at the manor.

(Piper sighs, and although not agreeing with Prue, she unfreezes Bane. Bane unfreezes, and straightens up when Prue is not there. He pulls the blanket further over his shoulders as he turns around to see Piper and Phoebe looking at him.)

Bane: Well, Hello.

Phoebe: Hello.

Piper: Nice to see you again.

Phoebe: Mmm hmm.

Piper: Would you put some clothes on.

(Bane goes to put on his clothes. Phoebe continues to look at him. Piper clears her throat and turns Phoebe around, while covering her eyes.)

[Cut to the Halliwell Manor. Bane, Prue, Phoebe, and Piper walk into the room. Bane has on his shirt, and the front is stained with dried blood from his wound.]

Bane: Listen, do you guys have any peroxide and stuff? I think I should clean this up.

Prue: Uh, yeah. Upstairs bathroom, medicine cabinet.

Bane: Thanks.

(He looks up at the stairs, and proceeds. Prue starts to walk to another room. Piper and Phoebe follow closely behind her.)

Piper: First I’d like to tell you how relieved I am you’re okay.

Phoebe: Me too.

Piper: And second, I’d like to tell you that you have completely lost your mind.

Phoebe: Completely lost your mind!

Prue: Okay, we have a demon to vanquish. (sits down)

Piper: You really want to help him?

Prue: Piper, past aside, I know an innocent when I see one. And, I trust him.

Phoebe: Prue…

Prue: Phoebe, I’m going to help him.

Piper: Think about this—how well do you really know him?

Prue: Regardless, Litvack has to be vanquished, whether Bane is on our side or not.

Phoebe: It would be nice to know that ahead of time. Minimize the surprises.

Prue: You really want to minimize them? Help me find Litvack in The Book of Shadows.

(Prue begins to flip through the book.)

[Cut to Mariner’s Bluff, lot 827. Litvack and his servant are inside Bane’s dream house. Litvack has his eyes closed.]

[Cut to Bane in the bathroom. He opens the cabinet, and takes the bottle of peroxide out. He closes the cabinet door, when he sees Litvack’s reflection in the mirror.]

Litvack: Hello Bane. (Bane turns around in surprise. He looks around the room, but no one else is in it.) It’s a telepathic image. I’m only in your mind.

Bane: How did you find me?

Litvack: The essence—this dream house of yours reeks of it. It’s a beautiful place. Too bad you won’t live long enough to enjoy it.

Bane: You don’t scare me.

Litvack: Sure I do. I scare everybody. For good reason.

[Cut to Litvack at the dream house. We see him standing still with his eyes closed.]

Litvack: By the way, (cut back to Bane in the bathroom) your essence isn’t the only one I sense here. You bedded a witch. And not just any witch, one of the Charmed ones. My offer is simple. Your life in exchange for theirs.

Bane: Screw you Litvack.

Litvack: (laughs) You can’t hide from me. I can keep sending demons after you for an eternity, till one of them finally gets you. (Bane punches Litvack’s image and breaks the glass.) You know everything, better than you wish you did. I’m evil, just like you are. And you can’t change that no matter what you do, or who you sleep with. It’s who you are. Bring me the witches, and then bring me back my weapon. And I’ll give you all your dreams.

[Cut to Prue walking to the bathroom. She knocks on the bathroom door.]

Prue: Bane, are you in there?

Bane: Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right out. (buttons up his shirt)

Prue: Hi! (laughs) I thought that you had skipped out on me or something.

Bane: No I was uh washing up.

(He closes the door and walks away. Prue stares after him. Then, after a moment of hesitation, she follows him downstairs.)

[Cut to Litvack and his servant at Bane’s dream house.]

Servant: (walks up to Litvack) So, is he going to do it or not?

Litvack: (holds up his hand to silence his servant) Shhhhhh

Phoebe: I found Litvack in the book. (Bane and Prue both walk in from the staircase, hand in hand) But there’s nothing in here about how to vanquish him. Maybe that means there isn’t a way.

Piper: Where there’s a demon, there’s a way. (Prue and Bane sit down.) (turning to Bane) Our jewelry better be where it’s suppose to be.

Prue: We need to focus on Litvack.

Piper: Do we? I mean aside from the fact there’s nothing in the book to help us maybe we should just let bad enough alone.

Phoebe: What are you talking about?

Piper: I’m talking about our lives, Phoebe, as in saving them. This demon has powers we don’t know about. Why go up against him unprepared, what’s the rush? He doesn’t know about us or anything…

Bane: Sure he does. (Everyone turns to look at him.) I mean the demon he sent after us saw Prue’s power right? You know he told Litvack.

Prue: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that he knows about all three of us.

Bane: Look, all I’m saying is he knows enough. I mean, *you* don’t go after him, he comes after you.

Phoebe: How can you be sure?

Bane: Because I know him…that’s why. Better than I wish I did.

Phoebe: Mmmm.

Piper: Okay, still doesn’t help us vanquish him.

Phoebe: I just wish we knew what his other powers were.

Prue: You don’t know what they are?

Bane: No idea. (Moment of silence. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe look at each other. Bane senses that they don’t believe him.) Still have that weapon right?

Piper: What?!

Bane: Might be your only hope.

Piper: I thought only another demon could activate it.

Bane: I got one to activate before, maybe I can do it again.

Prue: Yeah, he’s right. That’s how he took out the demon guard.

Phoebe: So he says…

Bane: What! You think I’m lyin’

Phoebe: What do you think?

Bane: I think I don’t (stands up) like your implications lady! I’m in this mess because Litvack tried to off me, remember? If you don’t trust me, that’s fine! I really don’t care. But trust this! I’ve had it with all this supernatural crap, and I’ll do anything I have to get out from underneath it.

Phoebe: That’s what worries me.

Prue: Okay, you know what? I trust him. And please, I’m just asking you guys to trust me. If we’re going to get Litvack, then we’re gonna have to work together—with Bane. Otherwise, we’re all gonna be dead.

Piper: Okay Phoebe, let’s go get that weapon…come on.

(Piper grabs Phoebe’s red sweater as she pulls her along. They walk off.)

Bane: I don’t really know what to say.

Prue: You don’t have to say anything. I’ll be right back.

(She gives him a kiss on cheek. She walks off. Litvack suddenly appears in a mirror. Bane looks around to make sure none of the sisters are there.)

Bane: (to Litvack) We’re on our way.

[Scene: Cemetery.]

Prue: He lives in a cemetery? How clich�.

[Cut to all four of them walking side by side.]

Phoebe: Well, at least it’s not a warehouse again

Piper: Ah do we really think this is a good idea? We don’t really have a plan.

Prue: Um yeah! Sure we do. Bane goes in, we follow, you freeze Litvack, you get the weapon in his hand, turn it on him, I mean it’s pretty simple.

Piper: Still…

Bane: Maybe you should give me that weapon.

Phoebe: Oh, I don’t think so!

Bane: Listen, the guy wants me dead remember? The only way for me to stay alive long enough for our plan to work is to show him good faith.

Phoebe: Double crossing us shows some pretty good faith too don’tcha think?

Prue: (sighs in exasperation) Pheebz, we’ve been through this.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, it doesn’t change my mind Prue…

Piper: All right, give it to him, we’re either doing this or not.

(Piper hands Bane the weapon. He takes it.)

Bane: Thank you. (He walks up to a tomb with the engravings: Bowen (William) 1889-1979. He flips down the ‘9’ in 1889, and it turns into a ‘6’. He flips down the first ‘9’ in 1979, turning it into a ‘6’, and lastly flips down the last ‘9’ in 1979, turning it into another ‘6’. He opens the door to Litvack’s lair.) You guys wait at the base of the step for my signal. (He walks to Prue.) Trust me.

(He turns away, and enters Litvack’s lair.)

Phoebe: I hope we’re not making a huge mistake.

(Prue looks at her, and then turns to follow Bane. Phoebe and Piper follow close behind.)

[Cut to Litvack sitting on a chair, flipping through a very old, and thick book. The room is very dark, and the entrance is lit by a few torches placed in holes in the wall. His servant paces in front of him, fiddling with the weapon. Bane enters Litvack’s room. Litvack’s servant looks up.]

Bane: Hello Litvack.

Litvack: Well, well. (closes the book he is flipping through) I was wondering when you were gonna show.

(Litvack puts a lock on the book he had just been reading. Bane looks back at the entrance, and then at the weapon in his hands. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe sneak past them in the background. They hide behind a wall.)

Bane: Before you kill me…

(Litvack’s servant starts to shine the blue beam at Bane. Litvack looks at him.)

Litvack: It’s all right.

Bane: I wanted to give you something. Hopin’ that –you’d spare me.

Litvack: Hmm… I’m afraid it’s gonna take much more than this.

(He laughs.)

Bane: Now!

(Piper sticks her hand out, and she freezes the whole room. She peeks behind the wall.)

Prue: That was easy!

(They all come out from hiding.)

Phoebe: A little too easy.

Piper: Let’s just get this over with.

(She walks cautiously towards Litvack, and is about to take the weapon from his hand, when he moves his hand away. She gasps, and he smiles. She quickly retreats to where Prue and Phoebe are. All three of them take a couple of steps back.)

Piper: Wh… he didn’t freeze—he wh… he didn’t freeze.

(Litvack chuckles.)

Litvack: I’m immune to the parlor tricks of witches. What’s the matter? Bane didn’t tell you about that power?

Prue: He said he didn’t know.

Litvack: (stands up) He knew. He just didn’t tell ya. He showed his true colors. His true evil colors.

(He reaches his left hand out to his side, and a rotating triangular sphere of fire appears.)

Phoebe: Prue, I just want you to know I am really pissed at you.

Prue: No, no, no wait. Something isn’t right.

Litvack: This is going to please the source.

Prue: Piper, unfreeze Bane!

Piper: Huh?

Prue: Hurry.

Piper: Wha… What?

(Piper unfreezes Bane. He looks back at them, and at Litvack’s servant, whose weapon is ready to be aimed. He goes behind him, takes the weapon in hand, and aims at Litvack. Prue sees him and smiles.)

Prue: Tell the source that we said ‘hi’!

(Litvack turns around, only to find a beam of bluish purple light flash towards him. He is hit in the chest, and his own weapon sets off, hitting his servant.)

Litvack: Traitor! (screams)

(Bane lets go of the weapon, and hits the back wall. Litvack and his servant exchange a few beams before they both disappear in a puff of fire. Prue runs to help Bane up.)

Prue: Are you okay?

Bane: Yeah.

Piper: What just happened here?

Prue: Bane just saved our lives is what happened.

Phoebe: Wait, are you saying that this all part of the plan? To make it look like you were double-crossing us?

Bane: I had to. If I had told you about his power, you would have come up with a different plan of attack. Litvack would have known it. He’s telepathic, remember? So, he had to believe I double-crossed you. So you had to believe.

Piper: How did you Prue would figure it out in time?

Bane: We uh trust each other.

(They smile at each other.)

Piper: Hmmm.

Phoebe: Hmmm.

(Prue looks back at them with a triumphant smile.)

Prue: Hmmm.

[Cut to the Halliwell Manor. Prue and Bane are sitting on a white sofa.]

Prue: Strange, isn’t it? Being back where we started?

Bane: Stranger to me is that I’m still here. (laughs)

Prue: It was really good of you to call Morris.

Bane: I have to go back—it’s the right thing to do. As much as I prefer not to. Listen, I don’t know how much time I have so uh I really want to apologize.

Prue: Don’t. I’m not sorry at all.

(Bane moves to kiss Prue.)

Bane: So we’re in an awkward part, you know?

Prue: Tell me about it.

Bane: Well, next time, I’ll call first huh? (smiles)

Prue: Thank you for saving my life.

Bane: Thank you for changing mine.

(Prue moves onto Bane’s lap, and gives him a hug.)

[Cut to P3. Beth Hart’s ‘Just A Little Hole’ from ‘Screamin For My Supper’ is playing in the background.]

Lyrics: Just a little heartache / Just a little hole / Just an itchy finger / And nobody knows / Just a little heartache / Somethin’ for the soul / Fingers on the trigger / And nobody knows / What she knows

[Cut to a shot of Leo serving some customers.]

[Cut to Phoebe and Piper sitting on a sofa.]

Phoebe: So who do you think is the source? That Litvack was talking about.

Piper: I don’t want to know. And boy did we read Bane wrong.

Phoebe: Not surprising. We read *all* the signs wrong.

Phoebe: Hey!

Prue: Hey!

Piper: How’d it go?

(Prue sits down.)

Prue: Um, well, the cops came and took him away a little while ago. So, everything’s back as it should be.

Phoebe: Are you okay?

Prue: I’m fine. He thanked me for changing his life.

Phoebe: Wow! You must have been a really good uh— (raises her eyebrows)

Piper: Influence on him.

Prue: (smiles) I’m sure the influence was mutual. So, umm how did you guys find me anyway?

Phoebe: Umm I uh cast a little spell to help Piper find her love. It was suppose to help her decide between Dan and Leo, but it led us to you. Naked—I might add.

Piper: I want you to know I tried to stop her.

Phoebe: Yeah, and you probably would have too. If you weren’t busy getting kidnapped.

Prue: Yeah. Umm So, what was the outcome, Dan or Leo?

Piper: I never needed a sign to tell me where my heart lies.

(She looks at Leo, and smiles. He looks back at her and smiles also. Piper looks back at Phoebe and Prue.)

Lyrics: If I only loved you better / I’d see you smile again / But what’s done is done / Just a little heartache / Just a little hole / Just an itchy finger / And nobody knows / Just a little heartache.