Charmed scripts season 4

4.01 – Charmed Again
Phoebe and Piper grieve Prue’s death and struggle with the demise of the Power of Three until they discover the existence of half-sister, Paige, a Whitelighter.

4.02 – Charmed Again II
Phoebe and Piper must find Paige and convince her of her witch powers before The Source turns her evil forever.

4.03 – Hell Hath No Fury
Paige steals the Book of Shadows for personal gain, while Piper’s inability to deal with Prue’s death makes her vulnerable to demon vigilantes.

4.04 – Enter The Demon
Paige creates havoc when she mixes potions that switches her body with Phoebe and must battle evil that has opened a portal between two worlds.

4.05 – Size Matters
A hideous demon shrinks Phoebe to a powerless five inches and uses her as bait to trap the other two sisters.

4.06 – A Knight To Remember
When Paige discovers she was an evil enchantress in a past life after conjuring a medieval prince, Phoebe and Piper are trapped in the Dark Ages.

4.07 – Brain Drain
When The Source taps into Piper’s brain and alters her perception of reality, Phoebe and Paige work quickly before she gives up all of their powers.

4.08 – Black As Cole
Phoebe encounters Cole’s demonic past when the sisters help a widow seek vengeance on a demon that killed her fiance.

4.09 – Muse To My Ears
The sisters fiercely battle Warlocks who are enslaving the worlds’ muses to use their divine creative inspiration for evil.

4.10 – A Paige From the Past
Haunted by her parents’ tragic death, Paige travels back in time while Piper must prevent the marriage of Phoebe and Cole, whose bodies are inhabited by outlaw ghosts.

4.11 – Trial By Magic
Phoebe must convince other jury members of the existence of magic while Piper, Paige and Leo frantically search for the real killer in time to free an innocent man.

4.12 – Lost And Bound
The sisters must teach a 10-year old Firestarter how to use his power for good before his demon bounty hunter foster parents find him.

4.13 – Charmed And Dangerous
The Source taps into the ultimate power of The Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, to unleash an ancient evil that goes after the sister’s powers.

4.14 – The Three Faces Of Phoebe
When Phoebe casts a spell to decide if she should marry Cole, she faces her past and future, while Cole is unable to control the evil growing within him.

4.15 – Marry Go Round
Phoebe fights with her sisters on her wedding day while The Source, which has completely taken over Cole, orchestrates a demonic ceremony.

4.16 – The Fifth Halliwheel
Paige, who feels like a fifth wheel among her happily married sisters and husbands, becomes convinced that Cole is still a demon.

4.17 – Saving Private Leo
When two ghosts seeking revenge on Leo kill Piper, Phoebe and Paige face the horror of losing another sister.

4.18 – Bite Me
Trying to unseat Cole as ruler of the Underworld, a vampire queen turns Paige into a bloodsucker and urges her to feed on Phoebe and Piper.

4.19 – We’re Off To See The Wizard
Piper and Paige help a wizard stop the coronation of a new Source, unaware that Cole is the new Underworld head and Phoebe is his Evil Queen.

4.20 – Long Live The Queen
When Phoebe helps her sisters save an innocent, she and Cole face bloody coup unless she proves her dark allegiance by killing Piper and Paige.

4.21 – Womb Raider
When Phoebe’s baby shows signs of demonic powers, The Seer plots to steal the baby and gain the power bestowed upon the heir of The Source.

4.22 – Witch Way Now?
As a reward fir vanquishing the Source of all evil, the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives.